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Chapter 10. Home again.

"Thank you, Naruto," Shinjiru smiled to the blond boy. Arashi's team had already prepared for the returning to Konoha came to say their goodbyes to Sora and his son.

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked.

"Well, a year of probation and they'll forget it," Shinjiru smiled sadly. "But most importantly, my father forgave me. Everybody makes mistakes," he just said.

"That's wonderful!" Naruto exclaimed. "I'm sure one day you'll become this village's chief like I'll become the Hokage!"

"I'm sure you will," Shinjiru answered raising his head and looking firstly at Naruto and then at Arashi. He didn't say a word but at that moment he felt he understood something more was between the two blondes from Konoha.

"It was nice to see you, Sora," Arashi smiled to his friend. "You know, you'd better not to be a stranger and pay visits to Konoha more often."

"Now that I know you're there I'll be sure to – you won't get rid of me," Sora smiled back.

Arashi's smile became wider.

"Now I see my old friend," he clasped Sora's shoulder.

"I wish you luck," the village chief whispered. "With Naruto. You will become a nice family one day."

Arashi's eyes wandered to the blond boy talking with Shinjiru.

"I wish you were right with all my heart," he said in a small voice and then raising it told his team. "Naruto, Sakura, it's time to go home!"

"Hai!" they answered at the same time.

Last smiles – and Konoha's team walked along the path to the gate.

"Father," Shinjiru turned to Sora. "I wonder…the way Arashi-san protected Naruto. It wasn't just captain-subordinate attitude. Also…they look alike a lot."

"It seems like only Naruto doesn't notice it," Sora smiled. "Arashi also lacked power to see obvious things sometimes you know. Like father like son."

"Like father like son," Shinjiru repeated. A small smile appeared on his lips. Yes, he understood it now.

"I don't know who my father was. I never knew him," he remembered Naruto's words.

"I don't know what happened between you and Yondaime, Naruto," he thought. "Why they are hiding the truth. You said I'm lucky but you are lucky too. Having someone such as Arashi-sama as your father…" he smiled. "You really will become a great Hokage one day."

"I just don't get it," Sakura turned to Arashi. They were sitting next to the bon-fire having their supper. "How did you realize that Tetsu was the band's chief? And why couldn't he activate his jutsu at the arena?"

"Well," Yondaime smiled. "You know, while I was laying in bed trying to heal faster I thought a lot about band's possible chief and more I thought, the more it looked like our mission with Sora at waterfalls country. There were three of us – him, an ANBU captain from Konoha and myself. There was also a band there and we couldn't catch them because we always came too late. In the end, we found out this captain was the traitor. Call it intuition but the only thing I could think about was that Tetsu who was Shinjiru's friend and who was close to Sora could be behind this story. When Sora told me about secret scroll it only strengthened my guess. So all I had to do was to check him. I faked that I was losing my consciousness and while he was holding me I used body flicker to examine his kunai.

Naruto nodded remembering the scene. So, it was just a fake. "Wise move. I even didn't notice anything suspicious," he thought.

"I was lucky – he had it with him," Arashi continued. "I replaced it with my own kunai and then reminded Sora about the waterfalls' story. He understood almost immediately and prepared a squad to capture Tetsu when he showed himself. Tetsu was predictable – he did everything as I expected. He showed at the arena trying to kill as many people as possible to become stronger. But he didn't have his kunai to do it. The only thing I was mistaken about was that he decided to return back to his base. It could have become really dangerous for you guys. Sorry. But anyway, it all finished well. Thanks to Naruto, Shinjiru and Sora understood each other so hidden moon's future is brighter now."

"Ah," Sakura nodded. "That's how it all happened."

"Tsunade-sama was right when she was talking about Arashi-sama. He predicts his enemy's moves and tries to act in a way that they are left only one choice – to do what he wants them to do," the pink-haired girl thought.

She yawned. "It was a long day. I'd better go sleep. Good night!"

