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Chapter 10- No Ordinary Love

Mercer House-

"Jack!" Jerry yelled behind Jack as he pounded his fist repeatedly in Bobby's face.

"How come you didn't tell me!" Jack shouted while Angel picked him off of Bobby.

Bobby remained on the ground wiping his bloody nose.

"Calm down man," Angel said as he restrained Jack.

"You got balls to attack me like that," Bobby chuckled stumbling to his feet.

Sofi was standing in the kitchen about to go outside until she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" Sofi answered.

"Hey, can I talk to Bobby?" Krystal asked.

"He's busy right now," Sofi said nastily.

Jerry was keeping his eye on his brothers until he heard Sofi yelling in the kitchen.

"How could you do that to Yak!" Sofi yelled finishing the sentence in Spanish.

"Sofi, Sofi, who is it?" Jerry asked as he took the phone from her clinched hands.

"Who's this?"

"Jerry? It's Krystal."

Sofi huffed and puffed and ran outside, "Angel!"

"What baby, can't you see I'm busy?" Angel said as Jack tried to break loose from his grip.

"Krystal's on the phone!" she screamed.

Bobby and Jack glared at Sofi and then they both ran to the backdoor. As soon as they both pushed their way into the kitchen Jerry was hanging phone the up.

"Jerry wait, what happened?" Jack asked frantically.

"Bobby looks like you won't be flying out today," Jerry said bluntly.

"What?" he asked trying to catch his breath.

"I think you owe an apology to our little brother," Jerry said.

"What? Why Jerry, what did she say?"

"Red's been callin you, Jack," Jerry said as he crossed his arms over his stomach.

"What?" Jack asked sounding hurt and confused.

"Tell him what you did Bobby," Jerry growled.

Bobby looked at Jack, "Promise not to hit me?"

Jack nodded in agreement.

"I kinda told Red that you didn't want to talk to her," Bobby sighed.

Jack lunged at Bobby but Angel grabbed Jack before they both hit the floor.

"You idiot!" Jack shouted.

Bobby took a seat at the kitchen table and rested is head down.

"Why'd you do it? Why?" Jack asked heatedly and then Angel let him go.

"Jackie," Bobby sighed.

"Were you the one who went through the papers on my desk? The paper in my garbage can? Did you?"

"Angel helped," Bobby laughed.

"You can't be serious for two seconds," Angel said rolling his eyes.

"Jack you should call her back, she's pretty upset," Jerry said.

Jack walked up to Bobby and slammed his hands down on the table, "You jealous? Is Bobby Mercer actually jealous?"

Bobby looked up at Jack meeting his challenge, "A little bit."

Everyone in the kitchen either gasped or coughed in surprise.

"Yeah I said it," Bobby shouted louder, "I'm jealous."

Jerry signaled for Sofi and Angel to leave so Jack and Bobby could talk things out. Jack pulled a chair up and sat next to Bobby.

"Why are you jealous?" Jack whispered.

"Because I could tell she liked you," Bobby said as he cracked his knuckles.

"When, how?"

"Last week, while I was kissing her neck, she whispered your name in my ear," Bobby chuckled.

Jack's eyes widened in surprise as he leaned back on his chair, "Oh."

"Yeah, definitely not a turn on," Bobby said, getting up from the table to fetch himself a beer from the fridge.

"Sorry bout that," Jack gloated and smiled.

"Yeah what ever," Bobby laughed.

"So you two didn't, you know…" Jack asked concerned.

"And have Red moan your name while I got off? No, no," Bobby continued laughing as he returned to the table.

"Good, oh and too much information," Jack laughed with him.

"I'd give you my plane ticket, but the plane probably took off already. You better call her," Bobby said sipping his beer.

"Right. Thanks anyway."

Jack dialed star sixty nine trying to call Krystal back. No one answered so he figured she might have gone to the hospital to visit her dad and he'd call back later. He left Bobby in the kitchen to drink as he went upstairs to write a letter. He dated the letter February 12th and wrote down everything he ever wanted to say to her. It was a long ten page letter covering the past twelve years but it was worth it because he was able to get all those feelings of his chest.

The next day he started his February 13th letter and in it he said that he wished they could've been together for Valentine's Day, which was the next day. He called her all day but no one answered the phone. He was a little worried especially since there was a big snow storm warning in effect for the entire east coast. If anything she should've been home all day, but he just hoped she was safe wherever she was. He gathered all his letters and threw them into an empty shoe box and placed it under his bed before going to sleep.

"Happy Valentine's Day baby," Sofi yelled, across the hall.

Jack was woken up by the sounds of moans and groans coming from Angel's room. He got up, took a shower, and headed downstairs for the kitchen.

"Happy Valentine's day sweet tart," Bobby laughed as he threw a candy heart at Jack.

"I love you too," Jack joked.

Jack grabbed one of the cold heart shaped pancakes that was lying on the kitchen counter. He stuck it into the microwave and then poured strawberry flavored syrup on them and whipped cream.

"You're up later than usual," Jack said to Bobby as he walked into the living room with his Valentine's Day themed pancake.

Bobby looked over at the clock above the television and noticed it was four in the afternoon; he had just woken up ten minutes earlier and was still in his pajamas.

"Well, who wants to be awake today anyway?" Bobby asked as he tried to throw candy hearts onto Jack's pancake.

"Someone's bitter," Jack chuckled.

"What ever Casanova," Bobby laughed.

