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Blonda was beautiful. She had golden hair that flowed down her back. Eyes that perfected, and made it look like she invented the 'come hither' look. Her body was slim, with a slight curve to it. Her smile sparkled, and caught the attention of every male in the room. The females just stared with envy and jealousy at her, as she gracefully walked by. She was like a real-life model; the catwalk, the perfect hair flip. She could make any male fairy fall to his knees, worshipping the ground she walked on and kiss her feet. She knew how to put together the perfect outfit, one that would make any girl look like a drop-dead knockout. She perfected the art of applying make-up without making it look too obvious. It was a definite observation: Blonda was a true preppy woman.

But Blonda was still jealous.

It was known that her twin sister, Wanda, was somehow less hot than her. Less talented. Less… well, Blonda was just all-round better than Wanda. Or so many people had told her.

Still, Wanda was the one who graduated with honours. Wanda was the one who had a successful career in god parenting, and is especially known for her looking after one of the most troublesome children of all – Timmy Turner. Wanda was the one with the husband who loved her so much, that he announced that he would die for her on their wedding day. Wanda was the one who, after almost ten thousand years of trying, with the pair of twins in her. Despite what everyone had ever told her, none of it seemed to hold a candle to what her twin sister had.

So what?

That was the line Blonda fed herself night after night. So what? So what if Wanda had everything that Blonda ever wanted? So what if Wanda graduated with honours? Blonda was hotter. So what if Wanda had a successful career helping unfortunate kids? Blonda had absorbing eyes. So what if Wanda had a husband, who loved her more than life itself? Blonda had a killer body, and she could get any guy she wanted. So what if Wanda was about to become the mother of twins? Blonda had an amazing style, and the voice of an angel.

There were some nights, Blonda cried herself to sleep because of the thoughts eating away her soul. She often resorted to anger, and took out her self-hatred on her sister. Why should she be happy? If Blonda couldn't be happy, then no one was going to be happy. Hence the reason why she couldn't be in the same room as Wanda; she couldn't stop her words from slapping Wanda in the face. Which explained why Wanda hated Blonda so much.

But that was then, and this is now. Now, a strong arm is wrapped around her slim waist, pulling her closer to his washboard stomach. Her enchanting eyes are sparkling with love, and her straight blonde hair is bunched up where she's leaning her head on his shoulder. Her smile is brighter than ever, as she leans over, laughing, and places her hand gently over top of her twin sister's stomach, and feels a gentle kick through it. Her smile widens, as she turns to her own husband, who loves her more than anything in the world, including his washboard abs – Juandissimo Magnifico. And now she feeds herself a different line when she goes to bed at night, with her husband's arms wrapped her tightly.

That's gonna be me someday.