Chapter 2

Tommy, John, Greg, James, and Christian were in a meeting when Tommy gave the signal.

"When the troops make it to the end of the…" Chuck was saying. "What is it Greg?"

"Sir, with all do respect, and I know that I need to hear what is going on later this afternoon, but I really need to go to the bathroom." Said Greg.

"Well, hurry up and make sure you check on the troops. Now, as I was saying before, when the troops make it to the end of the course, Tommy and John will tell them their times. When they get their times, they are to report to Greg and then continue to the next event. Does everyone understand what to do?" Asked Chuck.

"Of course we do." Said the four left in the room. As they said this, Greg came back in. He was carrying a cup of coffee, and he offered it to Chuck.

"Well, thank you." Said Chuck.

"You are welcome sir. So what happens when the troops hit the end of the course? I wasn't…"

"I am fully aware that you were not here for the end of the briefing," And then Chuck took a drink from the cup. "Wow, this coffee sure tastes better than the stuff I make. What did you put in it?"

Before anyone could answer him, he fell unconscious. Tommy looked at the other four in turn, and then signaled for the rest of the plan to be carried out. As John and Christian left the room to tell the troops what had happened, Tommy, Greg, and James started to tie Chuck up.

"Let's start by making sure he can't move when he wakes up," said Tommy. "We could tie him up, then stuff him in a box and tape the box shut. Then we will start to pack and wait for the return of John and Christian."

With this, Greg and James started to tie up Chuck. They made sure that the rope was tight enough around Chuck then stuffed him in the box that Tommy had hid in the closet.

"We put him in the box and stuff the box in the closet. Then we will take off the door handles and put the lock on the out side. I have the keys to the closet already, so I will start by switching the handles." Said Tommy.

He went to work. Going really fast as to make sure they had plenty of time to get out of camp before Chuck woke up and saw what happened to him. He got the handles switch as Greg and James put Chuck in the box and started to tape the box shut.

"Well, we seemed to have won this part of the battle, but we still have very far to go before we hit the highway to our houses. That is enough tape." Tommy said as he saw all the tape that Greg was putting around the outside of the box. "I still think that he will not get out of the rope. Put the box in the closet so we can get to packing."

Greg and James put the box in the closet, Tommy closed the door and locked it just as John and Christian returned.

"I have the two ranking personnel making sure that the troops pack their bags. I think is time for us to go pack." Said John.

"Very good. I will make sure that you get a promotion when we get back to the cabin." Said Tommy.

The five commanders left the room and walked up to their cabin. They passed the troops and told the ranking officer to set the troops in line. As they passed, the ranking officer had the troops salute them.

"You know, now that you are the Commanding Officer, you have to watch over them like you would your kids." Said Greg.

Though Greg and the others were mad that Tommy would just use them to get the position, they were happy that they would finally get to go home. They might even get to see some action on the way.

Greg, James, John, Christian, and Tommy all returned from packing their stuff just as the troops made to sit down. As they saw that the Commanders were coming out, they stood up.

"On behalf of the Commanders, I have to say that I am really sorry that you had to hear the news." Began Tommy. "But we must not drown in our grief. The reason we are about to move out is because as our beloved Commander was having a stroke, he had to use the radio to tell the General." Tommy stopped and looked at the troops. He heard that the troops were whispering something to each other and looked at John.

"John, what did you tell them?" He asked the younger man.

"Just what you told me to tell them. That he died of a heart attack." Answered John quickly.

"Damn. I thought it was a stroke. I thought we said it was a stroke." Said Tommy.

"No matter what we said, we need to get the story straight." Said Greg.

"Oh well." Said Tommy.

He then turned back to the troops, waited until he could see the eyes of all of them, and then began again.

"No matter, the Commander has broken the rules, and now we have to pay. The things we need to do to get away before the enemy comes are as follows. I will take the younger, less civilized personnel with me and we will go up about three miles. I will have contact with Greg, who will take the rest of you and go around the back. Now, as me and my troops are waiting for them, we will have one person, selected by all the staff at the same time, plant a C-4 around the base. So if the enemy comes, they will be blown to little tiny pieces. And we cannot be proud of that."

The troops had started to cheer. But among hearing the end, stopped. For they knew that it was not fun, not even a little bit, to kill other men of God. But that is why they joined the army. To protect and serve their country. They were getting threatened and they needed to help the men that lived in the country.

Tommy looked back and motioned for John to step forward.

"In a minute, I will leave and take the good guys with me. If I radio back and say 'good', follow me."

"Understood, sir." Said John.

Tommy then turned back and said, "Let the personnel who think they want to blow some rag dolls up, follow me."

With that, he turned on his heels and, with a small group of people following him, started out of the camp.