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The Nightmares Saga: Chapter 1—The Calm Before the Storm

A few weeks after the Hunter's moon...

The sun began to creep lower into the horizon as the red and white Ford Fairlane pulled up in front of the Eyerie Building. Elisa Maza parked in her regular spot and turned off the car. Still sitting in the driver's seat, she leaned over the passenger's seat to get a brief look at the building. She sharply inhaled, knowing that the sun had just set, and within a few minutes, she would be with him. She readjusted herself in her seat, and flipped the visor down to get a quick look at herself in the small mirror that was attached to it. It wasn't that she was in the habit of looking at herself in the mirror: there were more important things to life than how you looked, but lately, after finally confronting Goliath about their feelings for one another, it was only fitting that she should at least make sure she didn't have a ketchup stain on her mouth from that hotdog she had a few hours ago. She never cared before how she looked, but now there was a good reason to pay attention to that sort of detail, and he was nearly 7 feet tall with lavender-coloured skin. She smoothed her hair out, looked herself over in the mirror, and stepped out of the car.

As Elisa locked the door to her car, she looked up at the building from the street below. She never thought she would ever look at this building with happiness or excitement again, since it was owned by David Xanatos, someone whose

motives she didn't trust and whose words she didn't believe. However, after the night of the Hunter's Moon, when he helped the gargoyles escape from a police helicopter, the building had once again become their home. Xanatos had made it clear that night that he wanted their long-standing feud to be over. Naturally, Elisa had reservations about his

intentions, but told herself she would wait until he gave her even the slightest reason to doubt him before talking to Goliath about her doubts. She knew Goliath would listen to her, since she had been right in the past about Xanatos. Now, the gargoyles were

back in their ancestral home, and they were content. That's the only thing I want, Elisa thought, as she began walking toward the large entrance of the Eyerie Building. I just want them to be safe and happy...even if it means they are living under Xanatos' roof...

She finally reached the common room of the castle. Broadway, Angela, and Brooklyn were seated in front of a new wide-screen television that Elisa hadn't seen before. A new toy Xanatos bought for them, she thought. Hudson was also watching the new television, sitting in his new reclining chair which was a replica of the chair she had lugged

into the clock tower for him nearly a year earlier. Lexington was busy sitting in front of a top-of-the-line computer that also looked new to her, waiting for it to load up. Bronx was lying contentedly in front of the blazing fireplace, his eyes drooping, with a slight smile on his face. At the sound of footsteps, Broadway, Angela and Brooklyn turned around to see who their visitor was.

"Hi, Elisa!" Broadway exclaimed. The others waved, too wrapped up in their television show.

"Hey, guys. What's with the T.V? Is it new?" Elisa asked, knowing full well that it was new, but wanting to gauge their response.

"Yes," Angela answered, in her melodic voice. "Xanatos greeted us as we awoke, and told us he had bought this television set and that computer, as a 'castle-warming' gift. That was most thoughtful of him, wasn't it?" Thoughtful wasn't the word Elisa would have used, but no matter. She wouldn't upset Angela or the others tonight with her usual Xanatos-bashing. She stifled whatever sarcastic quip she had prepared beforehand and smiled a semi-sweet smile.

"Yea, it was." She looked around the common room, in search of the one gargoyle that seemed to be missing.

"Where's Goliath?"

Lexington, already typing away at the computer, answered her, without taking his eyes off of the screen.

"He's in the library, Elisa." She nodded, said thank you to Lexington and began walking briskly to the library.

Walking down the hallway to the vast library in the castle, Elisa had a few minutes to reflect upon the events of the previous few weeks. It felt good to get back into the routine of seeing Goliath and the other gargoyles before her shift, trying to get in as much time as possible before duty called her away again. She was trying to regain a sense of normalcy in her life after her brush with death on the eve of the Hunter's Moon, when she fell over the edge of a dam with Jason Canmore, the Hunter. He had saved her life that night, but still; the visions of her seemingly never-ending fall came every

time her head hit her pillow after her shift at the precinct. She was beginning to get frustrated with herself for continually having these nightmares, since she had always prided herself in being the strong cop, always being able to take care of herself.

Now it seemed that she had been traumatized by something any normal cop would simply shrug off, though one would have to strain themselves to call Elisa a normal cop, considering who her friends were.

She paused in the doorway of the library, just long enough to hear a page of a book being turned. She decided to call to him, just in case he wasn't alone.

"Goliath, are you in here?" she said quietly. She heard the noise a book would make if it was unintentionally dropped on the floor. It sounded like a heavy book at that. Then she heard footsteps—they sounded heavy but gentle at the same time. She stepped into the library slowly, partly because there was very little light, save the moonlight that

shone through the enormous windows adjacent to the bookshelves, and the light the fireplace gave off. A few seconds later, he stood in front of her, smiling. He took her delicate hand in his, and whispered her name,

"Elisa…" She could feel his love simply by staring into his eyes, and blushed slightly at this.

