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Epilogue: Your Love Is King

Eleven years later…

Kikyo moaned softly as she woke up. The sound made a certain pair of ears twitch. Her chocolate eyes fluttered open and she moaned again. She doubted she would ever get used to sleeping on such a comfortable and soft bed. As soon as her eyes completely opened, she stared directly at a pair of deep golden pools that she expected to see. She let loose a small, tender smile.

"Good morning, my Lord," Kikyo greeted Sesshomaru while leaning up to give him a light kiss.

Sesshomaru was, in fact, a lord now. He had gone out and conquered some lands, just as he had promised to do one day, but he did not do it in a fashion that he intended. It actually happened by accident. About a decade ago, he and his family had wandered through a battlefield and the soldiers on both sides attacked the platinum-haired demon out of fear. Sesshomaru quickly dispatched of all of the assailants and both of the warring lords were so frightened of him and his power that they offered their lands for their lives. Sesshomaru accepted because he wanted somewhere for their little girl to grow up in peace and so far, the walls of their castle was such a place.

It could be argued that Rin grew up in a bubble behind the walls of the castle, but that was far from true considering the fact that the castle was like a small city. Rin got along with most of the people that lived in the palace and they seemed to like her as a person, not just because she was their princess. She was an affable person and most people recognized that. The few people that had some kind of problem with the princess made sure to keep it to themselves because no one wanted to incur the wrath of their Lord or Lady, who were recognized for the no-nonsense rulers that they were.

The couple was rather just. They were fair rulers and most of the subjects would agree that they preferred the pair to their former lords. Sesshomaru and Kikyo both believed they had a responsibility to the people on their lands and not that the people owed them something, like other nobles seemed to think. It probably helped that they understood what it was like to be oppressed or subjected to the whims of others.

"My Lady," Sesshomaru replied to Kikyo's greeting before going in for a proper kiss.

Sesshomaru was certain he had the best of all humans in his bed right now and that was what made her interesting. She was intelligent and she almost never allowed her emotions to override her reasoning. The only time emotion or instinct took over was when their offspring was in distress. She walked around with a dignity that she maintained and never compromised her beliefs or what she knew was right. She was raw, but refined and she stood her ground like she could do anything and it seemed like she actually could do anything. He loved the fact that she just never backed down. He loved her and she could tell that from the feel of his kiss.

Kikyo wrapped her arms around Sesshomaru's neck to deepen the kiss that they were wrapped up in. What was about to happen was like clockwork with the couple. It was their habit; their bad habit, they assumed, in the morning. After all, they acted as if they had all the time in the world in the morning, even though they both had things to do and should get to as soon as possible. It was just that no one would dare to interrupt them; no one aside from their energetic progeny anyway. But, it was well known that they should not be disturbed once they were in their bedchambers.

They guessed they behaved as they did to make up for all of the time that they lost in the beginning. Well, there was that and they just felt an unfathomable connection when they were together. They hoped their relationship would always be like that; beyond physical, but in every aspect that there was in life. They hoped their relationship was always bottomless when it came to how deeply they felt about each other.

Sesshomaru moved over Kikyo, making sure not to break their enticing kiss. They were both already quite nude considering what they had done all of last night. It really seemed that they just could not get enough of each other and it went beyond physical intimacy. They just enjoyed being close to each other, knowing that the other was there. Very basic things.

Sesshomaru's favorite pastime was actually to just sit and hold Kikyo while listening to her breath. She still enjoyed just feeling his heartbeat. It was a comfort to know that the other was nearby and really there. It proved their life now was not some delightful dream, but the truth and reality.

The couple pulled away for some needed air. The demon caught his breath before his mate as usual. When she was done drawing in precious air, he leaned down for another kiss, which was not as heated as the previous. He suddenly pulled away and just stared at her.

"Sesshomaru…" Kikyo whispered through gritted teeth because now he taunted her.

He loomed over her and not doing anything. They were not even touching as much as she liked. It felt like every nerve ending in her body was on high alert, desperate for attention. He can be so cruel sometimes, she silently huffed.

"Yes?" he asked as if he did not know.

The demon liked making Kikyo do things that she usually would not do or things that she would only do in front of him. So, at the moment, he wanted her to ask for what she wanted, maybe even beg for it. He had done it several times before. It actually backfired on him a great deal of the time. Kikyo could do some great teasing of her own and it did not help matters that he had demon instincts now. The taunting typically depended on who had the upper hand and, at the moment, he was the one that was in control of the situation, which he liked, of course.

