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Chapter 3: The Guardians

"Isaac, stop pacing back and forth like that, you're going to drive all of us crazy!" Jenna said in a slightly irritated tone.

Isaac had been constantly moving around for a good deal of time now. It has been nearly a month since the other four adepts had left for Tundaria. Since all they were supposed to be doing was investigate, the journey shouldn't have taken more than 2 weeks at the most on Piers' ship. The young Venus Adept couldn't help but remember the time when his four friends had parted from Vale. He had that nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen. Now he was certain that something had indeed gone wrong. Terribly wrong at that, considering what those four adepts were capable of.

Isaac finally stopped moving and said firmly, "I can't take this anymore, I have to go look for them."

"And just how do you propose to do that? Those guys took the ship with them, remember?" (A/N I know that the original 4 from Golden Sun 1 also had a ship, but forgot what happened to it, so in this fic, it got wrecked) Jenna said exasperatedly.

"Calm down Isaac, we don't know if they really are in trouble or not, they may have simply found something really interesting there." Felix tried to calm the younger Venus Adept.

"Felix, these are the guys who came straight to us when the other orb appeared, instead of going to check on it immediately by themselves. I would think that if there really WAS anything interesting down south, they would have come running up here instantly." Isaac snapped back uncharacteristically.

"Really now, this is getting ridiculous. Felix, you're not helping, and Isaac, you better shape up. Our job is to keep an eye out on the orb that is above our heads, so I think we should do just that until we are certain that something happened to those four." Felix could tell that his sister was on the verge of snapping. She may be saying all those things, but she too, was extremely worried about the missing four, and would have liked to do nothing better than barge down south herself.

"Speaking of which, where is Mia? I haven't seen her since morning." Felix looked around the living room. The mayor's house had been turned into something of a headquarters. Everyday, the village healer, the mayor, and a few other villagers would come in and have a discussion about the mysterious golden orb above Vale. Well, used to. Since nothing interesting has happened in the last month or so, these meetings had become very infrequent.

"Oh, she went out to check on that blasted orb. She should be coming back soon." Isaac looked out the window, expecting to see the blue-haired Mercury Adept.

"Honestly, I don't know why she bothers, nothing happened at all for the last mo-" As if on cue, there was a flash of golden light that illuminated everything.

The three Valeans had to shield their eyes as the golden light permeated throughout the room. When they opened their eyes again, everything seemed pretty normal, save that everything looked a bit blurry because of the flash.

"Umm... What was that?" Jenna asked dumbfounded as the door was flung open.

"Everyone quick, something is happening!" Mia managed to gasp, she had apparently ran as fast as she could.

Instantly, the three adepts sprang out of the house and followed Mia down to the village square, where the huge psynergy stone stood in the center. At first, the three latecomers were confused, as there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. Then there was yet another flash of golden light, not as strong as the first, but enough to catch their attention. Looking up, they watched with their mouths open as the golden orb, which was no longer an orb but a constantly morphing shape, begin to slowly descend. It came down slowly at first, then suddenly shot down with the force of a miniature meteor. All the villagers who had gathered panicked and began to scatter. Strangely enough, the golden light came to a sudden halt right above the ground.

"What's happening?" Jenna clutched her brothers arm as the light began to "shape-shift" even more wildly.

Before Felix could say anything, the golden object stopped changing, then slowly morphed one last time into what looked like... a person? The last of the golden glow cleared, and in its place stood a young man about Felix's height. His red hair flowed down below his shoulder, and his dark-brown eyes seemed to be slightly out of focus. He wore a golden-colored overshirt with long sleeves which came down to his knee in the back (semi-trench coat) over his black shirt, a khaki pants, knee-length black boots, a dark red bandana, and a red cape. All in all, his style of dressing looked more of the bare-handed martial artists like those back in Xian, rather than a warrior who specializes in weapons, such as themselves. For one thing, the man didn't have a single piece of armor on him, nor was there any weapon.

The stranger began looking around slowly, apparently taking in every last details of his surroundings. Then he stared down at his own hands, as if to make sure they were real. Whoever this was, he obviously haven't had much contact with the world, judging by the way everything he looked at seemed to intrigue him. At last, Felix decided to speak up.

"Uh... Who might you be?"

"...Yna oui dra uhac fru namaycat dra caym?"

"...Huh?" The four adepts stood there with a confused look in there faces. What on Weyard did this man just say?

