Author's Note: Um…this was created from a small excerpt from the PokeDex entry. A mixture of the Sapphire and Ruby ones.


It turned and looked, the typical pokemon-in-the-headlights stare. Blankly staring ahead at its death.

The driver, humming along to a song on the radio, was jarred from his daydreams as his car bumped violently. Furrowing his brow, he wondered what kind of potholes this road had.


Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Opening an eye carefully, the pokemon slowly uncurled from its position. It had curled up, balancing on one foot, in a seemingly vain attempt to brace its body for the impact of the vehicle.

The pokemon looked around. There was no vehicle in sight. It wasn't hurt, the pokemon seemed fine. In fact, it seemed better than fine. It seemed great. Looking around languidly, it thought that, for the first time in its life, it felt free.

And then it looked down and saw the crumpled body below him. Its crumpled, limp, blood-smeared body.

And the victimized pokemon opened it's mouth in a soundless scream.


Have to find a body, have to find a body, it thought, looking around frantically. If it didn't find a body, it would have to go to Judgment. And it didn't want to know if it went up or downstairs; the pokemon hadn't exactly been a saint during its life.

Have to find a body…

The spirit of the pokemon was swiftly flying through a nearby town. It wasn't an extraordinarily small or large town…it was just an average town. Nice houses, nice people, nice town.

But the pokemon wasn't about to go graveyard robbing. It needed a body, but nothing important. Just…a body.

It was getting frantic. Mew would be arriving soon, to escort it to Judgment. Mew or Mewtwo; the pair of them were in charge of escorting souls who didn't automatically come to Judgment. It didn't happen very often, but it happened nonetheless. Or so the legends on Death went.

A body…anything…a bug, a statue, a pokemon who just died, a--, its thoughts were cut off suddenly. A little girl came out of the nearest house, carrying a Growlithe puppy. She was squealing happily, hugging her new friend, and carelessly set something in the trashcan.

The spirit floated over, curious. Maybe it could be a body.

The item was a small doll. It had four limbs, no real fingers, a small tail, and some sort of strange appendage on its head. It was a dark blue-grey, colors faded from years of play it seemed, with dull, red eyes and a smiling mouth. It's tail was golden and short.

It would work.

After a bit of tweaking. The spirit knew that the mouth wouldn't work. It was open. It needed to close it, so its spirit wouldn't leak out by mistake. But where would he find something to close that mouth at this time of night? And with Mew or Mewtwo soon to be on its tail?

Picking up the discarded doll gently, the spirit went trash-diving. A needle, some string, almost anything could help. Some glue, some tape, a scarf…

Instead, the pokemon's spirit found an old zipper. It would've been bright, shiny gold in it's better days, but the color had faded into more of a dull yellow. Right now, thought, it didn't care. Fitting the zipper onto the mouth, it found it was a bit too long. There was no way the spirit could cut a zipper piece off, nor would it have the time to. So it improvised.

Ripping the mouth open wider, it jammed the zipper onto the opening. Now the spirit just needed to get the zipper to stick. But it needed to hurry. Its time would soon be up and Mew or Mewtwo would arrive. Heck, they might be searching for the spirit now.

"Spirit of the dead pokemon!" A commanding voice boomed above him. Crud. Mewtwo was here. "You must come with me to your Judgment! If you come now, this will not count against you!"

The spirit wondered vaguely if the people could hear Mewtwo. Then again, of course they couldn't. Mewtwo was psychic. He could make it so only the spirit could hear him. Otherwise, they would come running out of their houses, gaping at him, which would distract him greatly from his task.

Ah, yes. The spirit had found just what it needed. A small bottle of fast-drying super glue. There were a few drops left, almost exactly the amount the zipper needed. Smearing some on frantically, the spirit pressed the zipper into place, holding the doll's body tenderly. It hoped Mewtwo couldn't see him. This spirit wasn't ready to die yet.

"That's it. This is now counting against you, spirit, and I will use force to bring you to Judgment if need be." Mewtwo boomed above him. The spirit cringed.