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Fairy Tale Love Story 2 First

Shite and company walked along the forest path that lead to Mystical Curse Lifting Spring. Trode had ordered everyone to come here every once in a while but the party was happy to do it anyway.

Medea trotted to the water's edge, drank from the spring and returned to human form.

" Thank you all for letting me come here again." The humble princess said.

" It was no trouble at all for a lovely lady such as yourself." Angel replied with his charming smile. He jumped in the air as a jolt of electricity hit his foot. He turned to glare at Shite who was whistling innocently.

Medea giggled. " Father, Jessica, Yangus, Angelo do you mind leaving for a few minutes?" At this request both Jessica and Angelo whispered in Shite's ear. Medea couldn't hear what they were saying but Shite's face turning red was a good hint of what. Yangus gave his guv a thumbs up and Trode looked like he forgot how to breath.

Once done whispering, Angelo gave Shite a encouraging slap on the back and left with Jessica while Yangus pulled away Trode who was turning blue in the face.

Medea sat on the Spring's edge and motioned for Shite to sit next to her.

" You seem to have mad some great friends on this journey Shite." The Princess remarked.

" Yeah, they're a colorful bunch." Shite said, still a little red.

" I'm glad, you always seemed lonely at the Castle, it was only training for you."Medea continued. " I hope we all stay together after our journey's over."

" I don't think I could get Yangus to leave if I wanted to. He's a lot more loyal and real then some of the posers back at the castle." There was a pause between the two.

" Shite...I have...a request to ask of you." Medea sounded very hesitant and her cheeks were stained pink.

" Yes?"

" Will you kiss me?"

By now Shite had finally gotten his face back to it's normal color, but this request made so much blood rush to his head he almost passed out.

" Princess! Wwwwhy do you ask?" Shite tried to avoid looking Medea in the face as he asked this, for the blush on her cheeks was making her look even cuter and made more blood to rush to his head.

" Well...I...I'm going to marry Charmless, I mean Charmles soon but...I don't want him to be my first kiss. I'd rather it'd be someone I know and care about...like you." When Shite failed to answer she took this as a 'no'.

" It's perfectly understandable if you don't want to!" She said quickly. By now Shite had found his voice.

" No, any guy trade an arm and a leg for a chance to kiss you!" Shite exclaimed. " I just didn't know I was so lucky." Medea giggled again.

" Father always said you were unusually lucky...Well?"

" ...Ok." Medea and Shite scooted closer to each other and leaned in.

The others were, of course, spying on the two.

Angelo was standing straight aganst a tree, Jessica was hiding in the branches of another, Yangus was crouched in some bushes and Trode had passed from lack of air, well actually Yangus knocked him out with a club when the malformed king saw where the conversation was going.

Angelo had suggested it immediately with Yangus and Trode agreeing seconds after. Jessica had initally refused, saying that spying was a breech of social etiquette. But she soon succumb to temptation and was hiding like the others.

' Go for it Guv!' Yangus silently cheered on Shite.

' The Princess and her loyal guard, sharring forrbiden passion by a secluded spring, It's just like a rommance novel!' Jessica thought excitedly.

' Why is it always the quiet, homely ones that get the best girls?' Angelo thought, slipping into a funk.

Back with the LoveBirds

Shite and Medea closed the distance and felt a jolt pass through them as their lips touched. Medea brought her hands to rest around Shite's neck and the hero curled one hand into his princess' hair and the other around her waist. The kiss deepended and Shite pulled Medea into his lap. Medea's long hair fell around Shite's face as the kiss continued and then...

Medea started glowing with gold light and turned back into a horse.

It was enourmous shock for Shite to realize that not only was a horse sitting on him, he was kissing one!

Medea scrambled off of Shite before she crushed him.

Then the three easedroppers fell from their perchs, laughing so hard their sides hurt.

Shite wondered if he would ever get his face back to it's normal color.

When I got this idea I nearly burst from the cutness of it. Hope you like it too. RR