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Tired and sweaty she pushed back her long dark hair to look down at her reflection in the sea. Her breath was coming in short pants as she tried to get as much oxygen as she could into her burning lungs. She was tired. Her muscles were sore and her lungs were relentlessly burning from lack of oxygen.

She gazed wearily at her exhausted expression. Nothing about her appearance was note worthy compared to how kept she normally was. Busying her lips by sandwiching them together she examined as many new details as her body had to offer her.

What would have normally been silky, free flowing, nearly black hair free flowing around her shoulder blades was now left in an inky, unkempt, sweaty mess that stuck to any and all available skin. While her deep brown eyes that could pierce even the strongest hearts looked drained and simply exhausted. Her high cheekbones were now covered in heavy rouge that looked as though a five year old had found her mother's lipstick and didn't know what to do with it.

There were even some dirt stains on her face and torn school clothes. Don't ask her how those got there, for she truly didn't know.

To be truthful she had seen better days.

However her feeling of vanity was pushed aside as she finally seemed to notice through drained eyes that she was not alone.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she momentarily forgot to breathe, her burning lungs momentarily silenced as even their loud cries were ignored. Her pupils dilated with such surprise that you would have thought that her life was flashing before her eyes.

Her first thought was to scream.

However she was too afraid her voice stubbornly refused to work.

Finally her burning lungs forced her body to consume a much needed breath causing her to gasp rather loudly during this fairly awkward silence. The gasp couldn't have been mistaken for one of awe merely because it sounded like a scuba diver surfacing from forgetting to bring their air tank. Panicked and relieved to have the air.

Once her burning lungs finally seemed satisfied that the danger of fainting was gone, the very real danger of being murdered was only then allowed to spring into her once blissfully empty thoughts.

'Oh shit he found me.'

As if she were drawn like a stubborn moth to a flame her eyes met his through the reflection in the ocean; as much as she tried to pry them away the devilishly handsome light wouldn't let her gaze leave his for even a second.

Nature seemed to quite down for the next couple of seconds only the immediate water touching her fingertips; and the pounding of her fearful heart racing in her chest could be heard to both of their ears.

Once nature seemed to realize the danger was only on her burdened shoulders, faded sounds of animals and plant life in the background gained focus but she was much to scarred to consider their good fortune. Swallowing the hard hockey puck sized lump in her throat she braved her eyes to look away from his, only to realize that she was only starring at the reflection of his eyes from behind her.

Tiredly and fearfully drawn she looked behind her at the silver haired youkai with emotionless golden orbs that were patiently observing like the true predator he was. His golden gaze burned her as she regretfully made real unbreakable eye contact.

Basic instinct set in and she felt the strong urge to flee, but knew that she would only further provoke him.

Instead she braced herself and watched in sick awe as his lips parted to show his pearly white fangs turned upwards in a grin. The image of him sinking those fangs into her flesh momentarily flashed through her mind causing her to sink her teeth into her lower lip in fear and apprehension.

The only emotion coming from him was a death wish, causing her stomach to churn uncomfortably as though to warn her that this stare he was giving her couldn't be good for either of them. She quickly looked away obeying her stomachs almost viper instincts to spit acid into his face and run for all hell. But sadly she couldn't even if she tried.

She would have tried to even get up and possibly run for it again but her legs had officially surrendered. In the back of her mind though, she knew that she could never truly out run him.

She suddenly realized that she was in for a world of trouble for disobeying his order of not to run away from him. Tears sprung into her brown eyes as she did the only thing she could do… yell.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried out, but her words were quickly muffled as Sesshoumaru's hand flew onto her mouth, silencing her for good.

The priestess felt tears leave her eyes, as all the energy seemed to leave her body. She wasn't certain what was happening, but she was suddenly very tired, even more so than before. She let out a muffled cry as she found herself pressed against a very strong muscular chest belonging to the demon lord, who also looked furious.

"I'm tired of you always yelling to that half demon for help." His voice was soft and yet held that certain cold edge to it that promised pain for disobeying him, making the defenseless young woman whimper in fear.

He repositioned his hand to her chin and forced her to look into his deep smoldering eyes, which at the moment burned with unknown emotions that even she wasn't able to name. All she knew was that she wanted to gaze somewhere else.

The dark haired woman tried to look away but she was lost in the deepest depths of them.

She felt like her whole body was going numb and she couldn't snap out of it no matter what she did. Finally her eyelids slid shut and she fell almost completely unconscious into the rest of Sesshoumaru's muscular body.

Shifting his arm he easily maneuvered the petite woman picking her up bridal style with practiced ease all the while summoning his youkai cloud. Efficient as a demon lord always has to be.

Although she no longer held any motor control the cool air of the skies still sent shivers down her spine causing her to remember just what had happened to get her into such a bizarre situation.

