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A/N: Jack finally comes home from the hospital to find that an old family friend is back too. They've had a difficult past together but it will be interesting to find out what she thinks of him now. Bad summary you'll have to read. Basically the Mercer's old friend Krystal comes back to the neighborhood, and Jack is uneasy about it because he had a huge crush on her since he was seven but she always rejected him. Sheacutally likes Angel but she might change her tune...This first chapter was very rocky for me, it took me a long time to try and say what I was trying to say. My second chapter will be better I promise! Please look out for it over the next couple of days.

Title- Color Blind

Chapter 1- No Pity Party Here

"Oh no," Krystal Peterson sighed as Bobby Mercer's car pulled onto the snow cover block. "The Mercer's are back in town?" she asked, her thick Brooklyn accent accentuating every word while she chewed on a piece of Big Red gum.

She was five foot three, one hundred and fifteen pounds, but no one was fouled by her size. Krystal could beat up anybody and the neighborhood knew not to mess with her especially since she was protected by the Mercer boys. Evelyn would always give Krystal a stick of Big Red gum to chew when she cursed or hit someone. She hated the taste of the spicy cinnamon of the gum but she got use to it after a while and now she chewed it everyday. She was half African American and Puerto Rican so she had curly auburn hair that resembled fire in the summer, Bobby had nicknamed her Little Red.

"You don't know?" her best friend Sara Cruz asked, filing her long colorful nails as she, Krystal, and their other friend Lana sat on Krystal's front porch..

Krystal Peterson had lived down the street from Evelyn Mercer for the past thirteen years since she moved there from Brooklyn, when she was six. First she grew to be friends with the notoriously bad ass Bobby Mercer who was fifteen at the time, causing all sorts of trouble in the neighborhood. Next was Jeremiah, who arrived shortly after Bobby, he was fourteen, the more cool, calm and collected one who babysat her on weekends. After a few months of running around with them Angel, who Krystal had the biggest crush, was adopted by Evelyn, and they too had become friends. Last but not least, a year later after she grew to love these boys because of their street smarts and wild behavior, there came Jack Mercer. He was the shy and timid one of the bunch and she didn't like him at all even though he adored her.

"Look there goes your boyfriend!" Lana Miller exclaimed sarcastically, pointing to a young handsome rock star looking guy who was wheeling himself in a wheelchair up to his front door.

"Oh, please let's not go there. What happened to him?" Krystal asked taking a long good look at the boy.

Sara put down her nail file and said, "Well, remember I told you that Ms. Mercer died? Her boys came back to seek a little revenge, and Jack ended up in the hospital with four gun shot wounds."

Sara's mom was best friends with Sofi Nunez's mother so Sara was good friends with Sofi. Sofi goes out with Angel, Jack's brother so a week after Jack was admitted to the hospital Sofi told Sara.

Lana was tall and thin, everyone said she looked like a super model with her straight blonde-brown hair and blue eyes. Sara was a little bit shorter than Lana and had a few more pounds on her.

"Really," she asked still watching the guys approach their home.

"Now don't you feel bad that you were such a bitch to him?" Lana asked Krystal with a grin.

When Jack came to the Mercer household twelve year's back, Angel introduced him to Krystal. Since Krystal and Jack were the same age it was easier for the older boys to pass her off to Jack. Of course they loved taking care of her like she was their little sister, but she was becoming too much like them, but she was also sweet and caring, a quality she obtained from Evelyn. They thought since Jack hadn't developed any of these qualities yet, she would rub off on him. Too bad she didn't like him and put him through hell from the time they were seven to seventeen.

"Remember when he asked you to the prom?" Sara asked her standing up and brushing snow of her Apple Bottom jeans.

"Do we have to talk about this? We're nineteen now, it's over" Krystal hissed standing up with her.

"Come on don't you feel just a little bit bad? He asked you to prom and you ditched him to go do Tyshon," Lana laughed as she stood up and headed down the sreet.

"Where are you going?" Krystal shouted as both of her friends took off down the street.

Lana and Sara had a huge crush on Jack since the 9th grade. Krystal wouldn't give him the time of day but he continued to pursue her.

