Golden Sun: Guardians of Radiance and Twilight

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Prplogue: The Broken Seals

Peace had returned to the world of Weyard. The seal on the Four Elemental Lighthouses were released, restoring alchemy to the world and thus leading it to the path of regeneration. The 8 heroes who were responsible for this achievement had went their own ways after the Golden Sun had risen in Vale, although it took the village down at the same time, and were enjoying a well-earned respite for about 3 months now.

Felix, Isaac, Jenna, and Garet were hard at work helping with the reconstruction of Vale. Ivan had gone to live with his sister, Master Hama, in the place they were born, Contigo. Mia had returned to Imil, while Piers sailed all the way back to the hidden city of Lemuria, and Sheba went back to Lalivero.

For once, life was peaceful. Returning everything to normal might take some time and be difficult, but everyone believed that everything would work out just fine. They had no idea what the rising of the Golden Sun also meant, besides unleashing alchemy back into the world. The unresolved conflict between two great powers, was about to resume...


The Suhalla Desert was the same as ever, barren and engulfed in great tornadoes. The cause behind these fierce tempests were actually monstrous lizards, which could only be approached by dousing with water. All of the sudden, the winds stopped. Everything went silent, all activities ceased. In fact, had someone from the nearby town of Lalivero been around the entrance to the desert, he might've been able to hear his own footsteps echoing throughout the unnatural silence.

Then, as abruptly it came, the eerie silence was replaced by a tremendous quake engulfed the region. The ground began to form a hole at one point, then from there the earth cracked and split until a huge, empty space stood in the middle of the desert. What came next was even more stunning. From the seemingly bottomless crater, something began to rise. The ground shook lightly, then the tremor returned once again. A blinding red-gold light erupted and formed a gigantic pillar.

Sheba was absolutely startled at the sudden tectonic activity. At first, when she felt a disturbance in the desert's air, she suspected something must be going on, but she did not expect it to be anything so potentially disastrous! However, being the curious lass she was, she quickly slipped out of the village while it was in panic and the people were all ducking for cover, too busy to notice the lone, slim figure.

The young Jupiter Adept approached the glowing beam cautiously. For some reason, this pillar of reddish-golden light reminded her of something. Then she had it. It looked very similar to one of the elemental lighthouses she and her companions had been to in their journey. Completely bewildered, she increased her pace towards the huge infastructure, from which the glow was beginning to fade, revealing a grand, towering building, in the color of the burning sun. As she got closer to it, Sheba noticed that the air began to feel different. It was almost as if something was oppressing her, trying to crush her as if she was some sort of insignificant insect. Struggling against the strange force, she finally reached the base of the tower. Indeed, it greatly resembled the elemental lighthouses, except the fact that it was more pointy at the top, making it look like a spire of sort. Although the glow was gone, there was still a faint red aura surrounding the tower.

'Now where could this have come from?' Sheba wondered as she looked up in awe. Now she could clearly feel the great power emanating from within it. It was an unfamiliar power, yet at the same time, it reminded her of Felix, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna. For some reason, the tower itself seemed to be radiating with their presence. Sheba pondered for a moment, 'I suppose this tower has something to do with Venus and Mars... That would explain this presence I'm feeling right now.'

Then, before she could even take one step, the tower was once again engulfed in the red-golden aura and literally dissolved into thin air. The ground itself had returned to normal, the hole was gone, as if nothing had happened. Flabbergasted, Sheba looked around wildly, astounded even more than she had been just a few moments ago. Then, she realized the presence remained. She quickly turned to find a strange sight.

"Why is the Golden Sun here!"

There it was, right in front of her, the great, glowing orb of golden light, just as she remembered it back in Vale. But how could this be? This shouldn't be here, it should be back at Vale, where the Sol Sanctum lies. Before Sheba could process another thought in her mind, another event took place yet again. The Golden Sun look-a-like slowly rose up into the sky, then shot off towards Mount Aleph. Completely dumbfounded, she simply stood there for a while. Then she was dashing back to the village and had begun to pack, intent on getting to Vale as soon as possible.


About that same instance, Piers was dealing with his own problem. A bluish-silver tower had suddenly shot up in the middle of the Oriental Sea when he was sailing by. Before he could direct his ship in order to get a better look at it, the whole thing vanished without a trace, leaving behind a silvery orb that was similar to the Golden Sun, yet instead of the golden warmth, it held a silvery cool to it. From it, he could feel the familiar presence of Ivan, Sheba, Mia, and himself. Then, in a blink of an eye, that orb too, had shot up into the air and flew off towards Tundaria, in the southern edge of the world.

The moment he returned to Lemuria, the young (or not so young) man began to prepare for what he predicted to be another long journey. However, his destination was not south, where the orb had disappeared. He planned on heading north, towards Vale. His former companions HAD to hear about this immediately. If they didn't know already, that is.

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