A shrill whistle cuts the air,
The sound echoes in the silent room
As the helmet of the guard hits the ground;
Light feet tread making no sound against
The carpeted floor as the dark shadow runs across the room.

A flash and the keys along with the money pouch
From the guard's belt is gone, neatly sliced in half.
A door to the vault opens, and the two guards
Are swiftly killed as the shadowy figure
Swipes the expensive statue and turns to leave.

The servant girl watches wide-eyed
Behind the stone pillar,
He stops and looks at her, pulling
Her out from the hiding place, for a moment…

It's not a dream, he whispers and kisses
Her on the cheek before she tries to scream…
I don't kill servants, he smiles briefly before
Jumping out the window sill; and leaves behind
A bewildered servant girl…