Genfic for the lovely Amberthefool, who wrote me awesome Godric Salazar, and who also wins everything. 3

He watches her.

He has for so long now; weeks, maybe months. He isn't certain anymore, time has become so fluid and confusing of late, with so many new things to taste and touch and hear and feel. Time moves quickly around her, as though she drags it forward through sheer force of will, and he cannot help but be swept up with the tide. He doesn't mind, he likes how it keeps his mind from dwelling too long on the life he left behind. He likes how her voice chases away the echoes of his father.

He still remembers clearly the first time he saw her, her shining dark hair catching his eye as she strode purposefully into Knockturn Alley. He had followed her, intrigued by this woman who could hold her head so high even as she wandered into the seedy underbelly of wizarding London.

And now, even as they are led to trial, her head is held high.

He cannot look away.