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Look me in the eye. Tell me I'm the same person I was when I was healthy and beautiful. You can't, you won't. You don't see that now, when you look at me. I'm sorry, Linda, but you need to leave now. You can't save me now. I'm sorry. I love you. Goodbye.

There won't be a summer house for us. We can't reconcile. I love you so much, but I cannot be with you if when you look at me, all you see is that I'm going to die.

Remember that day we met? I was young and brash. Remember how I opened your soda with a knife? Remember how we posed together?

You are my world, my dreams, my fantasy, but you cannot see me anymore. You see a crumbling body, scabs, infections, balding, shaking. You see the AIDS. You don't see Gia. You can't see through it all to see me. Not any more.

You would be afraid to put a finger inside me, much less a fist. You would be afraid to kiss me. Or drink a soda that I opened for you. Would you even pose with me now? No.

So I'm sorry, but goodbye. I love you. I kiss you. I fuck you. I leave you. Good bye.

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