The man blinked, registered the funny looks he was receiving, then started walking towards the four. They backed up a bit as he came near, not sure if he was trustworthy or not. The man stopped when he was directly in front of them. Then out of the blue, he put his hand on Mia's head, who was the closest to him. The female Mercury Adept gave a start, but noticing the assuring smile on the man's face, she relaxed a bit, although still wary. The next thing she knew, there was strange sensation, as if something was pulling her up towards the sky. Some of this strange feeling reminded her of Ivan and Sheba's Mind Read psynergy, like her mind was being probed by an outside presence. Then it was all over, and the feeling of gravitic pull, albeit the other way around (from the sky, not the ground), was gone. The stranger released his hold on Mia and closed hi eyes for a moment, as if contemplating something.

Then he opened his eyes and spoke, "Now can you understand me?"

The others in the vicinity were wide-eyed. Just a moment ago, he had been speaking in who-knows-what language, and now all of a sudden he was speaking to them in normal tongue. Sure, Mind Read of the Jupiter Adepts could allow the user to learn from what they had discovered, but an entire language? He was quite obviously skilled to be able to handle that much information.

"I take it that you were the ones who broke the seal?" The stranger continued.

"Seal?" Isaac asked, puzzled.

"The seal of the Golden Sun." Jenna was startled at this.

"Wha-, how did you know that?"

"... I sense much power in you... And remember, I did peer into your past." The red-haired young man glanced at Mia.

All this did was unnerve the adepts even further. This man was apparently able to sense their psynergy without any effort.

"Just who are you?" Mia asked tentatively.

"Ah, yes... I haven't introduced myself yet..."

The young man brushed a rogue strand of red hair out of his face.

"I am called Dios."


'Where... am I?' Ivan thought as he opened his eyes.

He was on an unfamiliar land. It was completely white, and cold. A light snow was falling from the sky gently, which probably meant that he was still on the southern edge of Weyard at least. The young Jupiter Adept got up and brushed the snow off of him. Then he began searching for his three companions. It didn't take him long to find them. They were all lying there, on the vast expanse of white emptiness.

"Argh... where are we Ivan?" Garet muttered as Ivan helped him up.

"I don't know, we may still be in Tundaria, but I don't see anything but this plain of snow."

"Before that, weren't we, you know, frozen or something?" The two adepts turned to find Piers and Sheba.

"Just who was that guy anyway?" Piers continued.

"I don't know... but I do have a theory." Ivan said, and everyone looked at him.

"Okay, so Piers saw this silver orb appear and head towards Tundaria. After it settled there, all sorts of unnatural events began to happen. Then, the orb disappears and this stranger attacks us, while speaking some weird language. You follow?" The other three nodded, although Garet still didn't look so sure.

Before Ivan could finish explaining his theory, however, a strong wind picked up and the four adepts had to brace themselves just to stay on the ground. Once the wind subsided, the four stared in utter shock. The scenery had changed. The white emptiness was now surrouned by huge mountains, and a giant temple of sorts had appeared in what appeared to be the center of the clearing. What surprised them the most, however, was the figure that was floating aboe the temple. Those blue hair and lime-green eyes seemed pretty familiar.

"...I see you have awakened." The stranger spoke.

"What is this place!" Piers demanded, drawing his sword.

"This? This is a world I have created. Your minds are trapped in here, just as your bodies are trapped within the ice. I have to admit though, I didn't expect you to be strong enough to awaken inside this prison." The stranger seemed amused.

The four adepts, on the other hand, were not amused at all. So they DID get attacked by this... stranger. And now their bodies were frozen inside those pillars of ice, and their minds were trapped in this world.

"Oh well, it just means more amusement for me. It will be fun watching you insects suffering now, don't you think?" He began to laugh.

"I think NOT!" Sheba retorted angrily, "just who are you!"

At this, the stranger stopped laughing. A cruel smile graced his features, then he replied in an icy-cold whisper.

"I am Lord Lyon." With that a blue wave of energy from his open palm struck the four adepts, throwing them into a mad twister.



Back when the Wise One paid a visit to the eight adepts.

"Wise One, could you tell us a bit more about these, Warriors of Sol and Luna?" Ivan asked the great, floating, one-eyed stone.

"Yeah, I don't think there was any record of them in Lemuria either." Piers added.

"There is little I know of them as well. You must bear in mind that this is a tale of ancient origins, far before even I, the Guardian of the Elemental Stars, existed."

"I take it that it was really long ago when all this happened." Garet seemed to be in deep thought.

"Oh, so you figured that out just now?" Sheba said in slight disbelief. Garet went red and immediately stopped talking.

"The best I can do is remember their names..."

"Which are?" Isaac and the rest fell silent and listened intently.

"Lyon, the Guardian of Twilight. And Dios, the Guardian of Radiance."


To be continued...

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