Kagome's flashback:


Kagome yelled horrified, but it was already too late, Sesshoumaru had already thrust his sword in and out of Inuyasha's stomach.

As though he were a cat thrown in water he let out a horrific yelp of pain before his lungs flooded with blood. Proceeding to coughing up blood the half demon slid down from the tree he was impaled into and using both hands he grasped onto his wounded stomach.

"Noooo!" Kagome cried at the sight that had greeted her as she had just got back from her time.

Kagome just stood there horrified, surprised, and disbelieving as there silent ally fatally wounded her favorite white fluffy eared companion. Drawing her bow and arrows with practiced ease she aimed at Sesshoumaru's approaching body.

"Why are you doing this Sesshoumaru, I thought we had an allied truce?!" Kagome yelled at him as tears shifting into her hazel eyes.

The demon lord paid little heed to her words as he steadily kept advancing on her. He could have used his demon speed and caught her before she had time to blink but he purposely approached slowly with the grace any feline would be jealous of.

"Stop moving Sesshoumaru or I will fire!" The young woman warned her voice betraying her with unwillingness to fulfill her proposal.

However Kagome had no warning at all. She barely saw a blur of silver as he lunged at her pinning her down onto the cold hard ground. At the same time he knocked her bow and arrows to the side just out of her reach to break any hopes she would have of an easy escape. Before the wind could even completely rush out of her lungs he had her arms pinned above her head with his face barely a couple inches away from hers.

Once Kagome realized what position she was in she immediately didn't like it fore it left her completely at the mercy of her captors will. Still she pushed her fear aside and concentrated on her anger.

"Sesshoumaru, what do you want with me? You traitor." Kagome bit out angrily, brown eyes glaring heatedly at the dog demon.

She felt her breath catch in her throat as he brought his face even closer to hers now barely two inches apart. From this close up, she could see every perfect piece of his face. He was strikingly handsome, she had to admit, but he was just as deadly. Momentarily distracted by her irresistible chance to eye up the handsome demon she almost missed his next words.

"I want you to be my mate of course." His eyes told nothing but the upmost honesty and his refusal to accept 'no' as a possible answer.

Her first instinct was to laugh and pinch herself, and then make some bold remark along the lines of 'only in your dreams fluffy man.' But reality set in, the fading smell of cooper, his arm gripping her wrists so hard that it would possibly cause bruises. His hot breath on his face so close that he could actually kiss her if he wanted to. The tiny clues that her fantasy of this being but a twisted dream from eating too much sugar came flying back to slap her in the face with reality.

The proper and sane reaction kicked in to say she was shocked would have been an understatement. She would have put any water deprived goldfish to shame although she didn't allow herself the indignity of openly gaping at such a strong predator that also had the upper hand.

Still her shock didn't stop her from noticing the strangeness in his aura. A small concealed taint resided deep within his eyes a taint of pure black that shouldn't reside within anyone with a shred of moral conscience. Ignoring his previous statement she concentrated as hard as she knew how to on her powers to try and recognize, label, and even capture the taint.

As quickly as she noticed and reached out to try and capture that taint it disappeared behind the demon lord's eyes, which were still starring at hers with controlled lust and hints of love.

'There's a weird tainted hint to his aura. Which was never there before.'

Now noticing that she might be in danger she let her miko powers spread down into her hands and promptly burned the demon lord who instinctively released his hold on her. Not wasting any time she sprung to her feet, gathered her bow and arrows, and then ran off into the forest towards the well.

"Kagome run!" Inuyasha yelled, having barely observed everything, and yet just now finally regaining his voice for a shrill and obvious statement.

But it was too late; his brother Sesshoumaru was already hunting her down. Inuyasha tried his best to get up, but he along with Sango, Miroku and Kirara were all wounded badly from trying to save her.

"Shippo go get Keade we need help." Inuyasha coughed as he tried to stand up using his sheath as a temporary cane, but failing miserably.

Cursing his weakness, he surrendered to the fact that he would not be able to go after Kagome. He was supposed to protect Kagome and instead had been easily defeated by his hated half-brother.

Shippo nodded from behind his hiding spot then he scampered off as fast as he could, knowing very well that Kagome was in serious danger.

'Kagome' Inuyasha moaned, his wounds hurting even more with each breath he took.

"Sorry I couldn't protect you." With that Inuyasha fell unconscious along with the others.

"Kagome run!" Those were the last words she heard as she bolted through Inuyasha's Forest at top speed.

'Mate? Me? Why?'

Her thoughts were in overdue turmoil as Sesshoumaru's words kept repeating in her head. That didn't stop her from worrying about her friends though. Inuyasha's battered body flashed through her mind and she found herself fisting her small delicately callused hands.

"Oh I hope Inuyasha's alright!" She whispered as she bolted towards the Bone Eater's Well.

She felt like a coward to abandon her friends like this, but she also knew that she was no match for Sesshoumaru.

