Chap. 9. More Problems.

Monday morning was not a good one for Gabriella. She woke up late which cause total chaos. She took a three minute shower (A/N: something I need to master) and her hair was still soaking wet. She was now running through the kitchen trying to find something she could grab and eat on the way to school. Troy had been outside beeping for the past three minutes. She found a Go-Tart and ran out the door and into the car. When she got in the car all Troy could do was smile.

"What's so funny?"

"You still have some shampoo in your hair."

Gabriella pulled down the sun shad (A/N: I have no flippin clue what it's called! The thing in front of the driver and passenger that if the sun gets in their eye's they can pull it down.) and looked at herself in the mirror. Troy was right. In her black hair you could see some soap suds. She pulled out a brush and started to try and comb them out. She got the majority of it out and flipped her hair up.

Troy looked at her and smiled. "Ruff morning?"

Gabriella heaved a sigh and put her hand on her forehead. "I woke up late and had to take a three minute shower, and I still haven't eaten!" she unwrapped the Go-Tart and took a bite. She closed her eye's and savored the taste, and lent back against the seat. "I don't wanna go to school today. I remembered that our biology essay's were due today so I was up late finishing it."

"How late?"

"Well I actually woke up in the middle of the night and remembered it. I fell asleep at 10, woke up at 12, and finished it at 2, but after that I was hungry so I went downstairs and ate something while watching TV and The Grudge was on so when I went back upstairs I had trouble falling asleep 'cause every time I shut my eyes I saw the girl."

"So you got how much sleep?"

"About 4 hours."

Troy rolled his eyes. "Does that girl really scare you that much?"

"YES! And it's not just her, it's that noise she makes. I have a pipe in the wall of my room that makes that same noise."

"Well Mrs. Darbus won't like it if you fall asleep so I'd wake up more."

Gabriella curled up in her seat. "No! you can't make me!"

Troy pulled into a spot in the school's parking lot. "Oh yes, you must."

Gabriella buried her head in her hands and giggled. "No!"

Troy smiled. "Then I'll just have to wake you up." He leaned over and started tickling her until she was gasping for breaths.

"I'm awake! I'm awake!" Troy stopped and let her catch her breath. When she finally did she punched his arm playfully. "I thought you wanted to wake me up, not kill me from laughing!"

"Well it would be a happy ending."

Gabriella couldn't help but laugh at this. She opened the car door and got out and started walking towards school, her hand laced with Troy's.


Sharpay was back in school, Zeke by her side every moment. The only one's who were missing now were Chad and Taylor. Everyone knew Chad was staying with Taylor until her parents got home, but that was yesterday. Gabriella was worried that something had happened to Taylor.

During free period Gabriella, Sharpay, and Kelsie were in the bathroom calling Taylor on Gabriella's cell phone. On the third ring she picked up.


Gabriella hit speaker phone. "Taylor? It's Gabby, Sharpay, and Kelsie. Are you ok? Did something happen? Do you know why Chad isn't in school?" Gabriella asked with worry edged in her voice.

"Well, can we meet at your house after school, Gabby?"

"Yes! Of course! Come by at 4:00."

"Yeah, we'll be there." There was a click as Taylor hung up.

Gabriella looked at Sharpay and Kelsie who had the same confused expressions on their face's. "I wonder what happened."

Sharpay shrugged. "I don't know, but we'll find out at 4."


The girls had told the guys what was happening and right now they were heading over to Gabby's. The Guys were just as confused as the girls were about what was up. Chad hadn't said anything to them. Chad and Taylor arrived a few minutes after everyone else. They now sat in dead silence in Gabby's living room.

"Taylor… what happened?" Kelsie asked in a small voice.

Taylor, who looked to be on the verge of tears, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Well as everyone knows my parents came home today. Chad and I told them about me and… and…"

"Her dad started yelling and flipping out and smacked her across the face. I was scared he might hurt her or the babies so I got her out of there as fast as I could. We were at my house when you called. My parents know about it already and said they would help us through out her pregnancy." Chad finished.

Everyone sat there staring at them with their mouths hanging open. Finally Sharpay asked, "What about your mom?"

"She didn't really say anything. She just stared. I think she was just in shock."

Everyone nodded and then it was silent again. Gabriella looked around at everyone. They were all staring at Taylor and Chad with pity in their eyes. It's not every day your friend gets beat then runs away all because she's pregnant. Gabriella excused herself to go get drinks for everyone. When she came back everyone was talking and Taylor was actually smiling.

