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Chapter 16

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty!" Dean called as Sam opened his bleary eyes and shifted his head from resting against the window of the car to glare at Dean.

Dean gave his best smile as Sam grumbled something that the older hunter decided it was best he didn't hear and shifted his lanky body to stare out the window at the passing trees and houses.

Dean gave one last glance at his brother before returning his eyes to the nearly empty road.

Sam looked better.

Well, a hell of a lot better than he did only two weeks ago.

Dean shifted uncomfortably and rung the steering wheel with his hands as the recent memories flooded into his mind.

That first week in the hospital had been one of the scariest of his life. As soon as they had been rescued, they both had been rushed to the hospital where, much to Dean's dislike, Sam was whisked away as the doctors flooded in to check on him.

Dean didn't remember much after that, only waking to find the most beautiful nurse he had ever seen standing above him; her hair the most beautiful color blonde and her eyes a breathtaking blue.

It was only when the drugs wore off did Dean realize that his nurse was, well... a little less than he imagined.

Helga, as she was called (or "it" in Dean's mind) was a six foot tall woman with a very muscular build, a square jaw and a not so attractive uni-brow that did not do very well to complement her face.

Dean winced at the memory of the nurse. Helga was not the talking type. If fact she barely talked at all; only grumbled every once and awhile. Helga always seemed to wear her hair in a tight bun that sat on her head and stood so erect that it made her appear very threatening.

As soon as all the fog had left Dean's mind and the initial shook of meeting Helga wore off, he immediately called for his brother. Eyes wild and breathing hitched, he attempted several times to get up and look for Sammy till Helga was forced to call her twin brother Franz to sedate him.

Dean glanced at Sam who seemed caught in a world of his own as he watched the blurry images of trees pass by.

Dean eyes ran over the nearly faded bruises on Sam's cheek, anger and worry building up as he did so.

It had scared the hell out of him when Sam's doctor came in his little white hospital room to give him news of his little brother's condition. The doctor had seemed scared and fidgety as if trying to hide behind his large glasses, and for a second, Dean's worst fear came true all over again.

Dean got off easy compared to Sam. A broken leg, concussion, and a few minor bruises were nothing new to the hunter. The doctor had told him that he was lucky.

Dean almost laughed at him; luck would have meant nothing if he had lost Sammy.

The doctor had told him timidly that Sam had a severe concussion, broken ribs, major bruising and on top of that, a pretty bad cold. They were scared that somehow Sam might go into a coma.

But he never did.

"Ya need me to drive?" the voice of Sam cut off Dean's reminiscence.

Dean shot Sam a glare, faltering for a moment at the pure concern held in Sam's big brown eyes.

"Yeah right. Sam I already told you there is no way that you are driving my baby in your condition. You could run her into a tree or kill some innocent cat." Dean said, serious enough for Sam to sigh and turn back to watching trees.

"Whatever, but I'm not the one with the leg cast." he mumbled back, pressing his head hard against the glass in attempt to get comfortable.

Dean smiled and used one hand to pat his cast in an aggravated way. Dean had wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, (partially because Helga was getting a little too friendly) but stayed an extra few day just to make sure Sam was well enough to leave.

It had scared him to death to see his little brother, deathly pale, with bandages wrapped tightly around his head, figure still on a white hospital bead. And as much as he dreaded seeing Helga, he loved his brother more and decided another week wouldn't hurt.

It also helped that Sam's nurse was a very hot brunette named Veronica, who blushed and giggled every time Dean flashed her a smile.

In the end, it was Sam who urged Dean to leave, more than tired of the constant flirting going on between the two.

Sam had insisted on driving, but Dean immediately shoved off his suggestion, claiming that he could drive with one leg.

Dean smiled at that thought. He might be breaking a few laws by driving with a leg cast, and it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but the older hunter had suffered from severe with drawls in the time that he was away from his precious car.

"You are now leaving Leeridge, Michigan." Sam read off of a neat little sign placed on the side of the road. The friendly atmosphere portrayed by the small sign did nothing to stop Dean from grinding his teeth, an exhaling loudly with relief when they passed the invisible line that contained them in the town.

Dean glanced at Sam and cleared his throat as an eerie silence settled over the car. He knew he had to ask the question; the same question that he had wanted to ask for the past two weeks, but couldn't find the opportunity to.

Partially because Sam had visibly withdrawn after the incident; not talking as much and always harboring a concerned look on his face. And Partially because Dean was afraid that he already knew the answer.

