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Chapter 1

Thoughtfully, Kurama leaned against the headboard of his bed looking down at the man who had been his lover for the past five years. Hiei looked so sweet when he slept. Sadly, the redhead reflected back on their turbulent relationship.

Though Hiei would never admit it, out of fear and in pain they had turned to each other for comfort during the dark tournament. Over the next year their affair had continued and even grown into a loving one.

After the Makai tournament all of that changed. As a demon and heir to a demon lord, Hiei's life was in the Makai. Kurama however chose to return to the Ningenkai and live out his life as a human. Knowing there was no way for their love to survive when they lived worlds apart they mutually agreed to end their relationship.

Since then they didn't see each other often. Occasionally they were brought together by Reikai or Makai business. On a rare occasion one of them would seek out the other. Whatever the reason, when they were together, they were invariably drawn to each other. Neither admitted to anything more than a physical attraction to the other but secretly each hoped that the love they had once shared would never die.

On these occasions they didn't talk much, neither wanting to know the intimate details of the other's life. Each harboring a secret fear that he had been replaced in his lover's heart.

Kurama had suspected for some time that Hiei and Mukuro had become lovers and would eventually mate. Knowing he would want to please his Ningen family, Hiei believed that Kurama had conformed to tradition by taking a human girlfriend and would someday make her his wife. Both knew if one of them ever committed to another they could never be together again.

These fears fueled their infrequent encounters into frenzied and even desperate love making. Both were unaware that when they parted each suffered a depression that was unmistakable to those closest to them. No one understood why they couldn't just admit they still loved each other and find a way to stay together. The best their friends could do was try to help them through their depression.

When Hiei would return to Makai, Mukuro would train him relentlessly trying to distract him from his inner pain. Kurama had begun to notice that Yusuke always turned up to take his mind off losing Hiei every time they part.

Reaching out, Kurama gently stroked a hand through Hiei's hair, smiling when the fire demon began to purr. Kurama often wondered if it were really the great sex that drew Hiei to him or if the fire demon was just tired and sought a safe place to sleep.

Kurama's smile grew when a warm hand caressed up his thigh. "I didn't mean to wake you Dragon-Heart."

Hiei smiled at the old nickname, allowing Kurama's soft voice to surround him. "I need to go soon anyway Foxie."

Kurama's heart began to pound, all too soon Hiei would leave him and he would be alone again. "I'm glad you came Hiei."

With a smirk Hiei snaked his hand up between Kurama's legs. "Me too Foxie, now come here and make me do it again."

Kurama didn't hesitate to do his lover's bidding, laughing as Hiei twisted the meaning of his words. "It will be my pleasure Lover."

Last night they had come together in a desperate need to touch and taste a long missed lover. Now, soft moans filled the predawn air as their bodies came together in a slow, loving joining. Both knew when it was over they would part, neither knowing if or when they would ever be together again.

As the sun began to light the morning sky Hiei sat perched on the window sill. He paused a moment to look back at his sleeping lover. Even though Hiei had learned to accept these parting as possibly the last time he would be with the man he loved, it still hurt more than anything he had ever known.

As Hiei flitted off a soft whisper floated toward the bed. "I love you, Kurama."

A single tear slipped from Kurama's closed eyes. "I love you too, Hiei."

Knowingly, Kurama tried to smile as he opened his apartment door. "Hello Yusuke. Please, come in."

Taking in his friend's failed attempt to smile, Yusuke was glad he'd come. "Hey Kurama. If you're not busy today I thought we could hang out."

Kurama followed Yusuke to the living room. "You don't need to pretend Yusuke. I know why you're here. What I don't understand is how you always seem to know."

Yusuke couldn't meet Kurama's intense gaze. "Well… um… Hietlsmetowchotfryuwhnhelvs."

Raising an eyebrow Kurama almost managed a smile. "Perhaps you could slow that down a little and try again."

Heaving a sigh Yusuke faced his friend. "Fine! Hiei tells me to watch out for you when he leaves. Kurama, he trusts me to take care of you in his absence and I won't let him down."

It was Kurama's turn to look away. "I'm a grown man Yusuke, I don't need either of you to take care of me."

Stepping closer Yusuke put an arm around Kurama. "No, but every time the two of you do this you suffer a depression that leaves you vulnerable. We're a team Kurama and we look out for each other."

Kurama turned to look at Yusuke before laying his head on the hanyou's shoulder. "Thanks Yusuke, you're a good friend."

With a half laugh Yusuke pulled him closer. "You know if you two would just grow up and get back together we wouldn't have to do this at all. Considering how old you are I would have thought you'd know that life's too precious to spend it without the one you love."

Feigning indignation at being called old Kurama shoved his friend causing him to fall back on the sofa. Startled, Yusuke grabbed at the redhead tumbling him down as well. Laughing now Kurama again rested his head back on Yusuke's shoulder. "You're one to talk. Every day you turn a blind eye to the one who loves you. Maybe you should take your own advice."

Absently, Yusuke stroked Kurama's hair. "I know and I'll do something about it soon. It's just that nothing's really changed and I don't want someone I love to get hurt again because of me."

Kurama sighed. "I understand that but you have to realize ignoring the situation hurts too. I know you're afraid Yusuke. After Keiko waited three years for you to return from Makai she couldn't handle being the wife of a demon and left. Kuwabara tried for years to get Yukina to love him but that didn't work out either. Then Hiei and I proved that love can't survive when we live worlds apart."

Yusuke looked down at Kurama. "Your love survived Kurama, you're just both too stubborn to compromise. All your little speech did was make me realize I made the right decision. One human, one demon… it would never work."

Boldly green eyes met brown. "You're right about us Yusuke, and if you follow our example you'll be just as miserable as we are. Someone once said 'It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'."

Looking down at the attractive redhead Yusuke thought a moment before he replied. "Maybe we should fall in love Kurama. Two demons with a weakness for humans. We might be able to make it work."

Kurama looked up at his long time friend. He wasn't surprised when Yusuke's head descended and his lips were captured in a gentle kiss. For a little while they gave in to their loneliness and took comfort in each other's embrace.

Reluctantly Kurama pulled back. His smile was sad when he met Yusuke's eyes. "As nice as that sounds my friend, there's just one problem. I love Hiei with all my heart and you love Kuwabara with all of yours."

Their rolls had reversed. Suddenly it was Yusuke who was vulnerable and Kurama offering comfort. "I do love him Kurama but like I said, nothing's changed. Just like Keiko, he'll resent me when I have to go to Makai and that I won't grow old with him. Then, if we survive that, in only a few years he'll die leaving me alone again. I don't think I can do it Kurama. I'd rather never know his love than to give him my heart just to have it broken again."

Kurama held Yusuke close. "You're going to lose him either way Yusuke. You could at least be happy with him before you do."

Thoughtfully Yusuke nodded. "I'll think about it Kurama. Man, this is some cheering up party I'm giving you. If this keeps up we'll both end up crying. How about we go see a movie? I think there's a new comedy playing."

Standing, Kurama pulled Yusuke up by the hand. "Why Yusuke, are you asking me out? I'm not a cheep date you know. I want a large popcorn and we can share a soda. Oh and gummy bears, you'll get me those too won't you?"

As Kurama dragged him out of the apartment Yusuke was protesting. "Gummy bears? Kurama, how much money do you think I make?"

Kurama just laughed.