"Wait!" Krystal screamed.

They stood on the Mercer's porch waiting for Krystal to ring the bell.

"I don't wanna be here, maybe later" she scoffed turning around to exit.

Lana pressed on the door bell and before Krystal could step off the porch Bobby greeted them.

"How you chicken heads doin? You come over to revive my little brother back to life?" Bobby said sardonically, hugging and kissing each one of them on the cheek as they wiped their feet on a mat.

"Hey Bobby," Lana and Sara said simultaneously.

"How's my little sister?" Bobby asked hugging Krystal tightly and picking her up off the floor.

"Was good Bobby? I haven't seen your ugly face around here for a while," Krystal smirked punching Bobby in the shoulder.

"Little Red! Wow you grew up nicely, you still a lesbian?" Bobby joked with her as he took her coat.

Sara and Lana crowded around Jack who was laying on the couch on his back in the living room.

"I heard what happened, you ok?" Lana asked Jack propping his pillow up for him.

"Oh my God, you musta been so scared," Sara said plopping down on the end of the couch with him.

As both girls showered Jack with their undying affection, Krystal followed Bobby into the kitchen where Angel and Sophie sat.

"Well look who it is!" Angel said getting up from the table to hug Krystal.

"How you doin Angel?" she asked in her sweetest voice.

"Doin good red, you know Sofi right?" he said to keep her from staring at him.

"Yeah," she said uncaringly as she waved.

"You didn't say hi to Jackie," Bobby said placing his hands on her shoulders and shoving her to join Jack and her friends in the living room.

"Hey Jackie! Look who else is here," Bobby said as he pushed Krystal onto the couch.

"I swear to God Bobby," she scoffed playfully.

"Hey," Jack said waiting for her to look at him.

"What up?" she said plainly as she looked down at his gauze wrapped legs.

"Nothin," he said casually, trying to get a little more sympathy from her.

"Ha, you look like shit. Don't expect a hug or nothin," she said teasingly leaning back on the couch.

"Nice to see you too," Jack said lowly.

Krystal hadn't seen Jack since graduation. She went back to Brooklyn to attend Med. School to become a doctor but it didn't work out so she ended up back in Detroit two days ago to become a registered nurse at the near by hospital.

"So what you end up doin wit ya life?" Krystal asked Jack finally looking him in the eyes.

"You remember I was in a band, I was doing that for a while," Jack said more enthusiastically this time.

"That's cool I guess. Look I gotta go. I'll catch you guys later," Krystal said grabbing Lana and Sara, "Bye gimpy," she said to Jack slapping him on the shoulder.

"You don't wanna stay for dinner?" Bobby asked her before she got to the front door.

"Nah, pops expects me home. I'll come ova tomorrow or something," she said as Lana and Sara kissed Jack goodbye on the cheek.

"Yeah, come by tomorrow, I wanna know how your brother's doin," Bobby said kissing her on the cheek as she headed out the door.

The Next day, Mercer House-

"Come on in red," Bobby said opening the door for Krystal.

Jack sat up on the couch as he watched her walk into the room.

"Hey Bobby," she said.

Bobby escorted her into the living room where Jack was sitting watching MTV2.

"You got a video up there yet?" Krystal asked Jack sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

"Not yet," he said with a big smile on his face.

"So how's your brother?" Bobby asked her as he sat between them.

"He's in Rikers," Krystal laughed.

"No shit? He's in prison back in New York?" Bobby asked her, surprised by her response.

"Yeah, coped himself a grand larceny charge and was sentenced to twenty years," she said grabbing the remote from Jack.

"Hey!" Jack said trying to retrieve it.

"Aren't you glad you stopped runnin wit him?" Krystal asked Bobby as she and Jack struggled for the remote.

"Yeah, really," he said ripping the remote from both of them.

"Hey!" Krystal yelled and then she started to curse at him in Spanish.

"Oh God, not you too. We already have one Frida Kahlo living under this roof," Bobby said as Krystal beat him over the head with an open hand.

Then Sofi ran down to the bottom of the staircase and yelled at him.