"Sessho…" the petite woman whispered harshly, grabbing his hair in a tight grip. She was very used to be touched in the morning and her whole day would seem off if that routine were changed. But, his day would be off too, but still, he was teasing.

"What is it, my dearest?" he asked while nuzzling his face in her neck. He loved the way that she smelled. No other creature in the world had her particular scent and he enjoyed inhaling it.

Sesshomaru licked at Kikyo's throat for a moment, feeling for her pulse under his tongue. She tasted so good. She was like a dull, sweet honey. He reminded himself that he had to keep his resolve if he was going to continue to annoy her, at least for a little while longer. He would like to hear her at least tell him what she wanted.

"We don't have time for this," she pointed out. It was a weak excuse; Sesshomaru always insisted that no one's day could start without him, so they were on his time and not the other way around. Hard to believe he was actually a good monarch with such an attitude.

Sesshomaru laughed into her neck, tickling her a little bit. He began to lightly kiss her smooth skin down to her collarbones. A clawed hand made feather-light trails up and down her side, causing her to whimper because of her desire for more contact. Perhaps, at some point in the past, Kikyo would have thought poorly of her own behavior, but she had long ago given that thought up. It was all right for her to want him to touch her. It was normal. It was natural. He was getting on her nerves, though.

In her mind, Kikyo planned to get back at Sesshomaru later that night since he wanted to continue to taunt her. She was not shy in the least when it came to him and she would tease him just as much as he teased when she got the chance. He would definitely feel her wrath when she got the chance.

"Sessho…" She breathed out his name as he made his way down, kissing his way to the valley between her breasts. He refused to go to either mound, though, because he was still taunting her.

"Shh," he scolded her before lapping at the bottom of her right breast. He made sure not to apply any pressure, only to bother her more while continuing on with his task. She squirmed underneath him and tugged at his hair. He chuckled a little before dragging his tongue across her milky flesh.

"I'm going to… I'm going to…" she tried to speak her threat because he would get it later on. Her body arched, trying to find his.

"What?" he asked, even though he had a good feeling in regards to what she was going to say. He was not sure why he had to tease her, knowing it would bite him in the ass later on, but he did. There was something about watching her wiggle and want him that he found thoroughly amusing.

"Get you back," she vowed with a near growl, which he thought was quite sexy.

The demon lord chuckled, even though his night was going to be hell. But, he continued to torture her because, little did she know, he somewhat enjoyed when she tormented him in return. He just liked it when she did things that she usually would not do because it let him know that she was absolutely comfortable around him. The way she acted when it was just the two of them, he would never say so out loud or even in his own head, but it made him feel special to know that he was the only one she would do such things with. She made him feel special; he did the same to her.

Of course, Kikyo had to feel special with Sesshomaru. He fell from Heaven to be with her. It was an overwhelming thought and it stayed on her mind all the time, reminding her just how much he had to care for her, how much he loved her.

Sesshomaru thought along the same lines. She had been with him, even though she knew the consequences would be great. She had bore his child and taken care of her on her own while waiting for him, having faith that he would some day return to her. How could he not love such a woman? He was glad she was his and he would make sure she knew that, so that she would always be his.

He continued on, making sure to touch Kikyo in places that she would like, but making sure not to do it in a manner that she liked. One of his hands moved to her inner thigh and lightly caressed the area, but he did not do anything more. He wanted to frustrate her and it was working. He could see it in those typically warm cocoa eyes. She actually frowned at him.

"Why are you being such a demon toward me?" she asked with some anger in her voice.

"Your words are only going to make me do worse things to you, my dear," he replied with a smirk.

Kikyo frowned deeper because she knew what he wanted. He wanted her to beg him for it and she would not do. She would not play his game no matter how much she longed for his touch. He wanted her as much as she wanted him, so she would make him do what they both wanted.

The ebony-haired female wrapped her legs around Sesshomaru and locked them into position. Her actions did not surprise him, but he did not expect her to do such a thing so soon. She then attempted to pull him to her, but he resisted, even though he really desired to dive right in and enjoy her. When they were connected like that, it was paradise and he wanted that, but he would not let her win.

"Kikyo, dearest, what are you doing?" he inquired while making sure to sound as he usually did, even though he was fighting with himself to keep bothering her. He really desired nothing more than to just take her at that very moment, but he had started something and he wanted to finish it.

"Getting what I want," she answered and that did not shock him. She was far from bashful around him after so many years.

