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After about two hours of pure silence and bliss, the door to the house was thrown open and Lindsey ran through the doorway, throwing her bag down on the floor of the entryway and running into the living room.

"Mom!" Lindsey called. "Where's--" And then she noticed Sara was there, lying on the couch and twitching slightly as she woke up. "Mom!" Lindsey yelled.

Catherine sighed, walking into the living room. "What is it, Lindsey?"

"Sara's here!"

"I know she is."

"Why is she here?"

"She's a little injured, she's just going to stay with us for a little while she rest up until she feels better."

Catherine cringed as a loud squeaky scream emitted from her daughter and watched as she ran over to Sara and wrapped her tiny arms around her neck. Sara cracked an eye open, smiling at the small blonde in front of her. "Hey kiddo."

"Hi!" Lindsey said, allowing Sara to lift her into her lap as she sat up. Lindsey smiled up at her, wrapping her arms around her own and squeezing tightly. Sara winced involuntarily, hoping that the little girl wouldn't see. Lindsey quickly let go. "Did I hurt you?" she asked quickly.

Sara smiled. "No, it's alright," she told her.

"What happened?"

Sara looked at Lindsey and then at Catherine. She laughed a little bit. "Well...um..it's a long story, so maybe we can tell you later," Sara said.

Lindsey nodded. "I don't like long stories, they're boring!"

Sara laughed. "Well, what would you like to do, Lindsey?"

Lindsey thought for a minute. Catherine grimaced. This was it. Those single words pouring from Sara's mouth were a death sentence. The second she finished her question Catherine knew her friend was not going to get a moment's peace now.

"I'll be right back!" Lindsey said happily, jumping off of her lap and running down the hallway. Sara couldn't help but laugh at the girl's energy and enthusiasm.

"You're not going to get a moment's peace," Catherine whispered.

Sara smiled up at her. "I know."

This brought a smile to Catherine's face. As soon as Lindsey came back with some things from her room, Sara lifted her back onto the couch so that she sat next to her. Lindsey had brought her dolls and accesories from her room and handed her one.

"Here, this is yours," Lindsey told her. She picked up another doll. "Okay, you see, these two are best friends." Sara listened to her talk about the dolls as if they were real people, playing out an entire scenario- it actually sounded like a soap opera.

Catherine smiled as she watched the two play together, but she couldn't help but feel a wave of sadness hit her. She thought about it for a minute- she doubted Sara had many nice things or dolls to play with when she was younger. The image of a tiny Sara sitting in the corner of the room with a torn teddy bear entered her mind, bringing tears to her eyes.

"Mommy!" Lindsey called.

Catherine blinked, turning to look at Lindsey and Sara sitting on the floor now holding the dolls in their hands. "What, Linds?" she asked, trying to keep the tears from falling.''

"Come play with us! We need someone to play the evil twin brother!"

Catherine laughed a little. "Why do I have to be the evil twin brother?"

"Because!" Lindsey said.

Sara laughed, patting the floor next to her. "Come on, Cath! This is getting interesting!"

Catherine laughed, walking over to the two and sitting down beside them. Lindsey handed her one of the dolls.

"Now you see..." Lindsey started. "Adolfo's evil twin brother Roldolfo is actually seeing Adolfo's girlfriend."

Catherine blinked- did her daughter just say that? "Wow, Linds..that's...quite a scenario."

"I'm not finished yet!" Lindsey whined. Sara laughed as she looked over at Catherine who only gave her a confused look. She cleared her throat, "Okay, so," she said. "Where was I before I was rudely interrupted?" Sara laughed again as Catherine shot her a look. Before they could say anything, Lindsey continued, "Oh, yes, Rodolfo! He is secretly seeing Jenna, Adolfo's girlfriend, but he doesn't know it! Nor does his girlfriend Julia!"

Catherine raised an eyebrow. "So..." she said. "I'm Rodolfo..."

Lindsey nodded. "Precisely!" Sara laughed again. "So.." she said. "I am Adolfo," she said. "And..." She turned around to look for the other dolls. "I'm also Julia! Sara is Jenna!"

Catherine looked over at Sara, smiling a bit. "Congratulations, Jenna."

Sara giggled. "Thank you, Rodolfo."

Lindsey laughed before saying, "Okay! Let's start!"

For the next few hours, Sara, Lindsey, and Catherine were playing with the dolls. Catherine was almost afraid for a second- the details into this whole doll story were very accurate...hauntingly accurate. She almost asked where she got the idea for the story but she decided against it. She didn't want to ruin the good time they were all having.

"Okay!" Lindsey said. "To be continued!" She quickly got up off of the floor and ran into her bedroom. "I'm going to go get that movie!" she called before disappearing into her room.

Sara laughed, turning to look at Catherine. "She's so energetic."

Catherine sighed, taking a seat down next to her. With a smile, she said, "This is nothing."

