Summary: As the other Titans plan to go out to the movies, Raven decides that she would use this time to finish her book and therefore stays at the tower. However, due to recent disastrous incidents with Beast Boy, Robin orders him to stay home for the night and asks Raven to watch him while she's at it. Since Raven is stuck "babysitting" Beast Boy, to keep him quiet (and to keep herself at peace), she ends up reading to him for part of the night…and unintentionally for many weeks to come.

Meanwhile, Starfire decides to take English classes to improve her English. From her experience, the classes are 'wonderful' and 'glorious' and she describes to her friends about the trips the students get to take trips around the city. The classes end up taking up most of her time, and they cut into team training sessions that become necessary. Also her desire to learn more English is similar to a desire of Robin's...

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Open, Says Me (K+)

Chapter One: Greater

Moderate was the team. He would have liked them to be exceptional, remarkable or even to be dubbed as the Jump City Times favorite headline, "Phenomenal", but he knew they were not. He needed his team to work harder, and he needed some way to make them do so.

Late as it was, Robin still had the motivation to sit upright at his room desk. He rested his chin in his hands while his close friend and second and command of the team, Cyborg, stood groggily over him and waited for him to speak. Cyborg knew that when Robin was usually in great thought he always sat in this particular position, and he and the other Titans had identified it as his way of musing. Each of them had witnessed the Titan leader this way, and most of the time he unveiled good news. This time around however, his thoughts were negative.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Cyborg asked, like an employee speaking to his boss. He even stood tensely, but the reason for that wasn't because of what Robin was about to say, it was because he was extremely tired.

Robin removed his hands from his chin, and looked at his friend from the corner of his eye. He didn't want to be the barer of bad news or let Cyborg go to sleep on a bad note, but he had to tell someone what he was thinking for a long time. He had to get it off of his chest, and the best person to consult with naturally had to be the second in command of the team.

Robin began, "This may not what you want to hear, but after we defeated the Brotherhood of Evil, the team seems to be…slacking off a bit."

Cyborg raised his eyebrow; this woke him up a little. "Oh really? Well, it's been quiet with most of the villains gone."

"Yes, but there are some still out there…look, you may disagree with me, but it seems as if the team feels that they can do anything already, and I don't think a team should think that way. I don't mean I don't want them to be positive, I'm just saying that a team should always push to be greater." Robin ended his sentence with punching a fist into his free hand, as if he were a motivational speaker.

Cyborg ran the training session schedules through his head and pondered on how on earth the team could improve their efforts. He hadn't noticed the 'slacking off', but apparently only a leader had eyes for these types of problems.

"The last few days have seemed like a disaster," Robin continued. "Training sessions aren't even consistent anymore…and oh, here's an example—Beast Boy hasn't even spent an hour in the gym since we've been back." He slightly scowled at the thought of Beast Boy's performance at training the day before. It wasn't as though he was angry that Beast Boy was proud that he saved the day from the Brotherhood of Evil, it was just that the youngest Titan seemed to be the one deciding to slack off the most. Robin grimly recalled Beast Boy's persistent questions regarding why they were training.

"Training," the changeling had said, in opposition to the very idea. "But Robin, we defeated the Brotherhood of Evil and all of the other villains! Isn't that good enough for you? Aren't we already our best?"

Cyborg immediately knew what Robin was talking about. Sure Beast Boy had gotten a tad bit mature in the past few weeks, but he was no less lazy than before.

"Well, you could always motivate them," Cyborg suggested with the wave of his hand, "…give them what they want, so they'll train better."

To get what you think is best, give them what they want, Robin thought to himself after Cyborg's comment. What did the team like to do? This was difficult because everyone in the team was different. While Beast Boy and Cyborg would want to play video games all day, Raven would mediate or read. Starfire would probably hang out with Silkie, cook some weird meal…

...or hang out with him? A part of his mind asked. He wasn't sure if it was Starfire's favorite thing to do, but he slightly hoped it was. Sure they were close, but it would mean a lot to him if the alien admitted that she liked hanging out with him. He gave a small smile at the possible experience.

Cyborg yawned loudly and Robin's face became stern again. He slowly traced back to his previous thoughts, before Starfire.

