Chap. 1. Start of Something Horrible

It was a beautiful fist day of school at East High, home of the Wildcat's. Students were bustling around trying to find their friends so they could catch up from summer.

Troy Bolton, basketball star of the school, singer, and currently Gabriella Montez's boyfriend, was walking down the hall looking at the schedule he was given when suddenly someone through their arms around his neck. "Hey wildcat."

He turned around to see Gabriella smiling at him. "Gabriella! You nearly gave me a heart attack."

She giggled and gave him a quick peck on the lips. She grabbed his hand and gave it a little tug. "Come on! We need to find everyone else."

They didn't even have to look for when they turned around they saw Chad coming towards them with everyone behind him. "Troy! We've got a problem! She's-" he was cut off when someone behind them yelled, or more like shrieked, "Troysie!"

Troy turned around to see his ex-girlfriend coming towards him. She had golden hair to about the middle of her back and was wearing a very tight pink baby tee that showed her every curve, a mini jean skirt that was showing more then it should have, and was carrying a purse that was so shiny that it looked like she was carrying a lamp more than a purse. To put it all together she was HOT. "Oh... hey Ashley."

She came up and gave him two air kisses. "Oh my God! It's been like way to long!"

Troy gave a nervous laugh. "Yeah. I thought you moved to Texas."

"Well I did but daddy was offered a better job so we moved back!" she then turned to Gabriella. "Oh! Who's your little friend Troysie?"

Troy put his arm around Gabriella. "This is my girlfriend," at that word Gabriella blushed, "Gabriella."

Ashley looked shocked for a minute but then smiled, though it looked fake. "Congrats! You better take care of my Troysie for me."

Gabriella looked a little to stunned to really say anything. "Uhh…" was all she said. Ashley turned and patted troy on the cheek and walked away.

Chad looked like he was trying to hide a smile. "Tried to warn you man. You're in for it this year, Troysie."

Troy whacked him on the arm. "Man! Why'd she have to come back?"

"Who is she?" Gabriella was looking at Troy with a confused expression on her face.

"Ashley Rosco, my ex. She left last year before winter break. I hated her and wanted to break up with her so badly but-"

"But little Troysie didn't have the heart to do it." Chad ducked Troy's swing this time.

Gabriella looked in the direction Ashley had walked off in. "I don't like her."

Taylor walked forward. "Almost everybody doesn't, but of course she has her little group. They'll be thankful to have their leader back"

Troy sighed. "This is not going to be my year."

Gabriella looped her arm through Troy's. "Well you still have me." Troy looked down at her and kissed the top of her head. Right then the bell rang so they all headed off towards Mrs. Darbis' class.

When they got there they saw Ryan, Sharpay, and Zeke talking to each other. When they walked over Sharpay looked up and smiled at them. "Hey guy's! How were your summer's?" Ever since Troy and Gabriella beat her and Ryan for the lead parts of the play she had become nicer to them. Her reply was a bunch of mumble's of "fine" and "okay".

Ryan looked at them all. "Well don't all jump at once."

Troy sighed. "You guy's remember Ashley, right?"

Sharpay wrinkled her nose like she smelled something bad. "Ugh! Who could forget her?"

"Yeah well-"

"Troysie!" The whole group groaned. Ashley came over and rested her hand on Troy's shoulder. She saw Sharpay and glared. "Well Sharpay. I would say it's nice to see you, but I'd be lying." Sharpay jumped up from her seat but Ryan and Zeke grabbed her before she could do anything. Ashley had a sly grin on her face. "Tisk, tisk! You still haven't done anything about that temper."

"Just get lost Ashley!" Sharpay looked ready to kill but Chad and Troy were now also trying to hold her down.

Ashley had a satisfied look on her face. "See you around Troy." And with that she flicked her hair over her shoulder and walked away.

Once the guy's were sure she wouldn't jump up and kill Ashley they let Sharpay go. "I can't believe she's back! I thought she moved!"

Troy was looking at the spot where Ashley had touched as though it were diseased. "Oh she did, but her dad decided to take another job and she came back."

Gabriella put her hand on Troy's. "Well at one of my old schools I knew someone just like her. I tried to be nice to her but she was always so mean. Her and her little posse used to pick on me all the time. I hated her!"

"Oh my God!"

Gabriella froze. She turned around slowly and saw a girl standing right behind her. She had long, red, curly hair and was wearing a green sequenced halter-top with tight jeans and was holding a pink purse. Gabriella glared at her and said in the most cool voice she could, "What are you doing here Katie?"

Katie smiled an evil smile that sent chills down Gabriella's spine. "Well, Gabriella, my dad's job got moved, so here I am."

"How unfortunate."

"Why are you here?"

"My mom's job got moved."

