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Chapter 10.

As the doors to the great hall opened all eyes turned as Kurama entered with his mother at his side. Kurama and Hiei however only had eyes for each other.

Shiori was right, Hiei was very handsome. His outfit was designed much like Kurama's only in black with silver trim on the tunic. Hiei's tunic was cut in a shorter style with black pants underneath. Embroidered on the front was a silver fox with flames coming off it's heels, it's head resting across his heart, tilted up so it's green eyes looked up at Hiei.

Kurama and Shiori moved forward. When they reached Hiei, Shiori took Kurama's hand and placed it in Hiei's before kissing the fire demon's cheek and moving to take her seat beside her husband.

Hiei whispered. "You're beautiful Foxie."

Kurama whispered back. "I love you Dragon-Heart."

Hand in hand Hiei and Kurama walked to where Koenma awaited them. Once before him they knelt as the ceremony began.

Koenma smiled at his friends before speaking. "Welcome everyone. Today I have the great honor of binding two of my best friends in marriage. Hiei, I'll need your left hand, Kurama I'd like your right please."

The first part of the ceremony was a demon bonding ritual. A ribbon woven from Hiei and Kurama's hair as well as hair from each of their family and closest friends was used to bind their hands together, Kurama's right to Hiei's left.

Koenma then began an ancient chant as Hiei and Kurama raised their spirit energy allowing them and their life forces to bind together for all time. Once the bonding ritual was over Hiei and Kurama shared a passionate kiss before Kurama changed into his redheaded human form.

When they parted Koenma continued. "The second part of this ceremony is a traditional human wedding. Though this wedding will not be viewed as legal in the Ningenkai, in Hiei and Kurama's hearts and in the eyes of their family and friends it along with their bond and markings will bind them together for all time."

Shiori cried as she watched her beloved son and his mate pledge their life and love to each other.

At this point in the ceremony Koenma turned to Hiei. "May I have the rings please?"

Realizing he had forgotten about rings, Kurama was surprised when Hiei produced two silver rings and handed them to Koenma.

Hiei smiled smugly at Kurama before Koenma continued. "In the Ningenkai the wedding ring symbolizes an unbroken circle of love."

The ring Hiei placed on Kurama's finger as he spoke his vows was cast as a dragon with it's body and tail curling around his finger.

When he saw the ring Koenma handed him, Kurama's voice cracked with emotion as he spoke his vows. The ring was cast as a fox that appeared to chase it's own tail around Hiei's finger.

All too quickly both ceremonies were over. "It is my great pleasure to pronounce Hiei and Kurama married. You may now ki…"

Before Koenma could finish, Kurama flung himself into Hiei's arms and they forgot everyone as they kissed. It was several moments before cheers penetrated the lover's senses and they parted. Turning to face their family and friends Hiei smirked shyly and Kurama, wearing a huge smile, blushed.

Before anyone could rush forward to congratulate them Koenma spoke again. "Hold on everyone, I'm not finished. As a god of Reikai I should be the first to give the newly weds a wedding present."

Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes but Koenma continued undaunted. "With the help of my beautiful wife Botan we have come up with the perfect gift for the perfect couple. In recognition of everything you have both done for Reikai, Makai and Ningenkai I grant Shuuichi, Kurama's human form, a demon's life span so that Hiei and Kurama may have a long as well as a happy life together."

This time everyone cheered but Koenma still wasn't done. He turned to Yusuke and Kuwabara with a grin. "I hope some day soon I can give that same wedding gift to the other members of my Reikai Tente family."

Kuwabara beamed, slipping an arm around his boyfriend. Before Yusuke could react he heard Kurama call out. "Hey, Yusuke!"

Yusuke turned just in time to see Kurama's wedding bouquet fly at his chest. Quickly grabbing it he turned startled eyes to Kurama who laughed. "I told you, you were next Yusuke."

Yusuke pulled out from under Kuwabara's arm to lunge at Kurama. Standing his ground Kurama pulled Yusuke into a hug laughing at Yusuke's words. "I'm going to get you for that Fox-Boy."

When Yusuke stepped back he ended up in Kuwabara's waiting arms. "Thanks for all the support Kurama. Koenma, I look forward to collecting on that offer."