'Finally' she thought as she came to the clearing.

A sense of relief spread through her body when her eyes landed on the familiar old wooden well that had felt like a second home to her between worlds.

'Thank goodness my legs aren't used to sprinting like this.'

As she came up to the bone eaters well a silver figure raced in front of her at super human speed successfully blocking her intended path. She managed a surprised gasp at the speed but still couldn't stop in time she flew right into Sesshoumaru knocking them both over.

The same momentum caused her bow and her arrows to fly into a tree and shatter much like her chances of getting away. She managed to recover from the wind being knocked out of her pretty quickly but not quick enough because both her arms and legs were pinned underneath him.

"Let me go damn it!" She screamed finding the position more than uncomfortable now that he admitted his feelings towards her.

She let her miko energy slide through her and into any part of Sesshoumaru currently touching her causing a short but concentrated blast to knock him off of her once again. Kagome seized this opportunity to run like hell to anywhere but there.

'Where should I go? Shit my legs can't take much more of this. If only he hadn't blocked my path to the well.' Kagome thought as her eyes started to get blurry from the tears she was trying to blink back while thinking about her friends.

'Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara I hope you guys alright.'

"Don't run away from, me wench!" Sesshoumaru yelled at her barely a block behind her and already hot on her trail.

She was so tired her muscles ached for a hot bath. Therefore she was unwillingly starting to slow down. Her eyes squinting she managed to spot a clearing in the forest.

'Yes I will try to lose him in the… The ocean? Yes he might not be able to catch my scent in there it's my only chance.' Although the thought was pathetic she still clung to it like a beacon of light in the middle of the night.

Kagome now lost feeling in her legs causing them to buckle forcing her to crawl almost dog like to her goal. The ocean. Panting in exhaustion she could feel the ocean touching her finger tips and palms, her gaze now directed in the crystal clear water.

'I'm so tired.' She thought when she finally touched the edge of the ocean. She gazed into her reflection…

Present Time:

Kagome woke up beside Sesshoumaru. She was wrapped up in his fluffy boa and couldn't move because it was also somehow restricting her powers. She looked over at her captor and locked eyes with him, he was grinning. Not just a sideways smirk that one could catch if they really 

looked, no, she wasn't that fortunate to have the option of a mistake. It was a full smile with even a glimmering promise of white fang hidden beneath the almost mistakably friendly smile.

'Crap that's not a good sign.'

She struggled for few seconds but soon realized it was pointless to even bother wasting the physical energy. So she tried a new tactic… Talking it out.

"Sesshoumaru let me go you traitor! Why would you want a worthless human to be your… mate?" Kagome words came out in an undignified rightfully angry mess. So sue her if she wasn't the most distinguished after waking up grouchy after witnessing an ally turn against you.

"Wench I do not answer nor take orders from anyone especially you. You will also never speak to me like that ever again. You got that wench?" Sesshoumaru said coldly placing emphases on the wench to try and give the mortal woman a hint that she was easily disposable if she became a bother.

'If looks could kill I would have been dead a thousand painful times.' She thought as a cold shiver raced its way throughout her entire body. Once again her anger fuelled her emotions as she barked out at him.

"My name is Kagome, Ka-go-me, not wench or anything else you come up with! I learned your name so the least you can do is learn mine!" She yelled at him again this time even angrier now that her drowsiness was completely gone.

'This girl has a lot of nerve speaking to me like that.' Sesshoumaru thought as he glared coldly at her as if judging what to do with his new pet.

"Wench, I will not tolerate such inferior behavior coming from my future mate!" He snarled out while he once again locked eyes with Kagome attempting to force her into another unwanted slumber.

'I can't breathe what's happening to me? Inuyasha, help me.' She reflexably thought as she fell back unconscious.


Shippo panted heavily as he finally made it to Kaedes. Collapsing on the ground he tried to speak but he was to out of breath.

"Keade, Keade!" The young kit managed to get out between gasps.

The old miko quickly set down the herbs she had been working on and rushed towards the little kitsune.

"Shippo. What happened child?" She asked worriedly walking over to try and help the young full demon up.

However Shippo pushed himself up and away from her to try and keep the whole I'm-big-now-and-I-don't-need-to-be-babied-anymore appearance up. Although he barely grew more than three inches in the past few months his maturity was defiantly ten times more advanced than Inuyashas.

"My friends are hurt badly Kaede! Please come quickly." He said urgently his big emerald eyes filled with the concern only an innocent child could possibly master so completely.

Keade nodded then gathered up some bandages, healing herbs, and some medicine that was in a box that Kagome had given her called First Aid Kit then she ran as best as she could to her horse. Crawling up onto the patient muscular steed she regained her balance and urged the horse onwards to follow Shippos impatient pointing from the horses head.

She only hoped that she wasn't too late.