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I Think of You And...

Naruto One-Shot



As I sit here by the beach, and watch the waves roll up and slap against the shore, I think of you, and everything that we have gone through.

I think of you and smile at all the happy times that we have had, back when our Team Seven was still together. How you and Naruto used to fight and compete against each other in every possible way. How you always had to act cool and uncaring, even in front of your friends.

The wind starts to pick up, blowing tiny specs of sand all around me, my hair whipping against my face.

I think of you and blush in slight humiliation at all the times you turned me down after I asked you to lunch or dinner or just to walk me home. How you always replied with a smug "Hn", never anything else.

Tears spring to my eyes, though I do not know if it was the wind, sand, or because I am thinking of you.

I think of you and wonder why you left us. Why you left your team, your friends, and...me...When I hugged you and told you not to go, you said "Thank You". What did you mean by that? If you are thanking me, why do you not stay instead?

Now the tears are flowing freely as I sob into my arms. Why do I cry for you? I shouldn't, after all that you have done to me, but I cannot help it. Why?

I think of you and realize something. I am truly in love with you. It is not just some girlish crush, no matter what you may think or what others may think. I have stood by your side all this time, yet you never noticed me. And yet I am still hoping, wishing, that you will one day realize this important emotion that I feel for you.

As the sun sets, and the wind dies down, I wipe the tears from my eyes, and a small smile lifts my lips up.

I think of you and make a promise to myself. I will bring you back. Not just for me, but for everyone that cares about you. Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, even Ino...

I think of you, now what do you think of me, Sasuke-kun?


Shi-Sha: That...was really weird. It's not one of my best stories, but I'm writing this after, like, a YEAR of writer's block. It also sounds sort of like 'Years Gone By', which is my Final Fantasy X story. Anyways, please review!