What you think you know -8

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Crystal arrived a few minutes later carrying her little bag full of not so known medical remedies. She pushed Dean out of the way and frowned at him as if to say this is your fault. Sam watched as she pulled out of her bag a few herbs some kind of purple liquid in a needle and a seashell. Dean saw Sam go down stairs and wait to see if their father would call them back. He turned his attention back to Crystal, who was crushing the herbs placing them into the shell then lighting the hers on fire. After it was nothing more than ashes she poured the purple liquid into the ashes. After stirring them mixture, she used the syringe to suck it all up.

She walked over to Kendall, who had long opened her eyes, she watched Crystal walk over to her.

"Kendall, I'm Crystal a mystic healer, I'm going to inject this into your system for it to get rid of what ever Meg shot into you okay?"

Kendall's eyes widened " No, please not more needles, please. I'll do what ever you want, just no more needles".

Dean walked over and sat on the bed with his wife "Kendell, its okay Crystal is only trying to help you. I'm right here. "

Dean slowly reached for her arm, as she left him pull it away from her body, he saw the inside of her arm was black and blue, aside from the bruises the swelling and heat coming off of her wasn't making him happy.

Crystal went and used the top of her hand and found a bright blue vein, she slid the needle under Kendall's skin and pushed the mixture into her system. All of a sudden Kendall felt her body relax. She let go of Dean's hand and stared at the ceiling, what ever this woman did to her it was making her whole body weak.

"Kendall, the mixture I just gave you will make you sick for about an hour, then will knock you out but when you wake up you'll feel fine okay?" Crystal informed her.

She stood up and looked at Dean " She'll be out until later tonight, why don't you go and see Chris and see what happened. I'll cast a reflection spell over the house so no evil can get inside."

Dean nodded, he wasn't sure why Crystal always made sense, but she did. He placed a kiss on Kendall's lips and walked out of the bedroom down the stairs and out of the house. He wasn't going to panic, he couldn't panic, and if he did everyone would find out how human he really was. No. He wasn't going to freak out.

Crystal did her mojo then bid Dean goodbye for that moment told him to call her if he needs her.

Dean sat on the porch looking at Sam, who was on the phone again trying to get a hold of his dad. Dean walked over, grabbed his brother's cell, and hung it up. ' Come on we are going to go see Chris".

Sam watched with interest as Dean started to get annoyed.


Literally fifteen minutes later, Dean was threatening the poor nurse behind the desk. "I'm his brother-in-law this is about his daughter. I need to see him and so help me god if you don't…." Sam stepped in.

"Nurse Kelley, My niece has been kidnapped and our brother in law was the last person to see her. In fact he unknowing gave her to the kidnapper, so if you could just let us in to see him, I'd be very grateful." The pretty nurse blinked her amber eyes and smiled at the nicer brother.

"He can't talk, his jaw is wired shut, but I'll let you go just this once ". She sighed as the younger brother darted down the hallway and into the room.

The smell of blood his Dean's nose as soon as he opened the door, Sam almost puked in the hallway as a gruesome sight met his eyes. Dean's knees started to give out, as he looked back to Chris, who had been slaughter and left to bleed to death.

Dean grabbed his brother and pulled him out of the room, he went back to the nurse and told her what he had found. Dean's brain stopped functioning and he grabbed the nearest garbage can, vomiting up that day's food. Sam stood next to him watched the chaotic scene unfold.

Minute's later Sam was telling two black and whites, what he and Dean found when they went into the room. He wasn't sure how he was going to tell Kendall her brother was dead on top of they has no idea, where her daughter was.


Kendall woke up with the worst headache she had ever had. She looked over at the clock it was reading 8PM. Where was Dean? She sat up slowly, trying to calm down her throbbing head, when a flash of a picture of her brother dead floated into her mind. The vision made her fall back onto her bed. She stood back up and the vision hit her again, just as she heard the front door open and heard Dean, Sam's, and John's voices down stairs. Starting to feel a little better she walked quietly down the stairs.

" I'm not telling her" Dean scoffed as his father and brother tried to convince him that because he was her husband he should tell her about Chris.

"Dean, it will be better from you, you are her husband. Trust us, she won't want to hear it from us."

" I don't want to hear it from any of you. I already know." Kendall told the three men standing in her living room.

There another dilemma….