After about an hour Chad and Taylor went home. Everyone sat in Gabriella's living room in silence for awhile, all lost in their own thoughts. Finally Gabriella spoke. "I… I can't believe her dad would do that."

"Yeah. I thought he was always a nice, understanding guy. I mean, he is a therapist." Troy said mournfully.

Everyone talked for awhile longer then went home, except Troy. He stayed until about 9:00, then left to go home. When he got there he got online.

Hoopsboy86 has just signed on.

BballPlayer4life: hey Jason sup?

Hoopsboy86: hey troy n2m, u?

Scriptwriter336 has just signed on.

Scriptwriter336: hey guys

Hoopsboy86: hey baby

BballPlayer4life: hey kels

Scriptwriter336: i hope taylors alright

Whizkid29 has just signed on.

Whizkid29: hi guys wats up?

BballPlayer4life: hey babe

Hoopsboy86: hey gabs

Scriptwriter336: hi n2m we were just tlkin bout taylor

Whizkid29: o. i hope shes alright

Scriptwriter336: i think we should call, just to make sure

BballPlayer4life: theyre prolly fine. wait until tomorrow and if chad isn't in skool then we can call them

Hoopsboy86: sounds like a plan, but I g2g ttyl

Scriptwriter336: kk ly bi

BballPlayer4life: cya man

Whizkid29: bye

Hoopsboy86 has signed off at 9:54:32 P.M.

BballPlayer4life: well im gonna go finish my homework cya ly gabby

Whizkid29: ly2 bye

Scriptwriter336: bi

Troy signed off and lay back on his bed. Life right now was so hectic. Two of his best friends pregnant and one of them was hiding from her father. He hoped everything would be alright. That Taylor's dad would see that he has no control over this situation and to support his daughter. He hoped that nothing bad happened to either girls or their baby's. He hoped that Ashley and Katie would leave the country because, as much as he hated them, he didn't want two of his best friends in jail for murder. Most of all, he hoped that no matter what, everyone would remain friends.


Chad was at school the next day and told everyone that his mom was taking care of Taylor and that her parents were coming over that night to talk.

Right now Troy, Chad, and Jason sat in Mrs. Sambler's math class, bored to death. While she was talking about some math things (A/N: math's not really mi subject!) Chad wrote a note to Troy and Jason, balled it up, and threw it at them. Jason and Troy shared a table while Chad sat across from them next to a girl named Kylie Roberts in the back row. Troy opened it and read as Jason leaned over his shoulder.

Math sux! Im never gonna use it if I marry taylor! I mean, whose gonna care if 4 x 6 23!

Troy laughed quietly to himself and wrote back. He balled it up and while the teachers back was turned he threw it at him. Chad opened it and read.

Well a lot of people will care if 4 x 6 23 because we all thought it equaled 24. but u would know o great math king. And don't blame it on the subject, the teacher sux too. She just goes on and on and on and on.

Chad glared at Troy and wrote back and this time Jason got it.

Oh haha. I hate math! I didn't get it in kindergarden and I don't get it now! But you're right, Mrs. Sambler? More like Mrs. Rambler!

Jason smiled and wrote back.

I know! She doesn't even know that half of us aren't even listening!

Jason balled it up and threw it, but this time Mrs. Sambler was there and caught it. She looked at all three boys with a cross look on her face. "See me after class." And with that she walked back to the front of the room.


After class Chad, Troy, and Jason stayed after to listen to Mrs. Sambler yell at them. They got detention for the rest of the week. Once they left the room they started cracking up until they realized that their parents had to sign a paper that would tell them why they had detention.


Sharpay, Kelsie, and Gabriella were in the bathroom after last period. Sharpay was turned to the side looking at herself in the mirror. "How do you think I'll look in, oh, I don't know, four months?"

Gabriella looked at Sharpay. "Big , but Taylor will be bigger since she's having twins."

"I feel so bad for her and all that's happening to her." Said Kelsie looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Sharpay applied some lip gloss then said, "She's not the only pregnant one you know."

"Yeah, but your parents are understanding."

Sharpay laughed. "Understanding! Do you know what they said to me when they found out? Do you know how long it took for them to stop looking at me with disappointment?"

Gabriella picked up her bags and turned towards the door. "Yeah well come on, we've got to meet the guys outside."

When they had left someone came out of the stall. "Did you hear that Ashley?"

Ashley came out of another stall. "Yes I did Katie. It seems we have some very special news to tell everyone." They laughed and left the bathroom planning Sharpay and Taylor's downfall.


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