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Katie and Mandi returned to their normal lives, well, as normal as one can get after such trama. They never told another soul about what happened at that church, besides Robin. The three of them swore to take Tarek's memory to the grave, never letting his controlling grasp influence any other innocent children. Katie had been a mere child when he came into her life, something he stole for her. She could never reclaim the simple ignorant innocence she possessed before, but at least she wasn't alone. She always had something there to comfort her, her dreams of Erik.

They never stopped after Tarek's death, but then again, they had always been there. Since the day she saw that shadowy figure at the church, she felt like something was watching her, Like a guardian angel. It had always been there, but she had never noticed it till then. Once in a while, she would glance into a mirror, and see those eyes watching her, protecting her. They seemed to appear when she needed them the most, and were always there to comfort her.

After she graduated high school, Katie distanced herself from his memory, by moving to New York City, to attend a preforming arts school. Not wanting to be parted from her dear friend, she talked Mandi into transferring to an art institution, just blocks away from her own school. It was Mandi's gentle shove that gave Katie the confidence to audition for the role she was born to play, Christine.

Katie burst into her dressing room, panting heavily. She leaned over her vanity, clutching to the sides, her knuckles turning a brilliant white from the pressure. She tried to stabilize her breathing, keeping herself from fainting.

"Now I know why Christine fainted at the Gala." She told herself, as she looked at herself in the mirror,

A familiar stranger looked back at her. The chestnut brown curls, Brilliant sea foam blue eyes, rouge cheeks all belonged to her, but didn't. Something about her reflexion was different tonight. It wasn't the make up, or stage costume, but something else, something deep in her soul screaming to get out.

The thought always loomed in the back of her mind, but she never believed it true. Despite the dreams, and Mandi's whole hearted belief it was true, she never could except it, but now, looking at this women in the mirror, she couldn't deny it any longer, she knew it was true.

"I am Christine." She spoke to herself. The world around her seemed to dissolve into darkness, The massive amount of costumes, the roses Mandi had given her,The Phantom Memorabilia, the vanity she so desperately clung to, all gone into shadows.

"Come to me angel of music." His voice surrounded her, flooding her body with joyful passion. It was her angel, he wanted her, ans she wanted to go to him. Every fiber of her being wanted him desperately, like a flower longs for the sun to rise.

"Come to me angel of music." He seemed to materialize right out of the shadows, His neat black suit, his slick dark hair, Black silk mask, and brilliant golden eyes.

"Erik." She whispered tenderly, approaching him.

"Mon Ange." He softly touched her cheek, it felt more like a feather brushing against her flesh and a man's touch.

"I have waited forever to here you say that." She pulled away from him, fright filled her mind, the memory of Tarek still haunting her. How could she know he was truly Erik, Not just some imposter? Her mind raced.

"Mon chere." He knew what she was thinking.

"You have nothing to fear, I would never hurt you, you know that. You are my love, My angel." She allowed him to approach her, taking her small figure into his strong arms.

"I promised I would always be watching, I would always be your guardian angel."

"But, why? Why didn't you get a new life Erik?" The words came from her mouth, in her voice, but it wasn't Katie who spoke them.

"You gave me heaven, you saved me, how could any new life compare to the perfect one you gave me?" She buried her head in his chest, clinging to the ruffles of his white shirt.

"But Erik, you left me all alone! Who could I love in this world? With you not here?"

"Your heart never belonged to just me, but mine is to you. Thats why I chose this, to always be with you, and give you the chance you deserve with others, you can have any one you want."

"But I want you Erik." She began to cry, wetting his shirt with her fiery tears. He lifted her chin up with his hand, bring her face to his.

"You have me, forever." His lips softly brushed against hers, as the the shadow lifted around her, returning her back to her dressing room.

"Erik" she whispered with defeat, looking into the mirror, at his eyes.

"Lotte?" Mandi's familiar voice called outside the door, before she entered.

"Jammes." She tried to hide her flushed face, but it was no use, Mandi saw right through her act.

"What's wrong Lotte?"

"Nothings wrong, just finally realizing who I am." She looked back at his eyes, as they faded away.