"Good night!" Naruto and Arashi nodded and the pink-haired girl left them alone. For several minutes silence was hanging above the ground.

"Do you think they'll be alright?" Naruto turned his head to Yondaime finally. "Shinjiru and his father. Will they forgive each other?"

The blond haired man thought for a while.

"You know," he answered not entirely sure about whom he spoke – Sora or himself. "It won't be easy but one day I believe they'll understand each other."

Naruto nodded.

"What technique did you use against Tetsu?" he asked. "I haven't seen anything like it in all my life!"

Arashi shrugged.

"I overdid it," he confessed. "I could have handled Tetsu not using all that. But I couldn't let somebody on my team die. Not anymore," the last phrase was spoken soundless with only his lips.

Naruto looked at him attentively.

"You are talking just like Kakashi-sensei," he finally told him.

"Really?" Arashi laughed. "Well, there's no surprise here, after all he was my student!"

"Your student?" Naruto shouted in surprise. "You were the one who taught Kakashi-sensei!" "Well, now I know why he's such a prankster," he muttered to himself.

"Nani?" Arashi asked in indignant voice and Naruto understood Yondaime heard every word he muttered.

"Eh…nothing," he blushed.

Another pause fell over them.

Arashi tossed a few sticks into the bon-fire and returned back to his place looking at the flame. Then he took another fried fish – all these talks awoke his appetite – and kept watching his son. He knew Naruto he wouldn't be sitting quietly for a long time. One minute or another the blond will find some crazy idea and become himself.

He was right – a moment later Naruto jumped, understanding something.

"Blondaime," he began. "If you were his sensei you have seen his face."

"Yup," Arashi answered not taking away the fish.

"Will you tell me about it?" Naruto asked.

"Nope," came an instant reply.

"Aaah, why!" Naruto shouted. "Ok, just tell me, does he have buckteeth?"

"Bucktwhis?" Arashi replied with his mouth full of fish. A second later he gasped coughing.

"Who in the world gave you the idea Kakashi has buckteeth?" he finally asked looking at a smiling Naruto. "Or do you just…you just want to kill me with your jokes!"

Sakura awoke in the night hearing loud voices of her teammates.

"I just hope they won't fight 'til death," she thought turning to her other side and falling asleep again.

It was a wonderful sunny day and Kakashi was slowly walking towards the Konoha's gate reading his favorite book.

"What a mission," he thought. "Now all I want is my room, shower and the next volume of "Flirting paradise"!"

"Kakashi-sensei!" he heard familiar voice.

"Naruto!" he looked in the direction of the sound preparing a smile for his noisy pupil. "Oh, Sakura too!"

There were a group of three shinobies. Yes, Naruto, Sakura and…Kakashi stared unbelievingly at the third one. This figure…blond hair, jounin suit, blue eyes. For a moment he felt like he had returned to old times again. But it just couldn't be!

"Kai," Kakashi moved his hands trying to dissipate the genjutsu. No result. A dead man kept standing and smiling to him.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto shouted. "You just don't understand…"

Copy ninja didn't hear him. All his attention stayed on the blond-haired man from his past. He came closer.

"Nice trick," Kakashi didn't recognize his own voice. "But you know, that's the worst joke I have seen in my life. Raikiri!"

In a moment he activated his favorite jutsu and attacked Arashi.

"Oh my," Naruto's eyes widened. "Kakashi-sensei has gone crazy. Sakura-chan, we'd better go to Konoha."

"Yes, but…" Sakura hesitated looking at Kakashi who was running to Yondaime at monstrous speed. The Hokage just stood not moving.

"I have a feeling they need talk badly,' Naruto smiled running to Konoha's gate. "Let's go!"

Kakashi didn't pay attention to his pupils' fast retreat. He just kept concentrating raikiri in his hand. Yondaime moved in flash – when Kakashi came closer to the blow distance he just flickered and caught his ex-student's hand with his own causing him to stop his jutsu.

