Golden Eye

a story about love

Chapter 1

Erik's lips caressed the nap of her neck, gently rousing her from her slumber. His lips traveled up to her ear, as his hand slipped around her waist, his fingers drawing imaginary images around her exposed midriff.

"Good morning." He whispered in her ear, as his hand moved up her body, feeling every curve. He wanted to remember every inch of her soft porcelain skin. After all, he had never seen a woman before, let alone touch one. He was intrigued and bewildered at how beautiful the female form was.

"Good morning yourself." She turned her head towards him, revealing her breath taking oak eyes, and rose red lips. Erik brushed her mohagony brown hair away from her face, than planted his lips on hers. Every time his lips met hers, he was always shocked with the shot of heat that filled his body, as he tasted her almost sugary lips. No one had ever aroused such a feeling in him before. His heart longed to take her each time he laid eyes on her, but his common sense kept him back, up until the night before. He began to pull away from her, but she pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around his neck, to hold his face to hers, than began the kiss again. This time filled with more passion and lust. When they finally pulled away, both gasped for air.

"Your still here." She said, as she ran her small nibble fingers over his broad shoulders, down his along chest, and down his flat abdomen.

"Do you want me to leave?" He whispered, then kissed her forehead, while running his long graceful fingers through the curls of her hair. despite what her body longed to do, she turned form him, and sat on the edge of the bed. She wrapped her arms around her exposed breasts, shook her head, and sighed.

"He'll be home soon." Her voice was unsteady, like she was losing the battle against tears. "He'll be coming back from that damn place, if he finds you... he'll... he'll..." She glanced back at Erik. He could see the shining pearl shaped tears streaming down her cheek. He joined her side, wiping way the tear with his index finger.

"What could he do? Don't you remember the last time I met him? Why... I would have killed him, if you..." He dropped his gaze, and took her hand in his own.

"He suspects, I know he does. He's doing his best to keep me from leaving the house. He caught me singing yesterday..." She snuggled into his arms, the place where she felt safest.

"So what? He can't stop you from singing." He reassured her.

"Do you forget, My Angel? He holds so much power. After all, he is the patron of the Opera House, and he's the center of his damn high society. With all the money he has, he could do what ever he wants, and everyone will look the other way." The streaming tears turned into sobs. He held onto her tighter, both to comfort her, and to stop himself from hunting her husband and killing him with his own Punjab.

"I could take care of him." He commented in a hushed voice.

"No," She looked her gaze with his golden eyes, "No, Erik. I... I couldn't handle that. You know I care for him." He lowered his eyes in secret defeat.

'Yet again she chooses him over me.' He thought. She sensed his feelings.

"Oh, Erik. I do love you, I really do. It's just, Raoul loves me, I couldn't break his heart. You must understand that. Plus what about little Kathrine? How could I raise her after that?"

"And what about us?" He tried to sound as if nothing was wrong, but she saw right through him. She saw the pain in his eyes. She knew that he feared that she would leave him again. She grabbed his hands, and kissed each palm.

"I don't want to loose you. I've never been happier than last night, but-"

"-But you're his wife, not mine." She cringed when he spoke. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that she was someone's wife, sitting in the arms of another man, but especially that she was Raoul's wife.

"We could leave, run away. He'll never find us. We could pack up tonight. Head off to god knows-" She was cut off when his index finger brushed her lips, to silence her.

"You young, you truly are. Don't you think that would break the young fop's heart? He would never get over the fact that you left him." He moved his hand to beneath her chin, and gently kissed her lips. "Not to mention you seemed to have already forgotten the fact that you are a mother. What would you do with the child? you must think of her as well, even if she belongs to him."

"Is that pity in your tone? For him?" She joked.

"Actually, it is my dear. I do know what it's like to have your heart broken, to have the women you love leave you." He took his hands off of her, got up off the bed, and began to dress. " I should be going, after all, your husband will be home soon."

"Will you come back?" She wrapped one of the white silk blankets around her, as she approached him.

"The devil himself couldn't keep me away." He pushed his lips into hers, and pinned her against the wall next to the doorway. She melted into him, enjoying the moment of pure ecstasy. As quick as he had pinned her, he was gone. Leaving her alone in her cold, empty home.