It was happening again.

It had been happening with increasing requency ever since they had rescued that...that...girl! Medea snorted at the low top socress that aws oncea gain walking too close to HER Shite.

Medea had nothing against Jessica personaly and was glad to have her along. Without her magic the travelers would have been monster food countless times. But that did NOT entitle her to be so familar with Shite!

Everything had been fine when she first joined. Shite would walk next to her and talk with her while Jessica helped her father work on the alchemy pot. Medea had been worried at first. After all, Jessica had a pretty face, a nice figure and large...assets while she was stuck in a horse's body. Even as a human she was never that big. It was one of things that made her feel inadequate at court as all the other noble ladies of the Tordian court had so many suitors and none of them paid any attention to her. King Trode constantly assured her it was because she was already engaged to a prince of Argonia and for a while she was assured. But everytime Medea saw a courtier stare at her a momment before smooth talking some other, more impressive damsel, her feelings of inadequatcy returned. It was one of the reasons she feel in love with Shite. He never seemed to care how she looked. Even when she was covered in mud from a prank Shite always looked at her as if she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her nightmares at the castle and on the road were often frequented by some maid and later Jessica giving Shite a 'Come hither' look, and wrapping him around their finger. Shite was the sweetest boy she'd ever meet but he was still human. As things stood she feared Shite would be swayed to Jessica and turn into her boytoy. She shuddered at the thought.

But then Angelo came along and her fears were put to rest. Althought Angelo was something of pervert, he was dashing and handsome and rommantic. He reminded her of the hero in those rommance novels she used to read at the castle before being cursed. Jessica was always arguing with him and seemingly offended at his manners or lack thereof but Medea could tell from experience at court how relationships like these worked. Angelo would admire Jessica's figure and say so with charm. Jessica would blush from anger and shout at him while at the same time feel flattered by the compliment and exhilerated by the anger. As their love-hate relationship progressed Medea let out a sigh of relief, thinking that Shite was safe from Jessica's clucthes.

She started getting nervous when they defeated Doulmagus and she was still trapped in the body of a horse. Her worst nightmare was that the spell would never wear off and Shite would eventually tire of her, marry someone else, have a family and forget all about her. She knew Shite's loyalty would pervent that nightmare from becoming reality and he would always stay with her. Even if the spell never wore off, the four of them could start new lives somewhere else, just them. With no big breasted stranger to steal her Shite. But still, in the back of her mind, she was afarid.

And then IT happened.

Jessica was possessed by the staff Doulmagus carreid everywhere and it was Shite, not Angelo who saved her. Medea could still picture if she closed her eyes. She was feeding at the Inn's stables when she heard the commotion and ran to see if Shite was ok. She arrived in time to see the climax of the battle. Energy was radiating in the room and causing a storm asthe magical power swirled around the possessed Jessica. Yangus and Angelo had been forced tro the far end of the room but Shite had his sword at Jessica's neck. He removed it and instead cried for her to break free of the Sceptor's power. For an istant she did and begged fo Shite to kill her before she killed him. Shite refused and the Sceptor took over again. That;s when the mage came and released Jessica from the spell and she collasped into Shite's arms. Medea thought he was just being a good friend untill she saw how gently he held her and how he was smiling. Then Jessica started walking next to Shite instead of arguing with Angelo at the back of the wagon.

The old fear returned with a vengance. What was once a nightmare was now becoming plausible reality. Something had to be done to save Shite from his own hormones!

One day as the group was resting Shite sat down on a hill to clean his sword and Jessica sat down next to him. To chat. Medea trotted over to their location and snorted loudly at Jessica before laying down between them. Jessica giggled.

" I think Medea is getting protective of you Shite." He blushed and stammered but Medea made no such protests. " Medea, I'm not going to steal Shite. I know he belongs to you." Medea didn;t react untill Shite put an arm around her, she nuzzled against him.

" Princess, me and Jessica are friends. "
" Listen to them my lady." Angelo called. "He is your knight as you are his princess." He smirked. " It the job of the evil sorecress to make them realize it." Jessica glared and grabbed her staff.
" I'll show you evil!" Angelo ducked a fireball and smiled at the pair before running from the evil-I mean angry-Sorcress.

Medea smiled as she rested her head on Shite's lap. Jessica was still chasing Angelo and still throwing fireballs at him, but there was smile on her lips. A real smile. She knew that Jessica would never steal her Shite. More importantly, she knew Shite would never let himself get stolen.

I realized I'd been neglecting this fic and I haven't written fluff recently so I decided to solve both.

We all know Medea is eternally sweet and kind but no one is so sweet and kind that they'll let a stranger steal their man.

Jessica does start getting nicer towards Hero after getting possessed BTW