Chapter 1

Katie sat in one of the empty pews, with her feet resting on the one in front of her. She had her CD player on as loud as the volume control would let it, surrounding herself in to the world of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera, as she waited for her new voice instructor. She was told he was the best of the best, he could train even the coarsest voice to flow like an angels. Katie was recommended to be taught by him because of her talent. She had been taking voice lessons since she was a small child. Her voice is soft and soothing, but needed work if she would ever be able to preform professionally.

She checked her watch and sighed, he was already forty five minutes late. She decided to go over the songs she had to learn for her Music class in school, so she pulled her chorus folder out of her book bag, and went over the songs. They were far below her skill, and quickly bored her. Just as she gave up her school work, the batteries in her CD player died, leaving her completely alone in the silent church. She looked around the large spacey room, her eyes falling upon the giant Gothic Pipe organ. She had learned how to play her favorite songs on one, and was itching to give them a shot. She debated with herself if she should attempt, fearful she would be caught by her new teacher, but she gave into her desire. She sat down on the bench in front of the organ. She had never played on a real one, only a small electric version she kept in her room. She began to play her favorite haunting song.

In sleep he sang to me

In dreams he came

That voice which calls to me

And speaks my name

Her voice carried through the building, not allowing one nook or cranny silent. She sang the soprano part well, but remained silent when the male lead was supposed to sing. Any other Phan would just sing off key, but not Katie. She wouldn't degrade her voice just for a part. It may have just been her imagination, or listening to the song one to many times, but she thought she heard a male voice, softly singing along. She had never heard a voice as sweet before, it reminded her of an angel. She finished the song, then sat in silence, trying to figure out what to play next.

"Brava, Brava, Bravissima." The words surrounded her, and filled her body. She looked around to find the source, but she saw no one.

"It has been a long time since someone has sang that song in my presence. You sang very well, very well indeed." With each word the voice captured her, making her feel each syllable. The sound caressed her, brightening her mood, and touching her soul. She backed away from the organ, still looking for the source. She tried to comment, but she couldn't form words. The voice sensed her confusion.

"Go home Child, your lesson is through." She hesitated, than practically ran to the door. She turned to look back for a moment, then left. She was almost home when she realized she had left her book bag and chorus folder back at the church. She didn't want to return, but knew she needed her stuff for school the next morning. It didn't take long for her to retrieve the objects, luckily the voice didn't speak to her again. When she returned home, she locked herself in her room, despite her mothers plea for her to accompany her on a shopping trip.

"You were just dreaming Little Lotte," She told herself, "Your letting your imagination get away with you." She looked into her full length mirror. For a split second, she thought she saw a pair of golden eyes staring back at her. "Your going insane" She rolled her eyes, then picked up her phone. She need one of her friends to slap her back to reality. She dialed her most understanding friend.

"Hello?" A girl's voice answered

"Hey, Little Jammes, It's Lotte."

"What's up?"

"Erik is stalking me." Her friend laughed.

"Is that a problem?" Katie told her friend what had happen at the church. When she was finished, Jammes remained silent, then put her two cents in. "Well, Lotte, you really need to learn to stop day dreaming. You always let your imagination run away with you, like that time in math when you dreamed Erik was punjabing you, and you actually thought you were Christine." Katie nodded, and began to rummage through her bag, remembering she hadn't finished her math homework.

"Ya, but I knew those were dreams, I actual heard him." She accidentally knocked her chorus folder off her bed, the contents spilled out on her floor.

"Oh, shit." She swore under her breath, as she began to collect the papers up

"what?" Her friend asked. On top of her chorus music, four pieces of music, meant for an experienced soprano, were laying.

"What the hell?" Among the new works, was a single note written in red.

I expect you to learn these songs,

before you come for your next lesson.

They shouldn't be hard, not for your voice.

Return again the day after tomorrow,

Five O' clock.

"What's wrong Lotte?" Her friends voice called with concern.

"It's him... It's Erik." She stumbled out, staring at the note.