"Hi, Big Guy. What were you reading?" Elisa said, smiling tenderly. Goliath seemed to have forgotten, because he hesitated a little, trying to remember. His rich lavender skin quickly turned a light shade red. Suddenly, it came back to him.

"…Paradise Lost by John Milton. I have almost finished reading it. It is quite good." Goliath motioned to the couch positioned just in front of a roaring fireplace. Elisa walked to the couch and sat, followed by Goliath. Once on the couch, he took her hand again, and breathed in her soft perfume, an exotic flower of some sort, though he couldn't

put his finger on it. Any scent was a wonderful scent when it came from the flowing hair of Elisa.

"I can't stay too long, Goliath. I just wanted to come by before you went on patrol. I worked a double-shift last night, and Chavez is forcing me to take the night off and sleep. She knows I haven't been sleeping too well lately." There was growing concern on Goliath's face where a smile was just seconds before.

"Have you had that nightmare again, Elisa?" His gentle hand reached up to Elisa's bronzed face and caressed it lovingly.

"No, that's not it." She lied. She couldn't bear to lie to him, but she hated worrying him even more. "I haven't been sleeping well because of this new case Matt and I were assigned to—another drug shipment, courtesy of Tony Dracon. That guy just pushes my buttons. Last night, I was trailing him and managed to block the street his warehouse is on, and I couldn't talk to him after the fact because his lawyers consider that harassment." Elisa shook her head in a burst of anger.

"I just wish I could get Dracon off the streets for good. With guys like him around, this city won't ever be safe." She leaned her head against his massive chest, hearing his great heart beating steadily. His hand instinctively went to her raven hair, stroking it slowly, trying to comfort the frustrated detective.

"I understand, Elisa, but you must be patient and let the evidence mount. For now, there is nothing to do but wait."

Goliath said. Elisa laughed at his calm demeanour and smirked.

"Alright, Goliath. I get it. I'll calm down." She laughed. "So, tell me a little about this book you were reading…"

Getting back into her car a few hours after she had parked it, Elisa couldn't help but smile at herself. Not only did she keep from worrying Goliath, but she had also managed to keep him all to herself for those few hours. Usually they were interrupted by one person or another when they were in the library, but tonight, it was as if everyone knew the

library was off-bounds while the two of them were there. Turning on her engine, she immediately heard the police radio blaring loudly. She heard the description of the car that she had followed the previous night being followed by another officer.

"Officer LeFrancois in pursuit of a black 1996 Cadillac Escalade, license plate Angel Victor Charlie 5-0-0…" That's the one, Elisa thought. The Captain will have a cow knowing I went against her orders, but I have to help LeFrancois out with Dracon… She grabbed her police siren and stuck it on the top of her car. Instantly, it began screeching, and she peeled out of her parking spot.

After hearing LeFrancois' location, she was able to quickly get to it, and found herself driving only a few cars behind the speeding pursuit. After ten minutes of driving erratically through the traffic-infested streets of Manhattan, the chase finally led the three cars to the same neighbourhood that last night's chase had led Elisa to. This time, however, Dracon's goons couldn't act quickly enough to intercept the two police cars, and Elisa and officer LeFrancois sped right through an intersection they were trying to barricade. Suddenly, the black Escalade had disappeared. Both police officers realised

this quickly, and began reducing their speed as they drove one behind the other on this street. Elisa decided to turn off her siren, and LeFrancois did the same. Reaching a warehouse that was rumoured to be Dracon's, LeFrancois pulled into the parking lot just across the street from it, parked there and got out, holding his gun in one hand, just in case. Elisa pulled up just a few seconds afterwards, parked beside the other car, and she too grabbed her gun out of the holster and exited her car.

"Hey Maza, thanks for the help." Officer LeFrancois said genuinely.

"No problem, LeFrancois. Who was in that car? Was it Tony Dracon?" Elisa pondered. LeFrancois nodded his head.

"From what I witnessed, yea, that was Dracon being driven here. But that car just disappeared, huh? I guess I was too preoccupied trying to drive through that blockade those guys were setting up." He looked around into the night slowly, and then started to put his gun back into his holster around his chest. Elisa was a little more suspicious of the warehouse, and decided to keep her gun in her hand.

"Alright, Maza. I'm going to call it a night. I tried, but when they disappear like that, you can't be held accountable…"

LeFrancois said jokingly. Elisa nodded to him as she eyed the warehouse. "Yeah, me too. I've seriously got an appointment with a pillow tonight!" She smiled slightly, waved to LeFrancois, and started walking towards her Ford Fairlane again.

"Look at her, Glasses." Tony Dracon said, staring out of a one-way glass window on the fourth floor of the warehouse, watching as Elisa Maza waved to the other officer with one hand, while keeping her eye on—and her gun pointed to—the warehouse.

