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Draco Malfoy was mortified. No matter what he did, Hermione always seemed to be outsmarting him. He needed something brilliant... Something foolproof... Something that Hermione Granger feared... Draco Malfoy needed something. But he had no idea what it was.


She watched him as he was sleeping. He had drifted off in the room of requirement, where the two of them had been doing homework. She thought silently about how cute he looked. How harmless. She laughed at herself a bit. It was funny how she had fallen for the one person that she couldn't stand. He groaned softly in his sleep. A smirk came over her face. She had an idea.

"Umph!" Malfoy grunted as Hermione jumped on top of him. "What do you want, Dobby? Didn't you get enough of me last night?" He mumbled, still half asleep. Hermione's face contorted with disgust and confusion, but she quickly regained composure and leaned down next to his ear.

"Draco..." She whispered, trying to sound as sexy as possible. "Draco baby... Wake up..." She felt him stir beneath her. "Draco..." She crooned. His eyes shot open and suddenly his icy gray eyes were peering right back into her brown ones.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed as he stood suddenly. Hermione went flying backwards towards the fire. Oh no Draco thought to himself, there's no way I'll be able to reach her in time to save her. I need a hero!


Time froze. Hermione paused in mid-air, and music started playing. Doo doo doo doooo Doo doo doo doooo Doo doo doo doooo Aaahhh Aaahhh... It started. Draco looked around in confusion. And then, with another loud bang, Harry was standing in front of him, wearing a superwoman costume. Harry looked at Draco, then to Hermione. He opened his mouth to say something that Draco assumed would have consisted of "WHAT THE HELL?!" but instead, all Draco heard was: I need a hero,

I'm holding out for a hero 'till the morning light, He's gotta be sure, And it's gotta be soon, And he's gotta be larger than life... Larger than life!

Now it was Draco's turn to say "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Harry looked at him, shrugged, and said "You have no idea how many times I get pulled down here. WHY AM I ALWAYS THE GODDAMN HERO?!" He whined. Draco looked at him, amazed, and then remembered something; Hermione. "

"SAVE HER YOU MORON!" Draco screamed.

"No need to get all mean about it..." Harry complained. He snapped his fingers, and with that, time unfroze and Hermione was once again hurling towards the fire. Harry ran, fake boobs bouncing in his tight little superwoman costume, and caught her.

Hermione was far from grateful. "I need Harry to be gone." she said, and he disappeared. Then she turned to Draco. "... Why didn't you just say you needed the fire to be gone? THE IMAGES WILL BE BURNED IN MY MIND FOREVER!" She yelled.

"Shut up." He said icily. He turned on his heel and headed out of the room. She humiliated him in front of his friends, she humiliated him in front of his teachers, and now she's even humiliated him while he was trying to save her.

He'd said it before but never meant it more than at that moment; Draco Malfoy was going to get revenge.


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