Inuyasha lowered his head, unable to look at them. At long last, he was beingforced to choose. For a while, he had hoped that he would somehow never have to make the choice of the two. But then, that wouldn't work. He would always wonder what might have been.

He sighed and looked up at the one at the left. The one he always thought of, the one he dreamed of. The one he craved. He couldn't just forget her. He was sure Kagome understood that. It was his choice, not hers. If he choose her, would he toss and turn at night, thinking about his choice? Would he wake up in a cold sweat, realizing his mistake?

He still remembered the first time he had tasted her. She was warm to the touch, and her taste always lingered on his lips. Whenever he was alone, he would lick his lips, eagerly trying to salvage that heavenly taste.

But then that one time…he had tasted her cold. She was so cold, so lifeless. To think that one like her could be so cold. It was one of the many things that haunted his dreams. In his nightmares, her cold, disgusting taste overpowered her warmth, and he found himself unable to taste anything but.

He looked over to the one on the right. Whenever his thoughts were empty, he couldn't help but think of her. She was so warm, so new and exciting. He had tasted her only once, but that one time…

Sometimes he woke with a smile on his face, and he remembered dreaming of her taste. He had been afraid that time. She was so like his first, and yet, so different. But he tasted carefully, and was shocked to discover she tasted just as good, if not better.

She was never cold and disgusting. She was always warm and hot. Once, he tried to imagine her taste, but tried to imagine it cold. He couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, he could never think of her as anything but warm.

His gaze darted back. Her taste was heavenly, but as warm and delightful as it could be, it could also be cold. His gaze snapped back. She was always warm, she could never be, would never be, cold. But her taste wasn't nearly so delicious…

His claws dug into the palms of his hands, and his fangs bit his lip. He knew they were waiting, and he hung his head again. He couldn't stand to disappoint either of them, he loved them both so much. But how could he choose?

"Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted, breaking his train of thought. "Will you hurry up and choose already?" Inuyasha looked over his shoulder.

"Quiet wench." He snapped, turning back to the ramen display. "Important decisions can't be rushed."

"Well hurry up, I have homework." Kagome huffed. Inuyasha sighed and looked over his shoulder.

"I don't suppose I could have both of them?"