Title: Live

Author: vegemite

Rating: K-plus

Summary: Roslin's thoughts on/after the final scene of Resurrection Ship, pt 2. So very A/R. :)

Diclaimer: If I lie, I might get thrown out the airlock, so I'm going to have to admit that I don't own BSG.

A/N: I had a couple of Adama/Roslin one-shots in the works, but after this episode I had to try to write down everything I thought she felt after watching this scene about 15 times within 24 hours of the airing (and I cried, every single time). Very short, and everything's a little platonic and sweet in this, but for that scene I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had this one prepared for a while, but I just couldn't think of a title! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not too keen on this one.


"I do believe that someone who commands more than one ship is called an Admiral." She hands him the box and can't help her giddy excitement as he stares down at the pins. He smiles, very small, and she can tell he's pleased. He tells her how long he's waited for this promotion, and she's a little sorry she hasn't done this for him earlier.

"Just goes to show you, Bill. Never give up hope." He returns her words and she smiles. She knows she has to go and rest but despite her weariness she doesn't feel like moving away just quite yet. But Billy's looking at her expectantly and she moves to stand. The Admiral helps her, but as Billy moves to support her Adama lifts her chin towards his. She smiles as he gazes upon her with the most tender of expressions and she has a very funny feeling and isn't sure what to expect but closes her eyes as his face comes closer. His lips press against hers, for no more than a few seconds, and the emotion inside her is more beautiful than anything she's experienced in a very long time.

He moves back and she keeps her eyes shut for a little longer, absorbing the comfort and affection she feels. She looks at him and they smile together. Then he hands her off to Billy, and her aide guides her out of the area and down the corridor to her room. The journey is much too long for her liking.

"Don't look so surprised, Billy," she says, smiling and not even having to look over at him to know what his expression is. "I've still got it." She winks, causing him to stammer a little awkwardly, and she's reminded how much she loves him in a motherly sort of way. She vaguely wonders if she'll miss him once she dies, but she's too high on chamalla and…something else to think it through right now.

Billy sits her on her bed and gets her sleeping clothes out for her. She thanks him and he leaves. Realizing all of a sudden that she's much too tired to even change, she lays down on top of the made bed, staring up at the ceiling. She touches the tips of her fingers to her lips, feeling that little giddiness that she felt as she promoted Adama. There has been definite attraction between them before, but his kiss was not about attraction. He was pledging to be by her side, as well as thanking her for making him an Admiral. He was also confessing his platonic love for her. Although she's sure that with more time they could develop a romantic love, considering her current situation she's happy with platonic. Still, she has to wonder, as she has before, what it would be like to love Bill Adama and for him to love her back.

She has only a few minutes before she falls asleep, but now she weeps silent tears to fill them. More than ever, she doesn't want to die.