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Chapter Eighteen: Flawless

Although she knew it wouldn't do much, Raven handed the book to Beast Boy as they stepped into the tower. He took the novel in his hands and gave a sheepish smile. "Thanks…but I don't read," he playfully told her.

"Figures," Raven said, and she tucked it underneath her cloak. Beast Boy watched the book disappear underneath and spoke again. "So…why did you want to write a book anyway? I always thought you were the reading type of person." He gave a small laugh, and before he even finished doing so she spoke to him.

"Just wanted to try something new," she murmured. "I've...already read nearly all of the books in the tower. I didn't intend to make Darcy have the same personality as me at first, but after a while I thought she was pretty…cool," she slowly added as Beast Boy gave an eyebrow raise at the way Raven described Darcy. Raven continued, while ignoring him.

"She was a character who could do whatever I wanted...and everything I couldn't do. Besides, if it ever got "published"," Raven added, with a roll of her eyes, "Then no one would probably figure out that I wrote it."

Beast Boy shrugged. "Actually, it was pretty easy for me to figure out! Uh...so while your mouth was all zipped up, Mumbo mentioned you accidentally making Lorenzo like me—"

"I heard," Raven simply said. "And I heard what you said back to him...that was pretty sweet of you."

Beast Boy reddened. "Thanks," he mumbled. "But anyway, he mentioned that and I kinda don't get it. There are a lot of pranksters in the world like Lorenzo, so wouldn't it affect other people like him?"

Raven shook her head. "Well…you were the person I had in mind, so you were the only person affected by the character."

Beast Boy smirked. "Or maybe it only affected me because there's no one else as sweet as me, remember?"

Raven rubbed her temples. "Beast Boy, don't."

"Just when I thought you were warming up to me."

Raven gave a small smile and motioned him to follow her. "Let's go check up on the others."


"Koriand'r?" Cyborg asked Starfire, while coming from the kitchen into the common room. "We all know it's your real name…but why would Mother May-Eye call you that? We don't even call you that!"

It was evening, and the five Titans were located in the common room, tired, yet satisfied. Robin and Starfire snuggled on the couch, to Raven's disgust, who sat right next to them. Silkie, who seemed to be abandoned for many weeks, slept in Starfire's lap, peacefully. Beast Boy sat cross legged on the ground at her feet while Cyborg stood over them, holding a tray of food from the kitchen.

"She would not succumb to calling me Starfire," the Tameranian answered Cyborg. "She said school was not for silly nicknames." Cyborg nodded and Starfire brought up a new conversation.

"Will they stay trapped in jail forever?" she asked.

"I'm guessing that they can break out if the rest of the book is destroyed or something," Raven told her, along with the others. "But for now, their prisoners for life."

"So what was with the book Raven?" Robin asked. "You don't have to talk about it anymore if you don't want to—"

"It's ok," Raven told him. "I basically bought a bad empty book from the bookstore, thinking I could write a story. Apparently I'm a better reader than writer."

"You can say that again," Cyborg snickered, as Starfire threw a disapproving glance at him. "From the way BB described it, it sounded a little sappy to me," he explained. "I just don't think it was worth missing practice for."

Raven and Beast Boy exchanged glances. They had no idea how much that book meant to them.

"Speaking of missing practice," Robin started, "I hope you all enjoyed your day off, but don't get used to it."

"We won't," Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "But we all get to miss outing night this Friday since we were all gone, right? That's only fair."

Cyborg and Robin smirked at each other. "Actually, we've gotten rid of outing night."

Beast Boy's jumped up from the floor and his eyes widened. "…why?"

"Because we can leave the tower whenever we want," Raven answered him. "I didn't see the point of it in the first place."

Robin slightly frowned at her and continued. "We've also decided that two hours is too long for you all to train."

"We did?" Cyborg mouthed to him, and Robin gave a brief nod.

"So no training every morning?" Beast Boy gleefully asked. Finally, Robin saw it his way.

"No, you're going to train…just not for two hours. And five minutes doesn't cut it. Sorry Beast Boy."

Beast Boy shrugged and sat back down on the ground. He turned on the TV, and it wasn't long until the other Titans became silent as they watched the television, content.

So they weren't the greatest team ever, but they were only teenagers after all. The goal to become "phenomenal" was forgotten by that afternoon, as the Titans had just hung out after a fight just like old times. A team didn't have to be strong to be great in someone's eyes; they could have great just if they were able to get along—no matter how different or disagreeing they were.

After flipping to a good movie—in Beast Boy's eyes of course—he jumped up and onto the couch between the snuggling couple and Raven. Raven and Robin frowned at him, and Starfire giggled. Cyborg shook his head smiling. Yep, they're perfect just the way they are.

The End

A/N: Ugh. Rereading that part about Robin and Star snuggling on the couch made me sick. XD Just wanted to get that out. Anyway, Cyborg's last thoughts are in response to Robin's feelings in the beginning of the story. He sees the Titans perfect no matter how different they are. Yeah, I know it's a sappy little moralistic ending, but I liked ending it that way. Besides, I'm not usually crazy about morals at the end.

I'm going to tell the meaning of the title, because there is more than one meaning. I choose "Open, Says Me" because it was the secret word for the book (obviously) and Raven made her character Darcy open up whenever she wanted to, which is something she herself can't do.

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