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Kitty had dumped him. There was nothing else to say. The breakup haunted him in his dreams. He still had feelings for her even after what she'd said. Groggy, Lance rolled out of bed and promptly hit the floor.

"You're nothing but a 'Hood," the floorboards screamed at him.

"That's right," Lance patted the floor, "I'll never be good enough for you." He wallowed in self-pity for a moment before slapping himself across the cheek. "Snap out of it, Alvers!" Lance picked himself off the floor and headed to the bathroom.

Warm jets of water soothed his bruised heart and readied him to face the world...until it quickly changed into an ice shower. Lance yelped in surprise and quickly shut off the water. Shampoo still dripped down his hair onto his shoulders...and into his eyes! God, they burned! Lance hurried to the sink, turning on the water without the slightest thought of temperature and stuck his head under the flow of water. He quickly rinsed his eyes and scrubbed the remaining soap from his hair. Realizing the water had become scalding he quickly pulled his head out, smacking it on the faucet and letting out a yelp.

Downstairs, Todd and Fred sat at the breakfast table, listening helplessly to their friend's howls of pain. "He really loved her, didn't he," Todd said.

Fred nodded his agreement. "Yeah, who could have guessed he was so in touch with his emotions?"
"It's almost freaky. I mean, it's been a week and he's still crying over her."

"It's more than freaky," Pietro commented, entering the room. "It's disgusting. He should do what I do when I'm heartbroken."

"What's that," Fred asked.

"Grab a bunch of girls, take them out for a night on the town and forget about them the next morning."

"Pietro, I might have said this before, but you have absolutely no morals," Fred scoffed.

"I know," the speedster smiled. "That's what makes me so wonderful."

"Just remember," Fred warned, "whatever you do don't mention you-know-who."


"No, Toad," Pietro spat, "he means a certain pretty kitty that he had stuck up a tree until late."

"Shh," Fred hissed. "I hear him on the stairs."

"Lips are sealed," Todd promised.

"Not a word," Pietro agreed as Lance entered the room. "Good morning, Lance," he smiled, "sleep well?"

Lance shrugged, "I guess."

"I know I slept like crap. Some cat was outside my window bawling."

"Pietro," Todd gasped.

"What?" Pietro feigned offense. "It's not my fault some fat Tom out there is determined to make kittens."

"Who's hungry," asked Fred, changing the subject before Lance burst into tears. His eyes were red and puffy. Poor guy was taking it awfully hard. "Pancakes, Lance?"

"I'm not really hungry. Just some coffee."

"C'mon, Lance, breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

"Leave him alone, Blob," Pietro interrupted. "If Lance just wants coffee, let him. Cream?"

Lance stared for a moment before answering. "You know I like it black. Gosh, even Kitty knew that and she only saw me drinking it once." His teammates' eyes bugged out of their heads, except for Pietro, who seemed strangely satisfied.

"You sure you don't want those pancakes," Fred urged. "I'll put chocolate chips in 'em."

"What is up with you guys," Lance questioned. "So I was dumped by the only girl I've ever loved..." he cleared his throat, " it's not the end of the world."

"That's the spirit." Fred patted Lance on the shoulder and passed a box of tissues his way. "Let it all out."

"I'm not going to cry!"

"Because you already did that today, huh, Lance," Pietro quipped.

"No, it's because I'm really okay."

"Please," Pietro replied. "We all heard it. Woke me up from my beauty sleep with your wailing. There's no cure for red eyes except to suck it up."

"I got soap in my eyes."

"You don't have to defend your actions," Fred backed, " Todd and I understand, even if Pietro doesn't."

"Yeah, if Wanda ever left me I don't know what I'd do."

"You never had her in the first place," Lance countered.

"That doesn't change the sentiment," Todd sniffed. "The point is, we still love you, Lance. We're gonna get you through this. It's Lance and the Brotherhood's day of fun," Todd sang.

"I don't know if I can handle this," Lance sighed into his coffee cup.

"You can because we're going to help you get over Kitty."

"Blob," Pietro tsked, "you just broke you're own rule!"

"Shut up," he countered, "You bent it first. Besides, it's going to help the healing process. Trust us, Lance. After today you'll be back to your old self."

"I can hardly contain my joy," Lance groaned.