"She's somethin' else, isn't she. I knew that high-speed chase would get her to come here." Dracon smiled.

"Now it'll be a snap to get her."

Glasses didn't look impressed. "Yeah, boss, but why do we need her? You can get any dame you want to for this job, and you pick a cop. Why her?"

"Because, Glasses, she's feisty, and she's smart, and she's gorgeous. Those are the qualities I am looking for."

"But what if she doesn't go for it?"

Dracon's smile suddenly vanished, leaving behind an evil grin.

"We'll just make her go for it."

Elisa was just putting her gun in the lockbox above her hallway closet when she looked at the time. 2:18 am. She would have to be back on shift at 8 am. Damn, that's not enough time to sleep. Not with the nightmares I've been having lately, Elisa thought. She sauntered to the bathroom and washed her face, brushed her teeth and changed into her night clothes, which were just a tee shirt and a pair of old track pants. They were old, but they were comfortable. She pulled back the covers of her cool bed, and instantly was asleep.

She was suddenly in Broadway's arms, being carried to where Goliath and the Hunters were fighting. She felt anxiety, but the air sweeping over her face seemed to make her anxiety lessen slightly. Gliding with any one of the gargoyles tended to have that effect on her. She looked to the side, and saw Goliath leading a masked Hunter on a glider towards the sky, higher and higher. A wave of relief gripped her as the realisation set in that Goliath was alright. Broadway released her and she was now on the ground, pointing a gun at one of the Hunters: the brother of the man she had kissed, the Hunter named Jason who posed as a police officer…

"I don't suppose you can stop this?" She shouted to him, gun still pointed at him.

"I wish." Jon replied, looking towards Goliath and another Hunter, chasing one another.

Elisa was then on the edge of the dam, being nearly thrown over by Jason in a fit of anger as she tried to step in between them. Goliath made a swing at Jason, causing both Jason and Elisa to fall over the edge. All she could feel was water, and the unceasing sensation of falling, falling, falling…She saw Goliath reaching for her, but there was nothing she could do but allow the water to take her away from him. She heard the loud rushing sound of the water all around her…and, what was that other noise? It had never been heard in her dreams before...what was that? Was that the sound of glass breaking...?

Elisa slowly opened her eyes. Looking above her, a dark figure was standing there, towering over her. As she began waking up more, she understood that there was a strange man standing over her and watching her as she slept. She went to reach for

a spare gun she had hidden under her bed, but it was too late; the strange man grabbed her hand with his right hand and stabbed her arm with the syringe he had in his left hand. Darkness took her moments afterwards.

The room was dark when she finally began regaining consciousness. It was lighted only by moonlight that entered through a small window to the right of where she was. Elisa was lying on what felt like a waterbed. She began to move to stretch her arms when she felt her hands pinned above her head in what felt like handcuffs. She opened her eyes wider, trying to take in all she saw. She was definitely no longer in her apartment, but it was a bedroom of sorts as well. She was covered in two or three layers of warm bed linens. Below her head were two of the most comfortable pillows she had ever laid on. She tugged a little at the handcuffs securing her arms above her head, and felt that there was no give in the constraints. With what little light there was in the room, she could make out a television to her left, or it could have been a computer screen, though she couldn't have been sure. The anxiety from her nightmares began resurfacing as her mind raced with thoughts as to why she was there against her will. She felt her body trembling faintly, as if she was in a vehicle of some sort, but she interpreted that as her imagination running wild as different scenarios played out in her head. The thought occurred

to her to scream, but the sound of her voice might bring with it unnecessary trouble. She needed to know where she was and who had taken her there. Yelling and fighting weren't an option—yet.

She noticed on the other side of the small room that a door was slowly opening. The lights suddenly became brighter. Now she could see what was happening. Maybe, she thought, I don't want to see who or what brought me here. She nearly passed out when a familiar voice began to speak from the darkness the open door revealed.

"Hey, Sugar. Welcome to my private plane. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, because it's going to be permanent."

"Tony Dracon! What the fuck is this? What do you want! And where are we going!" Elisa spat angrily, causing the handcuffs on her wrists to clatter together. He moved closer towards the bed where she lay, standing to her left. The smile on his face was one she had come to know all too well. It was the smile he had when she confronted him about a shipment of stolen guns the night Broadway accidentally shot her in her apartment. He put a hand on Elisa's head and said, "Now, now, Elisa. Don't be angry. It doesn't suit you." Dracon said, patting her head lightly.

He calmly continued.

"We are flying to the Azores islands, and more specifically, to a small island called Sao Miguel." He paused, checking her expression. It was one still filled with hate. He proceeded.

"Now, your role in this little business venture will be very important." Elisa shook her head.

"Whatever it is, the answer is 'fuck you, Dracon.'" He laughed.

"Unfortunately, you have no choice…don't you want to know what it is you have to do?"

Elisa squinted her eyes in anger.

"What?" she snarled.

"Marry me, Elisa."