"Granger. Give it here!" Draco Malfoy shouted, sending a throbbing echo down the hall, and causing several heads to turn their way.

Hermione Granger just smirked, and twirled a glossy photograph in her fingers, before turning and gliding away gracefully, leaving a fuming Draco in the distance.

Oh! Hello there! I suppose you're wondering what's going on. Let me fill you in.

Draco Malfoy. Known mostly as a bad boy. Doesn't care about anyone's feelings, is witty and sarcastic. He's also known as a sex god, which isn't hard to believe, considering his smooth, white-blond hair that hangs gracefully into his silver eyes, which accent his extremely pale skin, with hard muscles blooming all over his body. He's mysterious and beautiful, and has that distinct 'don't mess with me' look.

Hermione Granger. Known COMPLETELY as a know it all. Is compassionate, sympathetic, and obedient. She has extremely bushy brown hair, rich chocolate brown eyes, the fullest lips you ever saw, and a perfect body, hidden under piles of clothes. She's short tempered and not mysterious in the slightest. All she ever does is study, and has that distinct 'teacher's pet' look to her.

What could these two POSSIBLY have in common? One thing. They hate each other. They can't be in the same room together without attempting homicide. That is the one single thing that they have in common. That, and the nightmare they both have about the man eating mutant bananas, but that's another story.

But life is about the change. It's about to get a WHOLE lot more interesting. Chaos will be hovering around every corner. Panic will be lurking in every corridor. Disorder will follow you like a shadow. A war is about to be initiated between Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Because Hermione Granger just saw something that she wasn't supposed to see. Hermione Granger has blackmail.


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