Trapped, in a Box

"Do you really have to go so soon?"

Sota, Kagome's brother, whined. Kagome sighed.

"Believe I do. Inuyasha should be here soon, so I'll leave when he comes," she said with a smile. Sota pouted. "I'll miss you too, but I'll be back soon! Just as soon as the Sacred Jewel is complete." In her head, she added, 'and Naraku's dead.'

"K, sis! Be careful!" Sota exclaimed. She smiled and turned to her mother, who held a gift for her.

"All right Kagome. Here, I got you something. You did say that you were running low on first aid supplies," Kagome's mother said, passing the gift to Kagome. Kagome smiled and unwrapped the cloth covering the present. It was a whole new kit!

"Thank you mother!" Kagome exclaimed, hugging her mother. The door front door slid as a half-demon walked through. "Got to go! I'll see you all soon. Say bye for me to Grandfather!"

Kagome raced past Inuyasha, who wasn't too far behind. Leaping over the well, they fell freely down and onto the past.

With a quick leap, Inuyasha had himself and Kagome up on land in seconds.

"Wench! You knew you had to return, were all ready, and then MADE me come get you! You realize how much time that wasted!" Inuyasha snapped at the woman before him.

"Oh, reeee-lax," she emphasized. "It's not like I stayed an entire extra day, now is it?"

"That isn't the point. You are such an idiot! You purposely made me come! I'm not your little puppy!" Inuyasha snapped. Kagome reached up and grabbed an ear. She tugged it lightly with a smile.

"But you are!" She laughed. That only fuelled his rage. He quickly pushed her away, but harshly, and she released his ear to look at him concerned. "Look, I'm sorry if I angered you, but if I come back before hand, you'll still yell at me. Or argue."

"You can't predict what I do and say! I have no order, no pattern. I can shock you, like this!" He suddenly pushed her harsher away, making her stumbled to the ground. She stared up at him with much question.

"What did you do that for?" Kagome asked, her voice wavering.

"To prove you do not have any proof of me being in order. I am unpredictable!" He exclaimed. Kagome glared up and him and quickly rose to her feet.

"You are not predictable. Truth is, your brother is, but not you, Inuyasha!" She barked and spun on her heel, facing the way to the village. She began stomping her way to the village before pausing. "SIT!"

The minute she uttered the word, she went full blast to her left. She had not idea where she was going, but she wanted to be as far away from Inuyasha as possible. She no longer wanted to be near Inuyasha. He always yelled at her, for absolutely no reason. She did have a point; he yelled at her if she came back early, and yelled if she came late. She could not win with that guy.

Suddenly, it seemed the ground disappeared. She stumbled to step on something, but she had stumbled onto a trap. And below it were millions of ten feet long spikes!

Kagome scrambled, quickly thinking. As she quickly fell, she saw a vine. She grasped it tightly, and hung, inches from a tall spike. She sighed and looked up. She could shimmy up, but the vine wasn't the best type of rope. The vine swung dangerously as she gazed up the hole. What mess did she get herself into this time?

Movement was heard from above Kagome and her eyes lit up. Just her luck! Someone was coming to save her!

"Hello! You, up there! I'm here! HELP!" Kagome screamed. Someone showed up and Kagome sighed with a smile. "Hey, can you help me up? I need some assistance if you don't mind. Kind of got myself into this trap. Could you help?"

The person smiled, positioned at the perfect place that the shadows fell to hide their face. But, if this person helped her up, she didn't care if they were a bloody demon! Well, yeah, she kind of did...

The person took hold of the vine and started pulling Kagome up. She sighed and smiled. Well, even if this person was a demon, if they wanted her dead, they wouldn't have helped.

As she reached the rim of the hole, she began pulling herself up on land. But the person pulled her up. She stumbled to her feet and smiled.

"Oh, thank you so much! I thought I was going to die!" Kagome sighed. She turned and was about to head the opposite way, when she realized they still had her hand in theirs. Slowly, she turned to see this person's face, and saw a very toothy, evil smile emerged. Also, that person's hand was raised. Next thing that happened, Kagome's world went black as she fell to the ground. This person, who had saved her from death, had knocked her out with two fingers.