Sesshomaru laughed a bit; he was the one that made her the way that she was now. It was his fault that she was so accepting of physical pleasure, even though so many people tried to make it seem as if it was a sin to enjoy matters of the flesh. There was nothing wrong with what they were doing and there was nothing wrong with the fact that he had made her the way she was; in fact, he was slightly proud of that fact. There was nothing wrong with them enjoying their time together. They should enjoy it. They were together to make each other happy in every way possible.

Sesshomaru leaned down and claimed Kikyo's mouth with his own. As they passionately kissed, he finally obliged Kikyo, delighting the both of them. She cried out into his mouth because of the intrusion and latched onto his back as he began to move. They both doubted that they would ever get enough of each other.

"Sessho," she whispered, hips rising to meet him.

"Yes?" he replied in a low tone.

"I love you." She locked eyes with him and he felt like she could see into his soul. Whenever she said those words, it was like lightning ran through him and warmth settled into his heart.

"And I love you," he replied, needing to kiss her again, needing to keep her close, needing for her to feel his words. She responded by pulling him closer, holding him tight.


Rin ran through the halls, a very bad habit of hers. She was a teenager now, but she was pretty much still the same little girl from a decade ago. She dressed in a haori and hakama because of how active she was. Every so often, people got strange ideas and attempted to dress her like the princess she was and every time that they had done that, by the time lunch rolled around, she would come to eat in what was left of layers of fine silk.

Sesshomaru generally stared in disbelief when Rin returned in rags that only hours ago were the best clothing that the kingdom had to offer. He just could not understand how she could ruin an outfit so quickly. Kikyo always only smiled when she saw her daughter at lunch after she was dressed in silks. She had always known royal robes would never work on their daughter. Actually, royal robes did not seem to work with either of them. Kikyo could not walk in royal clothing and gave up on wearing them quickly while Rin seemed to like to pretend that she would wear the clothes well and then lunch would roll around and she would look like she had just gotten away from a rogue bear attack.

Until recently, Rin generally wore a short yukata to give her the freedom to dash around all over the place. That was put to an end when she ran by her father one day and Sesshomaru noticed something, their once-little girl was now a big girl with big girl things that males might start looking at her if she continued to bolt around in such skimpy outfits. Kikyo suggested the clothing Rin now wore to calm poor Sesshomaru down. Rin took to the clothing like a fish to water and went back to running around.

Rin now looked very much like Kikyo, except that she still wore her ponytail from childhood. She still had her father's ears and she actually inherited his claws. She acted nothing like either parents despite how much she looked like them. She ran almost everywhere that she needed to go. She also had a bad habit of being late for things, if she was lucky enough to remember she had a schedule anyway. She still grinned widely whenever she just wanted to smile and she got easily excited over the smallest things. She was very affectionate and loved nothing more than to hug or cuddle. She was the same Rin that she had always been.

She cut a corner and nearly mowed down a group of administrators, as was her norm. She turned around and grinned her apology to them, which they expected and accepted. She nearly knocked that same group over every morning. They were not sure if they found it amusing or shameful considering the fact that she was adorable, but she was also the heir to their kingdom while being so hectic. She charged into a garden, leaping off of the walkway onto a stone path. As soon as she touched down, she was nailed in the forehead with a ball.

"Wah!" Rin whined as she fell to the ground because of the unexpected hit.

"I told you it'll hit her," a voice declared and another laughed in response.

"You two are so in for it!" Rin proclaimed as she hopped to her feet. She had a red mark on the center of her head for only a few seconds before it disappeared completely.

The ebony-haired teen dashed toward a tree in the garden and two voices yelped in surprise. A pair of blue and white blurs dropped out of the tree and Rin chased down the two streaks. One of the blurs, the blue one, took a tumble, but that was not the one Rin wanted. She jumped and preformed a flying tackle on the white blur, which yelped again when they hit the ground.

"Ow, sis!" a little dog-eared hanyou complained as they came to screeching halt in the dirt.

"Don't cry now, Kiba," Rin replied and she began to administer his punishment for hitting her with that ball. She knew he was the culprit because he was the bad boy.

The teen began tickling the boy with her clawed hand. She was very careful with her claws, even though she was used to having them by now. She remembered being surprised when they grew in the first time. She had only been eight and she had been used to having regular nails back then. She had a lot of accidents those first couple of years with claws. But, now, she could tickle her little brother all day and not leave a mark on the scamp.

The little boy, Kiba, laughed his head off because of the punishment. He was Kikyo and Sesshomaru's second child. He was ten years old with big golden eyes and platinum hair like their father. He wore a light blue, but the reason he looked like a white streak was because of his hair flowing behind him when he was running. His hair hung freely down his back just like his father's.