"How many times should I tell you that technique can be used only with the sharingan!" he scolded him. "Otherwise it's useless, just look at yourself!"

Kakashi opened his mouth trying to say something but he couldn't.

Arashi just tapped on his shoulder in friendly manner and smiled again.

"Sensei," finally, was the only word Kakashi could manage. "Flirting paradise" fell out of his hands only to be caught by Arashi.

"Oh my, oh my," after looking at the cover of the book Yondaime completely forgot about his ex-student who was still standing with a half-opened mouth.

"I can't believe it," Arashi turned over several pages and began to read. "This old geezer finally decided to publish it," a red blush began to form on his cheeks while he was reading more. Finally he turned over another page and his gaze came to a sudden stop.

"He…" Arashi's face expression was partly close to hysterics and from the other side looked like he was going to kill somebody. "This…hairy frogster…he made ME one of the heroes of his naughty book! Jiraiya, next time I see you I swear, you are a dead man!" the shout roared along the village streets marking the arrival of the forth Hokage.

Epilogue (a few weeks later)

"Arashi, it's almost time," Tsunade's voice sounded anxious. "People are waiting."

"Yeah, just a moment," Arashi set straight the sleeve and turned to the mirror.

Hokage's robes…It felt like he hadn't worn them for ages. These clothes… A symbol of power and courage, pain and sacrifice. So many efforts were put into getting them, these clothes. Now they were something that gave him peace.

"Those are the only clothes that suit you perfectly," he remembered Umi's words and smiled remembering the whole dialogue.


"That's why you've fallen in love with me, isn't it?" he joked.

The hand of his wife who adjusted his robe stopped at once.

"My little foolish Hokage," she smiled brushing his cheek with her little fingers. "Leave that to your fan club. I just love you because you are you."


Arashi closed his eyes. Those memories…thanks to them he could stay alive. He looked at himself in mirror once again. Blond hair suited white-red robes perfectly. Blue eyes burned with an internal flame, full of power. He nodded to himself and went to the exit.

"The 4th Hokage!" elders declared and the entire village under the balcony exploded with shouts of joy. Arashi came closer to the banisters smiling.

"My village…finally," he thought. Yes, it wasn't an easy decision. Sometimes he wondered if he would be able to protect the villagers again after what they did to his son. But seeing Naruto during the mission, how he grew strong Arashi decided he has no way except being the Hokage again. For him, for Naruto, he must do it.

Naruto, Naruto, where he is? The crowd kept shouting while Arashi's eyes wandered along the square trying to find the familiar blond.

"Maybe he just hasn't come?" the unpleasant thought appeared in Yondaime's mind and at the same time he finally saw him.

The blond genin stood some distance beside the crowd looking attentively at the balcony.

"I wonder, what is he thinking about?" Arashi thought.

Tsunade started some speech but the 4th didn't pay attention to her. All he could stare at was the boy who seemed to be so small from the balcony.

Naruto caught his sight and raised his head. Was it just Arashi's imagination or did he really look at him and smile? No, it was definitely that. Naruto smiled to him with his favorite wide grin. Arashi couldn't help but smiled back thinking.

"A lot of days will pass before you'll be able to accept the truth, Naruto. But I feel it, feel it with all my heart – today this day has become much closer."


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Like father like son 2: My home is your home.


"Tsunade-baachan," Naruto entered the 5th room and started complaining. "I have just returned from mission and even haven't got time to go home. What is so urgent?"

The Hokage looked at him and sighed with eyes full of pity.

"That's not good," Naruto shivered. "She even hasn't shouted for being called "baachan"."

"Naruto," Tsunade finally began. "Look, you see, something awful happened while you were on mission. Hurricane…"

Naruto couldn't help but looked at her with wide eyes. The next sentence pulled him into state of shock.

"Nani!" his shout heard all the villagers without exception.


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