"Oh. I thought you were running again. Remember in kindergarten when they couldn't get you out from under your desk because I took your doll?"

Gabriella blushed a deep shade of red. She was about to pounce on her but Troy grabbed her around the waist. "Troy! Let me go!" she fought him but he only tightened his grip. Soon Chad and Zeke were also trying to hold her down.

Katie's smile only got wider. "Oh, Gabriella! You must control that anger. Remember when you tried to fight me in second grade? We both know the end to that story."

The boy's were thankful when Mrs. Darbis walked in and Gabriella stopped fighting and took her seat.

Mrs. Darbis started talking but Troy didn't hear because he was looking at Gabriella who was glaring in Katie's direction. He was surprised to see that she had tears in her eyes. He heard someone whispering his name so he turned the other direction to see Ashley smiling at him. She gave him a little wave that he didn't return.

When the bell rang Gabriella quickly gathered her things and left.

"Gabriella! Gabriella!" she knew it was Troy but she wasn't in the mood to talk. How could Katie be here, and in her last year! She was going to ruin it, like she did back in grade school. She would do anything to make Gabriella feel bad. Troy was right, this wasn't going to be a good year.

Troy finally caught up to her. "Gabriella! Why didn't you-? Oh." he saw the tears in her eyes had leaked out and were running down her cheek. He wiped away a tear. "Hey now she can't be this bad."

"Yes she is. She ruined all my grade school years and now she's going to ruin my last year of high school! It's supposed to be the best year!"

All around them people were staring. "How 'bout we go up to my secret spot?" Gabriella looked up at him and nodded. Troy led her down the hall and up a few flights of stairs. Soon they were in that secret place Troy loved so much. Gabriella took a deep breath trying to calm herself. Troy came over and wrapped his arms around her. "It won't be as bad as you think. Maybe she'll leave you alone."

"The day Chad counts to ten. Her life goal is to make me as miserable as can be. She's such a bitch!"

Troy looked down at her and smiled. "Well you don't want her to be happy, do you?"


"Then you have to cheer up!"

Gabriella looked up at him and smiled. "You're right. Thanks."

"For what?"

"Making me feel better." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips.

When they broke apart Troy smiled. "Well if you do that every time I'm glad to help."

Gabriella giggled. "Come on. People are going to start to wonder where we went." She grabbed his hand and started running down the stairs.


Troy ran into the gym for free period workout. He walked over to where Chad was stretching and started to stretch too. "Hey man! Where've you been?"

"Gabriella was really upset about the whole Katie thing. I was just trying to make her feel better."

Chad had a sly smile on his face. "Oh. I see."

Troy whacked him on the arm. "Not like that!"

"I know! I was only kidding!"

Troy sighed. "I can't believe Ashley's back."

"Man she's after you."

"I know, but I already have a girlfriend. Plus I hate her. I need a way to get her off my back."


"Gabriella? Hello? Anyone in there?" Gabriella looked up and saw Taylor standing in front of her desk. "Girl what happened? You look horrible."

"Gee, thanks." She laid her head back down on the desk. "I can't believe Katie's here. This was the one place where I actually had friends and she had to come and ruin it."

Taylor sat down on the desk and patted her back. "Hey Gabby, we're not going to leave you. That girl's a jerk. You know, she would make good friends with Ashley."

"Are you trying to help me or increase my pain?"

Taylor rolled her eyes. "I'm just thinking that if she hangs out with Ashley she'll be out of you hair."

"Well what do you suggest I do? Walk up to her and say 'Hey! I know this other bitchy girl that I think you would be great friends with' I don't think so!"

"I can seriously see you doing that."

Gabriella rolled her eyes. "I just want to get rid of her. Or just keep her away from me."

"Well there has to be something. Hmm."

"Got anything?"

"Nope. You're screwed."

Gabriella whacked her on the arm causing her to slip off the desk. Gabriella started laughing and soon Taylor joined in. Gasping for breath Gabriella said, "That was priceless! I wish I had my camera!"

Taylor stood up rubbing her bottom. "Well, at least I got you laughing."


"Okay team! That was a good practice! Go hit the showers!"

Troy and Chad were walking into the boy's locker room while trying to think of a way to get rid of Ashley. "Do you think if I pushed her down the stairs I could make it look like an accident?"

Chad put on a thoughtful face. "Only if she hit her head and got amnesia, otherwise she would tell on you and you would get into a lot of trouble."

"Well do you have any ideas?"

"We could just get Sharpay to attack her. In fact, we don't even need to ask her. I bet she'd just love to see that girl burn and die, and she'd love to be the cause of it."

"Yeah, but Zeke would never let her."

"Yeah. We better head to class. Don't want a detention on our first day."

"Well if Ashley isn't there then I'm fine with it."


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