"Look you too, this isn't Telemundo! Callate! Chicas, por favor! Silencio!" Bobby said mocking their accents while Jack laughed.

"You're such an ass Bobby," Krystal said grabbing the remote back.

She turned it to BET and watched one of the new rapper's videos.

"You should be a video girl," Bobby told Krystal.

"Why? Cause I'm beautiful and deserve to have my face seen?" she said playing with her hair and winking at Jack.

"Well I was gunna say cause you have that big thick ass," Bobby laughed.

"Pig!" Krystal shouted as Bobby picked her up and slammed her down on the floor.

"You might wanna close your eyes Jackie, she's into some wild shit," he said holding her down while she wiggled around under his grasp.

"Bobby!" she yelped, over taking him and then she sat on his stomach with both of her legs on each side of his body.

"I told you she's a freaky one," Bobby said looking up at Jack who had turned the channel and was ignoring their fight.

"What you gunna do now, tough guy?" she said viciously leaning in to his face as she held his hands down.

Bobby looked back up at her and said, "This," he rolled her back over and started to tickle her.

Tears of laughter ran down her face, "Stop, please Bobby that tickles!"

"You give up yet?" Bobby asked her, roughly tickling her stomach.

"I give up! I give up!" she said as he helped her to her feet.

"You're an animal," she said, adjusting her clothes.

"This was just a preview, come by later tonight and you can experience the whole thing," Bobby said brushing his hand against her cheek mischievously.

Krystal had always liked Bobby. Not in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way, but mostly brother and sister. He was handsome for a guy nine years older than her, but it would have been awkward if she went out with him.

Bobby always liked Krystal but she was off limits the past couple of years. Until the summer of last year when she turned eighteen, he would have gone after her but since he was away he didn't think anything of it.

"Bobby up until last year we wouldn't have been able to do anything, you takin a likin to R. Kelly or Kobe?" she giggled.

Bobby just laughed it off, "Like you'd tell," he chuckled and walked past her to go upstairs.

Krystal was left with Jack who was biting his nails and watching TV.

"So," she said sitting back on the couch.

Jack didn't say anything instead he clicked the channel up button of the remote continuously.

"How long were you in the hospital?" she asked trying to make friendly conversation.

Jack grunted and shifted on the couch, "Why do you care?" he huffed.

"Come on Blackie Jackie! Don't act like that," Krystal joked as she ruffled his hair.

He flinched and moved further away from her.

"Did I hear you call him Blackie Jackie?" Bobby asked walking back into the living room.

"Yeah," she said making room for him on the couch.

"Jack did always have a major crush on you. That's why you called him Blackie Jackie," Bobby said turning to Jack.

"I did not," Jack said picking up the remote.

"Jack do you remember when you were seven and ma gave you twenty five cents to go get ice cream from the ice cream truck?" Bobby asked glaring at Krystal.

"No," Jack said staring at the remote.

"Well that day you saved your twenty five cents," Bobby was saying as Angel hovered in the doorway, "The next day when ma gave you twenty five more cents you bought two Power Ranger ice pops remember? One was red and the other was pink?"

Jack's face grew dark red with anger and embarrassment.

"Krystal was playin in the sandbox," Bobby said and then Angel interrupted him, "I remember that. When you went over and gave it to her she slapped it outta your hand."

Both Bobby and Angel laughed as Krystal let out a slight chuckle.

"What did she say man?" Angel asked Bobby.

"Oh yeah, she said, 'I hate the pink ranger. My favorite is the yellow one.' And that's when she slapped it out his hand.

"Then he picked it up and brought it home remember?" Angel said cracking up with Bobby.

"I didn't say it like dat," Krystal said trying to cheer Jack up.

"You flat out, told him off!" Bobby said holding in his aching stomach, if he didn't stop soon he would get a cramp.

"Jack came home crying and told ma that his stomach hurt, remember?" Angel laughed hysterically.

Jack had, had enough of their verbal beatings for one day. He couldn't stand to look at Krystal or his brothers so he got up slowly and limped upstairs.

"Oh come on Jackie. We're just messin wit you. You want me to get you an ice pop?" Bobby laughed as Krystal pushed him off the couch.