The older hunter cleared his throat again and shifted uncomfortably, giving Sam another glance.

He really sucked at this 'heart to heart' crap; that was more of Sammy's thing. Dean was more of a 'tell me now or I'll blow your head off and send your carcass to hell' sort of talker.

But he knew Sam would never talk about it on his own, so he wold have to ask...

He made one more uncomfortable throat clearing as a fair warning to Sam that he was going to say something he really didn't want to before starting.

"So..." Dean started, glancing at Sam in the most nonchalant way he could.

After an uncomfortable pause, Dean continued.

"What happened back there?" he asked in a rough voice, trying to hide his concern.

Sam slowly turned his head to Dean and raised a confused eyebrow at him.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, trying his best to avoid the subject.

Dean sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. Sam wasn't going to make this easy for him...

"You know...when we were in that room and Katharine was..." Dean stretched out his hand, willing Sam to fill in the blank.

Sam bit his lip, eyes clear of Dean's stare, and readjusted himself in his seat.

"Nothing..." he said softly, hoping that somehow, Dean would let it go at just that.

Dean sighed and squeezed the steering wheel in attempt to not wack his brother over the head. Sam was lying, Dean knew he was lying, and Sam knew that Dean knew he was lying, so why couldn't he just tell the truth.

"So you're telling me that the whole 'mini hurricane' thing and you..." Dean gulped as horrible memories flooded his mind.

"And you...coming back to life...was nothing?" Dean asked a little harder than he intended.

Sam adverted Dean's gaze again, taking a deep breath. Another awkward pause filled the car as Sam struggled with what to say.

"It was Rob." Sam said softly, turning his head back out to the road.

Dean wrung the steering wheel with his hands again.

Thousand one, thousand two...

He knew it was hard for Sam to say what happened, but not telling the whole truth wasn't helping. He was holding back something, and Dean's concern for his brother was enough to cut his patience in half.

"It was all Rob and nothing else?" Dean asked, staring down Sam, his voice hard and flowing with doubt.

Sam didn't answer, but instead, pressed his head up against the window harder, eyebrows furrowed.

Dean sighed loudly and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. Sam was not being reasonable. Enough of the 'heart to heart' I'm taking out the guns.

The older hunter ground his teeth in frustration and pulled over sharply to the side of the road, stopping the car and turning sharply to Sam.

"Cut the crap Sammy. I know you're lying. You've been hiding something from me ever since that night. If you're not going to tell me, I can't help you! So just stop lying to me and tell me the truth for once!" Dean yelled, venting not so much the anger he had been holding in, but the concern for Sam's well-being.

Sam's huge brown eyes were so wide and sorrowful that it broke Dean's heart to look at him.

The young hunter's eyes suddenly flashed with anger.

"What do you want me to say? That I brought down that building with my mind! Well here it is: I freakin' brought down that house with my mind! I killed Katherine and that man!"

Sam was on the verge of tears now, his eyes sad and pleading.

"And I could have killed you, Dean." Sam said, voice weak and nearly trembling. His eyes fell to the floor of the car, unable to look at Dean face to face.

Dean was speechless.

He sat in the car, wide-eyed and staring at Sam.

"I'm scared Dean." Sam said softly and slowly pulled his eyes up to meet Dean's.

"I don't know what to do...I don't want to hurt anyone..."

Dean protective instincts immediately kicked in at this statement. He studied Sam for a moment before placing a supportive hand on his shoulder, both brother's locking eyes.

"I promise, we are going to figure this out together." He said in a confidant tone, leaving no room for argument, his eyes intense and comforting.

Immediately feeling comforted, Sam offered a weak smile.

"You just can't keep shutting me out. OK?" Dean asked, voice unusually soft and soothing for Sam to hear.

"OK." Sam replied, shaking his head and sucking in the tears that never fell.

"Good." Dean affirmed and gave one more hard reassuring squeeze to Sam's shoulder before starting up the car and returning to the road.

Sam placed his head back in the familiar position against the glass and smiled. Dean always had a way of making him feel better, ever since they were little; Dean was always there for him; comforting and soothing in a way no one else could.

No matter what Dean would always be there for Sam, and in that moment, Sam decided that he would always be there for Dean. He wouldn't leave again. He needed Dean and Dean needed him and it would always be that way.

"And besides, you could never take me anyway." Dean added, flashing another comforting smile to Sam.

The younger hunter smiled lopsidedly and chose not to respond as he retured his gaze to the road.

Little did Sam know that he was thinking the exact same thing that Dean was:

They would both get through this together.


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