So, he needed something the whole team would want to do. An outing night was his first idea. He knew his friends liked movies, and going out to see them, so that was a likely possibility to do on their first night. There was the conflict of everyone wanting to see something different, but he had heard that a great movie that had just been released. It had comedy, romance, action, and more – according to Cyborg.

"How about the movies?" Robin asked, "We could have something to do at the end of the day, for whoever trains well. Let them go to the movies if they train hard tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah, sure," Cyborg mumbled. He was half asleep.

So that was it. They would go see a movie...if they were willing to train their best first of course.


After telling the others about his plan, Robin regretted spilling the beans before the training session had even started. Some seemed to jump to conclusions.

"All right, we're gonna see a movie!" Beast Boy was the first to cry. He gave a high-five to Cyborg who gave a small nervous chuckle.

"I said if you all work hard today, we're going to see a movie," Robin corrected him. "And remember that…all of you."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Well," Robin said, while looking at the team around him. "Let's get to work."

Naturally, Cyborg and Raven obediently followed the orders, just to get it over with.

Both of their perspective was, 'two hours in the gym? No problem!'

Starfire started out by following Robin to opposite side of the room as Robin suggested a few things she could do.

"You could lift some weights," he suggested, "That won't wear you down for sure."

Starfire beamed at him. "That is sounding like a wonderful idea!" She lifted the weights up easily, repeatedly.

The training session almost to Starfire, but she had to admit that it was taking up most of the morning. She didn't want to discourage Robin by telling him that his idea was taking up too much time, because she wanted to encourage him as he did to her. Starfire smiled to herself at Robin's enthusiasm about his and Cyborg's idea. It was wonderful to see him so motivated to make a better team out of his friends. Robin had mentioned that he would be watching the team work out for effort after he had done some of his own training, and at the thought of that she quickly turned around.

He seemed to be already watching her.

How long had he been standing there?

"Robin..." she started. She hoped he had not seen her smiling to herself absentmindedly. "Are you currently assessing my performance? I am hoping that I have done well."

"Well, you did great, Star," he said and slightly grinned. His smile came from the fact that she wasn't even covered in sweat, and after so much training she still looked beautiful. She looked perfect.

Of course, Robin didn't say so.

After quietly staring at each other, Robin said that he was going to the other side of the room to see how the others were doing, and Starfire watched him leave while blushing shyly. She wished he could stay longer. And that smile made her wish she knew what he was thinking.

Raven and Cyborg were doing exceptionally well with their training, and they even spared with each other while Robin watched. Easily, he could see they did their best. He knew the "work hard and go see a movie plan" would be successful.

He went to search for Beast Boy next, and he found the changeling cheering on Starfire, who was doing the indoor obstacle course.

Robin raised an eyebrow under his mask at the scene. "Beast Boy," he sternly said, "You need to be training. What are you doing over here?"

"I already did," Beast Boy told him while grinning. "Like you…why do we have to train for an hour and a half again? We beat all the baddies."

It was this conversation again. "That doesn't mean anything," Robin told him as Cyborg shouted, "Training time's up!"

Without hesitation, Beast Boy eagerly ran out of the gym and Robin turned from him to face Starfire. A look of apprehensiveness was on his face and Starfire knew why. She had heard Robin and Beast Boy's conversation and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Robin, perhaps you should not be hard on him...or all of us. He may have not done well in the training today, but he shall still accompany us all to the movie."

"If I did, he'd think he could slack off all of the time. It's for the best." He turned towards the exit to the gym and continued, "I'm sorry Star, but tonight he's staying home. Maybe tomorrow he'll do better."

"Maybe." Starfire observed Robin's face, and she could tell that he didn't seem too happy about the decision. It surprised her, because part of her felt and regretted that he was just promising trips at the end of the day so they would work hard. It seemed as if he actually wanted the whole team watching the movie at this moment. As Robin waved to her goodbye, Starfire wondered if he would have the same punishment for her if she slacked off – for the best.

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Chapter Two Preview: Night comes, and Raven accidentally ends up stuck home with Beast Boy. Will it be for the better or worst? Will the night even be worth it?