What you think you know?

Sam thinks he has Dean all figured out, the gruff exterior to hide the softer side of Dean, the side only his brother knew about. Little did Sam know Dean had many things he hides very well. How will Sam handle the big mystery surround Dean…?

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Once more, Dean was watching his brother's eyes dance underneath his eyelids. He watched the way Sam's chest would rise then fall; he'd listen to the breathing going with the movement of his chest. Dean leaned back down in his own bed, still keeping an eye on this brother. Once his head touched the pillow, it was as if he had no control anymore, Dean was out. He hadn't realized how tired he was, how all this hunting was finally starting to take a toll on his body. Sleep took over his body like a glove, warm and soft. He pulled the blankets closer to his chin and let his own eyes close.

Sam stood silently as he watched the 'short movie' as he liked to call them, play out in his head. He couldn't see any faces just a hazy picture. A female in a white dress like a wedding dress, her face was very fuzzy , but Sam could tell she was smiling " I do" a priest was standing near by " you may kiss the bride" a man pulled into his embrace and kissed her deeply and passionately. Sam almost smiled himself as the couple began to walk away. The bride turned her head and nodded at Sam, well he thought it was at him.

He looked behind him and saw another older man the shape was familiar but not to clear.

His vision jumped to a reception hall, there was a band there playing and the bride and groom were dancing together obviously happy. Sam looked around the room, no one was there hat he could recognize, again the vision changed to a bed room, where he saw a white dress being slipped down to the ground , still unable to see faces , which for this he was grateful for that, and before he could blink it changed again.

To a not so happy place, a man was being shot down in a dark hallway. Cops were everywhere, in the distance he could hear a woman crying. He flashed to a small home; it was a cute little place from what he could see. A girl an older girl 26 maybe 27 was standing on her front porch, when another girl handed her the paper. Sam tried to read the head line, but couldn't what ever it was, upset the older girl very much, she fell to her knees and tried to curl into a small ball, as the other girl tried to pick her up. Sam followed them into the house trying to hear what they were saying , but he felt a hand pulling on him" Leave her alone " Sam turned round but saw a fist flying at him, before he could duck….

Sam sat straight up, trying to catch his breath, he jumped when he saw Dean ,standing only a few inches away " Jesus ,Dean what are you doing" Dean backed away with an amused look on his face " Watching my brother have an erotic dream I think." Sam threw a pillow at him 'You ready to go?' Dean smiled that sparkling smile of his "As soon as you get up, Kansas call us once more". Sam was not sure what scared him more; the fact that they were one their way home or the fact Dean was okay with it. Then again, why did he have that vision, he couldn't help but get that girl, just full of despair and filled with grief and lose.

Sam shook his head, an image come through a pair of green, glassy eyes just staring at him. Dean turned when he heard the "thud" "Sam" he went to his brothers side" "I'm alright, I tripped that is all." Dean only shook his head as he walked out of the motel room waiting for Sam.

That is all for now…