Kiba was a troublemaker through and through. Rin affectionately referred to him a "the brat." Little did she know, but most people considered her to be just as much of a brat as he was. The only difference was that she caused trouble by accident and he did it on purpose. Most people actually thought Kiba was just like Rin and he was in lot of ways. He was hyper and always running some place. He grinned all of the time instead of just smiling, but he had a naughty side to him. He was like Rin if she had been born a boy with a mischievous side as far as most people were concerned. Everyone wondered why their Lord and Lady only seemed to produce opposites of themselves.

Rin released Kiba and left him rolling around on the floor laughing. She wandered over to the other blur that fell. It was another little boy hanyou. He sniffed and looked down at his elbow. She had a feeling he hurt himself in his trip. She gathered the little boy dressed in dark blue in her arms.

"Sis! I got an owie!" he reported with tears in his cocoa eyes. Usually, such an emergency would have been reported to their mommy, but his big sister was closer, so it made sense to him to let her know he was hurt bad.

"Where'd you get an owie?" Rin inquired in an understanding tone. She knew an "owie" with him was typically a real injury.

"Here." He pulled up his long sleeve with a clawed hand and showed his big sister a long gash on his elbow. He had a reason to cry as far as she could tell. His eyes, so much like their mother's, began to overflow with tears.

"Oh, that looks bad," Rin noted. His "owies" were always deep cuts or something stuck in his body, like a nail or a spike or one time when he managed to get impaled by a tree branch.

"It hurts," he informed her with an angry pout. He seemed more insulted with the cut than in dire agony as he first made it seem. Cuts were always an affront to him after someone, always his mother or sister, came to his aid.

Rin bet the wound hurt. She put her index finger on the top of his scratch and slid her finger across it. The cut closed immediately. She had gotten very good with her healing talents now. She could do almost anything with her powers, except bring a person back to life. She could save animals and sometimes bring them back from the dead, but she could not do it with people. She was great at making flowers grow, though. She had personally filled all of the gardens with flowers. She was very good with her powers.

Rin had also learned to control the other side to her powers. She had also inherited Sesshomaru's poison techniques. Her brothers could do it, too, but they were not very potent yet. She could hurt a lot of people if necessary, which her father liked because it gave people a reason not to mess with her and it gave her a way to punish people that wanted to be stupid, which he thought was a human hobby.

"Is he crying again?" Kiba inquired with a bit on attitude as he approached his siblings. He walked with his hands behind his head, as if he was a big shot.

"He cut his arm," Rin replied to justify why the baby of their trio was in tears.

"And sis made it better!" the youngest declared with a smile.

"Sis always makes it better. You should stop falling, Ken-chan," Kiba teased his little brother, grinning all the way through and showing off his ivory fangs.

"Don't call me Ken-chan!" the youngest huffed in anger.

"Ken-chan, Ken-chan, Ken-chan!" Kiba shouted at the stop of his lungs in a taunting tone. He even had the nerve to do a little dance with it, knowing it would thoroughly irk the younger boy.

Kenshin, the youngest of the siblings, hated when his brother called him by the nickname that only their mother used. He already had problems with being the youngest and swearing that everyone treated him like a baby. Of course, they did treat him that way because he was the baby of the group. He was a proud little thing, always trying to act like an adult when people were looking, but he was so very clumsy. It was hard for him to act tough when he was busy tripping over his own pants or walking into a wall or something else like that.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Kenshin order his brother as he started chasing the older boy around. It would seem that he planned to make his big brother cease.

"Ken-chan! Ken-chan! Ken-chan!" Kiba called while dodging his little brother's attacks.

Rin only watched her brothers running around. She thought about what would be happening right now if Jaken had to watch them. He would be yelling at the boys about how "master Sesshomaru wouldn't like this" or something like that and not getting any results for his effort. He was no longer their babysitter since Rin was old enough to watch the boys and she liked doing that. Jaken was still her father's vassal and undoubtedly still frustrated with the fact that her father did not take him seriously.

The teen focused on her little brothers. Kenshin still tried to hit Kiba to get him to shut up. She liked having little brothers, but she hoped she had a sister coming sometime in the future. Her brothers reminded her of Inuyasha. She still remembered him after so many years because he was the first interactive friend that she had. She wondered where he was and what he was doing sometimes. She could finally understand why he had to leave so long ago, but she never did bring the subject up to her mother. She was just thankful that her parents were together and happy; that was enough for her.

