Another Potter

Disclaimer; I do not own harry potter or any of the other charecters.

(this takes place in harrys 3rd year of hogwarts.)

"Welcome everyone to another year at Hogwarts, let our new stuedents come in."said Dumbledore

a owl comes to harry

"I wounder what this could be?" said Harry

"Harry read it to me and Hermionie before the sorting." Said Ron

"Ok then,

Dear Mr. Potter we are pleased to inform you that we have found a long lost realative of yours who will be attending Hogwarts this year. Her name is Cassidina she happens to be your sister, she escaped a different way. She has a scar on her arm that looks similar to yours. So, to inform you that you were not the only one who lived. We found her at St. Mungos being treated for lost memory she is all better and has all her memory back. She is younger than you and is a first year. Thank you and I hope you get to know her and love her like you have known her your whole life.


The Minister of Magic" said Harry

"Wow, Harry that is amazing that is so weird you have a sister!" said Hermione

" I know it is really weird."said Harry " Let's watch her be sorted." Said Harry

"Ms. Cassindina Potter." Said Professer Mcgonagal

The whole room was wispiring.

A little skinny and frightened girl walked up to the sorting hat

"Another Potter I never thought I'd see the day, well, very difficult, talent I see oh yes and courage,I guess your just like your brother so I guess…… GRYFFINDOR." Said the sorting hat