"Domer, Chris, or Ted called right?" Jack asked wondering why he was calling him that.

"Yeah, Casanova."

Angel walked down the stairs and joined them in the living room an hour later, "Happy Valentine's Day," he laughed.

"Yeah, for you," Jack said, remembering the noises he heard from Angel's bedroom earlier.

"It'll be a good one for you too," Angel winked and then he went out onto the porch.

"What's this?" Jack asked as Angel handed him a pink envelope.

"It's from Red," Angel said.

"Man you know she loves me," Bobby smirked as he threw more tiny heart candies at Jack.

"Sure Bobby," Jack said throwing the 'I Love You' candy heart back at him.

Jack opened the pink cinnamon bun scented envelope quickly and read it to himself:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I don't love Bobby or Angel,

Because I've always loved you

His heart started to beat a thousand miles per hour as he flipped the card over:

For all the Valentine's Days we've missed

Come outside and give me a kiss, bitch…

He laughed as he sprang to the front door and saw Krystal standing outside by the curb with a huge box of candy, flowers, and her luggage.

"Happy Valentine's Day," she said, her face was red from the cold.

"How long have you been out here?" Jack asked walking up to her.

"Not long. I'm actually late, my flight was delayed. Look I'm sorry bout last week and everythin, I came back to tell you…" she started to say until Jack's lips suppressed her words.

She was caught off guard but she finally kissed him back, dropping the candy and flowers.

Bobby and Angel watched from the door, "It's about damn time," Angel yelled.

Jack and Krystal giggled continuing to kiss passionately. He had been waiting for this kiss for what seemed like forever. Waiting all of his life for this moment would have been worth it because she was worth it.

"Freaks," Bobby yelled throwing candy at them.

Krystal stopped kissing Jack and looked over his shoulder at Bobby, "Hold on," she told Jack.

She ran up to the porch, "You're such an asshole!" she yelled, "A sweet asshole," she finished saying before throwing her arms around Bobby to hug him.

"Wait what's going on?" Jack asked still standing by the curb.

Krystal looked back at Jack and shouted, "Bobby bought me a plane ticket to come out here today."

Jack smiled and grabbed her luggage to meet up with them inside. He placed all her bags down by the front door and she ran up to kiss him again.

"Geez if your gunna do that, go to your house," Bobby joked.

Krystal went over and hugged Bobby again, "Thanks."

"It's the least I could do, by the way I'm sorry," Bobby said apologetically.

Krystal nodded and then Jack grabbed her hand and they went upstairs to his room. He left her by the door while he reached his hand under his bed.

Sofi walked by the door and whisper to Krystal, "No hard feelings?"

Krystal replied, "Happy Valentine's Day," and Sofi hugged her and went downstairs.

"What are you doin?" Krystal giggled.

Jack pulled out a shoebox and opened it, "Here."

She looked into his eyes and then she took the box," Letters? For me?"

"I've writing them since you left," Jack said shyly rubbing the back of his neck.

"I should unpack, wanna come over?" she asked flirtatiously holding the shoebox by her side.

He followed her down the street and into her house. She started a fire in the fireplace in the den and told him she would only take a minute to unpack. Jack took a seat on the floor and grabbed her father's acoustic guitar that was laying by a bookcase. It was getting dark by now and the only light he could see was coming from the fireplace. Krystal had brought her baggage upstairs and was reading some of the letters Jack wrote. Most of them were the same but the one that was dated the day before yesterday was the nicest. She almost cried as she remembered everything she put him through and in that letter he forgave her. She put the box under her bed and changed into a plain black fitted t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants.

"Jack?" she whispered.

He was in the middle of a chord and then he hit a flat because she startled him, "Hey."

He noticed she had taken off all her makeup and jewelry. She looked the same way she looked a week ago when he was here.

"That old thing isn't outta tune?" Krystal asked as she took a seat next to him.

"I tuned it, it's a great guitar."

"My mother bought it for my father."

"I remember. That's when he taught me how to play," Jack smiled.

"I forgot he was the first one to teach you how to play. So once you hit it big, you gotta split it wit him 50/50," she giggled.

"Oh really? How is he by the way?"

"He's back in church preachin, so I guess he's all good," she smiled.

"That's great."

"Yeah. Play somethin," she said watching the fire roar inside his eyes.

He knew the perfect song to play for her. The song that he wrote for her that ended up gaining praise from his manger and band mates. It wouldn't mean anything to him unless she liked it, so he strummed the guitar and belted out the words.

"You know that I love you,

When can I show you?


I think you don't know how

How much I love you,

Now… Now, Now, Now…"

After he finished the chorus, he waited for her reaction. She broke out into tears and then she took the guitar from him. She leaned in and kissed him tenderly as they lay on the carpet by the warm fire. He felt her hot tears run down her face onto his.

When she stopped and hovered over him he wiped her face and said, "Why did you come back?"

"I missed you," she mumbled as her tears forced themselves out again.

"I love you," he said continuing to wipe her face with his palm.

"I love you too," she laughed-cried.

They both sat up and huddled by the fire after Jack retrieved her mother's quilt from the wooden chest.

He held her tightly, "Will you my Valentine?"

"Of course why wouldn't I be?"

"Well last time I asked you said no, because I was white, remember?" he laughed.

She looked up at him and smiled, "I love you no matter what whitey."

He planted a big wet kiss on her cheek and eventually theyfell asleep in front of the fire in each others arms.