"Ah, you three are as active as always and so early in the morning. It's annoying," a female voice commented.

The three siblings all turned to the owner of the voice, Kagura. She stood a few feet away from them, floating only an inch off of the ground. She was a tangible being because she had fallen from the Heavens almost a year after Sesshomaru took his family away from that village. She had continued to grow envious, but not of the humans anymore. Yes, she still wanted to be in the human's Garden, but she saw there was more to things than just being in the Garden.

The ruby-eyed angel had grown envious of Sesshomaru and the things that he had gained in his fall, like happiness and companionship. Because he was able to gain so much, she started to want things of her own and she was eventually banished for her deep envy. She felt in her heart she would prefer the fall and she graciously accepted it, looking at it as an act of mercy. Unfortunately, she had suffered from the same affliction as Sesshomaru when he fell; she lost her memory.

Kagura had wandered the globe with no guidance and no memory until she ran into none other than the person she deemed "the biggest jackass of all time" also known as Sesshomaru. Her memories came flooding back to her just from the sight of him. As soon as she was in her right mind, she fell right into line with getting on his nerves for a while. She quickly left him and his family because she wanted to truly enjoy her freedom and experience the humans' Garden for herself. She came back to the family every-so-often because she liked being around Rin, who, in turn, loved the company. There was something about that kid that just brightened her day, Kagura realized.

The fallen angel, now a wind demon much to her surprise and delight, still wondered if one day an archangel would come for Rin. She had never gotten reassurance that would not happen, but it did not seem to be happening. No one had seen or sensed Naraku around, so they guessed Rin was all right. After all, she had not developed a taste for human flesh nor had she gone out of her mind and killed anyone. So, she was safe it seemed, much to her parents' relief.

"Auntie Kagura!" the boys shouted with huge grins on their faces.

"Yo," Kagura greeted them with a sharp, brief wave. "Where are your parents?" she asked curiously, as if she did not know.

"They haven't gotten up yet," Rin informed her.

Kagura nodded and made a noise. She bet the couple was working on some more dog-eared, hyperactive, insanely happy kids. She had come for a good, warm, home-cooked meal, followed by a nice, warm bath. Yes, Kagura sponged right off Sesshomaru, mostly because of Kikyo encouraging the behavior. Kikyo believed Kagura was Sesshomaru's friend, even though he denied the charge, and she felt he should help out his friend. Sesshomaru claimed to put up with Kagura because the children liked her and her wind tricks.

"So, the morning grub hasn't been served yet, huh?" Kagura asked while rubbing her stomach. She was fairly hungry, having not eaten all day yesterday. Sometimes, she just forgot to eat because she was having a good time just drifting through out the world. Hell, she was the wind and it felt good being the wind.

"Nope," Rin answered.

"We should go wake them up," Kagura mused out loud, even though she was almost certain about what they were doing. She hated that castle life revolved around that damn arrogant dog demon. And while he was on her mind, she wanted to know how in the hell he kept producing such adorable, jovial children. He was not either of those, so why were his kids?


"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" Kenshin yelled as she dashed toward Kikyo, who was at the other end of the hallway. He tripped along the way, but got back up like nothing happened, and eventually made it to her.

"Good morning, Ken-chan," Kikyo smiled as she picked up her little boy. She kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. She and Sesshomaru had been heading toward the garden to get the kids for breakfast, but ran into them on the way to the dining area, which meant they ran into Kagura, too. Her presence seemed to sour Sesshomaru's mood, but it was hard to tell with him since annoyed and normal were just about the same expression.

"Ken-chan," Kiba teased again and then he made a face at his little brother.

"And good morning, Kiba-chan," Kikyo said to get the taunting to stop.

"Mom!" Kiba complained with a groan and his siblings laughed at him.

"Kagura, here to freeload again?" Sesshomaru seemed to huff, but he still sounded as he generally did, so it was hard to tell.

"Try as you might, but you can't shame me, Sesshy," Kagura remarked with a smile.

"Sesshy," Kiba and Kenshin echoed with chuckles. Sesshomaru frowned; Kagura would probably always be annoying and she obviously was not a good role model for his younger children, but he already knew that.

The family went to have breakfast together, as they did every meal. They were close to each other and did plenty of things together, including Kagura when she was around. They spent their free time with each other and sometimes they even spent work time together. They just got along and they appreciated each other because they were all too aware that despite the wealth and privilege, all they really had was each other. They would always be together and so, they all took care of each other.


The End.