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Chapter 1

The sound of a pool ball sinking into the corner pocket was barely heard over the uncomprehensible noise of the stuffy bar.

"Well, looks like I win." Dean Winchester said while leaning lightly on the pool stick, flashing a trade mark smile at the very unhappy and burly man that stood across the table from him. The dark haired man growled and squeezed the pool stick so hard, Dean thought it might actually snap in two.

He wouldn't put it past this man. The man that stood before him sported a black, sleeveless, leather jacket that barely contained his huge muscle that looked as though they would tear the jacket to shreds with the slightest movement. He wore a black bandana that efficiently covered his head and had a huge tattoo plastered on his right bicep that read "MOM" in bold letters in side of a flaming heart.

"I've had worse…" Dean thought as the large man approached.

Dean straightened automatically, ran his fingers though his hair, and fake smiled. When the man did not pause in his approach he tightened his grip on the stick, fully prepared to use a pool stick as a weapon if needed.

"Hey…" Dean spoke over the blaring music to the gigantic man pounding his way, stealing a quick glance at his brother Sam.

Sam had been sitting absently at a table, like he always had, letting Dean do what he was best at, when he saw the way the man had handled Dean winning. He immediately stood up and absently placed a hand on the knife in his pocket, willing to use it if the man decided to get violent with his brother.

"Now let's just…"

"Don't you think it's a little weird?" the huge man said abruptly cutting Dean off.

The man was only inches away from Dean's face and Dean could clearly see his own reflection on the dark sun glasses the man wore in a bar that was already very dark. He couldn't figure out how the man could even see through those glasses.

"Whatever do you mean?" Dean asked feigning innocence, giving the best "not guilty" look that his brother was famous for.

This clearly angered the man, for Dean could see the flaming heart "MOM" swimming out of the corner of his eye as his muscles flexed and unflexed.

"I mean it just doesn't seem normal that a man loses four games in a row, than suddenly wins when the big money is put out." The man said spit flying from his mouth.

Dean cringed at the ranked breath of the man, which composed of beer and hot wings, and wiped the spittle of his face with a quick movement.

The man remained tight, still only inches away form Dean's face.

"Well." Dean said stepping back a few feet, silently thanking God for the thick smell of smoke that masked the stench of the man's breath.

"I guess I'm just lucky" Dean said smiling softly while continuing to step back. He reached over and stuffed a wad of money in his pocket of his own leather jacket.

"Time for me to leave." Dean thought and gave a quick glance towards his brother.

Sam nodded in comprehension and started making his way to the exit.

"Lucky my ass!" The huge man exclaimed causing that side of the bar to become suddenly quiet.

Everyone drew their attention to the pool table, not wanting to miss a fight that was sure to break out.

Dean, suddenly aware of the attention drawn to him and the man, began to step back further. He knew he could take the man if he really wanted to, but he did not want to draw any more attention to himself. And of course there was the police that always might show up.

"Now, let's calm down and just discuss this like civilized beings." Dean said, completely out of character. He saw the man drop the pool stick and ball up his fist, as he advanced slowly.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dean could make out people also in black leather and bandanas joining their friend in the middle of a now fairly large circle of people.

"Oh great…" Dean muttered to himself. He knew he could take the man, but the man and his five friends he wasn't so sure about.

"I've got to start choosing my people better." Dean thought to himself with a twisted smile. He tightened his grip further on the pool stick, fully aware of the knife concealed in his back pocket, that he wouldn't use unless for an emergency.

He was suddenly aware of another presence beside him.

"Thought you might need some back-up." Sam said, smiling and joining his brother in staring at the man and his "gang".

"Come now, Sammy I was just beginning to have some fun." Dean said watching the man make a sickening crack with his knuckles.

"Maybe you should actually look at the guys you hustle." Sam replied in a low whisper.

"Now what fun would that be?" Dean asked readjusting his hold on the pool stick.

The man started to near with his gang and both brothers tensed immediately.

The man prepared to strike as Dean prepared to counter.

"Hey!" a voice called out. A young blond walked out in between the two men.

"There isn't going to be any fighting tonight ya here?" the woman said.

The two men continued to give icy glares to each other.

"If there is any fighting I'll call the police, and then you'll have them to deal with. You won't be breaking any of my tables tonight will you boys?" she held up a cell phone and put her finger in the button Dean presumed was speed dial for the police station.

Sam suddenly noticed how quiet the bar had become. With the quiet came an eerie feeling that prickled the back of hi s neck.

"WILL YOU?" the woman said again looking at both men intently.

"No." Dean said quickly followed by the other man.

"Well, now that's settled." The waitress said and she scurried back to her post.

The man and Dean continued to stare at each other, both afraid to turn their backs, until the waitress waved her cell phone from a far off corner threateningly at the men.

"I WILL see you later." The man said and stomped out of the bar, not before giving Dean a death glare.

"Well." Sam said leaning on the pool table "will you listen to me now?"

"Why? I got us money and I didn't even have to break an arm to do it!" Dean said and pulled the money out of his pocket.

Sam just shook his shaggy head.

"Let's just get a hotel. You need the rest." Sam said.

"I need the rest? Sam have you even looked at yourself lately? You looked like died, TWICE." Dean said covering up his concern with small humor. The truth was that Dean was very concerned with Sam. The past few weeks Sam had only been getting a few hours of sleep per night and he only ate when Dean practically begged him. Sam was way too skinny to begin with.

Dean didn't know if it was from the nightmares or visions or whatever it was, but he knew if Sam kept this up, it could kill him. The truth was that Dean was scared for Sam's life. Very scared.

Dean followed Sam out into the parking lot.

"So how did you come about choosing that guy any way?" Sam asked, as they crossed the parking lot. with a raised eye brow, just to get on Dean's nerves. It was his job as a little brother to annoy him. A small pain in Sam's head appeared out of no where.

"Shut-up, Sammy."

"Hey… I just wanted to know cause…" Sam stopped abruptly as the small pain started to grow. He lifted a hand to his head.

"Yeah well…" Dean stopped mid sentence as he noticed Sam lagging behind.

The pain in Sam's head grew to an unbearable amount. It ripped though is skull and he didn't even feel both his hands pressing against his head or hear the anguished cry that escaped his lips as he fell to his knees.

As soon as Sam fell to his knees, Dean was at his side.

"Sam? Sammy! Can you hear me? Sam!" Dean felt helpless as Sam continued to grasp his head and cry out in pain. His protective brother instincts were going into overdrive.

Sam's vision was blurred with pain and it seemed as though his whole world was spinning rapidly. He felt as though the burning in his skull was going to consume him. Pictures flashed before his eyes, forcing their way into his skull, and suddenly they began to form images.

Dean hated this. The panic. The unknowing. The pain etched in his brother's face and eyes. At least with bullies and even demons he able to beat the crap out of them later, and make the tears go away. But this new foe that was hurting his brother, he could do nothing to help against.

Dean began to panic as blood began to pour out of Sam's nose. His other visions were never this intense. He grabbed Sam's shoulders as best he could while Sam was in his crouched position.

He tired to restrict the blood flow as best he could.

"Come on Sam!" he said, frustrated at the visions more than his brother.

I seemed like an eternity before Sam stopped screaming and went limp in Dean's arms.

"God Sammy…" Dean said as he looked at his little brother in his arms with dark circles around his eyes and blood staining his shirt. He looked like death.

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