Sara laughed again. "Oh, I needed to ask you," she started. "How did she get the scenario for that doll thing? That was so..."

"Believable?" Catherine finished. "Yeah, I thought so too. I think Lindsey's been watching Grandma's soaps again." Sara laughed again. Catherine smiled. She loved to see her laugh, it brought a smile to her face, and it made her feel good, especially because she didn't see Sara laugh that often.

"I'm back!" Lindsey yelled, running into the living room. "Did you miss me?" she asked with a smile.

Sara smiled, pulling her onto the couch by her. "Yes we did."

Lindsey smiled and tossed the DVD case she grabbed from her room to Catherine. "Put it on, Mommy!"

Catherine pouted. "Why do I have to put it on?"

"Because you're the mom!" Lindsey said.

Sara giggled and Lindsey joined in as Catherine walked over to the DVD player and put the movie in. Turning the TV on, she walked back to the couch. "Alright you two, stop laughing or I'll have to turn the TV off."

Lindsey just laughed harder, holding on tightly to Sara's arm. Sara started laughing harder too- the little girl's laugh must've hit something in both of the older women because very soon they all started laughing, completely forgetting about the movie.

Eventually, Sara had fallen asleep on the couch. Lindsey looked over at Catherine. "Mommy.." she whispered. "Sara's asleep."

Catherine nodded. "I know she is," she whispered back. "Why don't I take you to bed now?"

Lindsey nodded and got off of the couch tiredly, but not before hugging Sara again tightly. Lindsey smiled and walked over to Catherine. She lifted her into her arms, and kissed her daughter's lower neck, somewhere she knew she was ticklish.

Lindsey let out a squeaky giggle. "Mommy!" she said quietly.

"Lindsey!" Catherine said with a smile as she carried her to her bedroom. She set her down on her twin bed, pulling the pink sheets and comfortable over her and tucking her in tightly. Lindsey grabbed her stuffed pink unicorn and squeezed it tightly as she layed down on her pillow. "Mommy," Lindsey whispered.

"What?" Catherine whispered back.

"Can you tell me a story?" she asked.

Catherine thought for a minute and then smiled, sitting down in the little chair Lindsey had in her room that went to a set of a table and chairs that she knew Lindsey colored on and had tea parties on. "Sure," Catherine said. Pulling the chair closer to her bed, Lindsey snuggled closer, squeezing the unicorn tightly.

"Once apon a time," Catherine started, still talking in a whisper so as not to disturb Sara in the other room. "There was a princess. She was beautiful. She had long brown hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes anyone had ever seen. She was so beautiful that even the sun himself looked down apon her. Her smile could calm storms," Catherine told her, softly rubbing the small hand she held in her own.

"The one thing that no one knew..." Catherine whispered. "Was that her father, the King, hurt his wife the Queen and his daughter, the princess. They never told anybody," she said.

"Why wouldn't they tell anybody?" Lindsey asked.

"They were scared. The King ruled the kingdom, they didn't have as much power as he did," Catherine whispered. "Things went on the same way for a few years, until the kingdom was having their yearly grand ball. The princess was finally old enough to attend."

"Did she have a pretty dress?" Lindsey asked.

Catherine smiled. "She had a beautiful dress. It was made of the finest silk in the land, and she had a tiara to go with it."

"What did it look like?" Lindsey asked.

"It was pure silver and covered in diamonds," Catherine told her. She watched as her daughter tried to picture the fictional tiara in her mind and smiled. "At the ball, she went to greet the guests. As she was greeting them, she spotted a prince from one of the other kingdoms."

Lindsey smiled. "Was he cute?"

Catherine smiled. "He was the most handsome man the princess had ever seen. He walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to dance. She agreed and they started dancing and talking together. But this did not go over well with her father," she whispered. "The King was furious, and he tried to hurt the princess."

"In front of all those people?" Lindsey asked, a hint of surprise in her voice.

Catherine nodded. "So the prince stood up to the King. He wasn't going to let him hurt the princess. The Queen joined the prince and pretty soon the entire kingdom had stood up against the King himself."

"What happened?" she whispered.

"The Queen became the ruler of the kingdom, and the King was thrown in the dungeon," she told her.

"For a long time?" Lindsey asked.

"For a very long time," she said with a smile. "And the princess moved away with the prince and they started a kingdom of their own. And they all lived happily ever after."

"Except for the King," Lindsey corrected.

Catherine laughed. "That's right."

Lindsey smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek before laying back down on her pillow. "Thanks, Mommy. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, baby," Catherine said with a smile, planting a kiss on the back of her head. "Love you."

"Love you too," Lindsey whispered.

Catherine smiled, walking out of Lindsey's room and into the living room. Finding Sara still asleep on the couch, she smiled as she took a seat next to her in a recliner. She folded her hands over one another and whispered with a smile, "And they all lived happily ever after."

The End