Hiei and Kurama spent the next hour accepting everyone's good wishes. A feast was served and even a wedding cake was produced for them to cut. Seeing the mischievous gleam sparkle in his mate's green eyes Hiei wielded the cake knife he held like a weapon. "What are you planning Fox?"

When Kurama pouted prettily holding an innocent piece of cake Hiei lowered the knife slightly. "Now Hiei, you wouldn't deny me a ningen wedding tradition would you Darling?"

Putting down the knife Hiei continued to eye his mate suspiciously as Kurama used his fingers to pick up the cake. Kurama whispered "I love you Hiei" just as he mashed the cake into the fire demon's face.

The demons around them looked on in amazement and the humans laughed as Kurama quickly kissed Hiei smearing the mess on his face as well. Hiei forgot to be angry at the sweet taste of his fox mixed with cake. When their lips parted it was to lovingly lick cake and frosting from each other's face.

The gleam was in Hiei's eyes this time when he whispered to Kurama. "I'll have to remember to cover you in frosting when we're alone sometime Foxie, you taste really good that way."

Kurama's eyes darkened with desire. "That was cruel Hiei. Teasing me with such a delicious treat when I can't have you all to myself for a few more hours."

Most of the demons eyed the cake skeptically but once they tasted it, it was devoured. After the cake was gone the dancing began.

A little while later Kuwabara was leading Yusuke off the dance floor when suddenly he stopped. Just ahead of them was Yukina watching them. Kuwabara took a deep breath before turning to kiss Yusuke's cheek. "I'll be right back."

Nervously, Yusuke watched as Kuwabara went to talk with Yukina. He practically seethed with jealousy when his boyfriend leaned down to kiss the cheek of the woman he once loved.

They only spoke a few minutes before Kuwabara bowed to the little Koorime and returned to Yusuke's side. Seeing a hint of jealousy in Yusuke's eyes, Kuwabara gave him a brief kiss. "You have nothing to worry about Firecracker, I'm all yours. After the way she left, without saying a word, it was nice to finally say goodbye."

Yusuke sighed and nodded but couldn't meet his gaze. "It's alright Kuwa I understand. I know I should have told you but I didn't want you to worry for nothing. I… um… saw… Keiko last week. Babe it's not what you think, she just wanted to talk. She's getting married next month. He's a professor at the university. I think it was a chance for each of us to know the other was doing alright and, like you and Yukina, to really say goodbye."

Looking hurt, Kuwabara stared at Yusuke a moment before he spoke. "Are you okay with Keiko getting married again?"

Yusuke's answer was confident. "Yes Kazuma, I'm very okay with it. I'm sorry I let her down and I'm still afraid I'll let you down but I'm glad she's happy. I just don't want to screw up with you the way I did with her."

Taking Yusuke by the hand Kuwabara took him out onto the terrace before turning to face him. "You loved her Yusuke, there's nothing screwed up about that. Loving a demon is a lot for anyone to handle. Believe me I know, I've done it twice. For a girl who dreamed of a normal life, a house with a white picket fence and a couple of kids, it was just too much."

Yusuke grabbed Kuwabara by the lapels of the jacket. At first Kuwabara thought he was angry but when he spoke the fear in his voice was apparent. "What about you Kuwa? When will it become too much for you? How long before you leave me too? Wh…"

Kuwabara grabbed Yusuke pulling him into a brutal kiss. When Yusuke calmed, relaxing into the embrace Kuwabara pulled back. "Damn it Yusuke I can't promise we'll have what Hiei and Kurama have. All I can do is love you and hope that you love me back for a very long time."

Yusuke's arms wrapped around Kuwabara, holding him tight. With his head tucked against his boyfriend's chest he took several deep breaths as he tried to come to terms with his feelings. After a minute he glanced up at Kuwabara with a lopsided grin. "Thanks. I guess I've been worrying too much about what might happen instead of being grateful for what is happening. I do love you, you know."

Kuwabara grinned back. "Yea, I know, I just don't know if it's my great personality or just my sexy body you want."

Yusuke laughed. "Right now I'd have to say it's your sexy body. What do you say we blow this party and have one of our own upstairs?"

Dragging Kuwabara by the hand Yusuke snatched up a fresh bottle of Makai's version of champagne and headed for the stairs. Midway up Kuwabara pulled him to a stop. "Are you sure about this Yusuke? I'm not sure I want to start something right now that you're not ready to finish."

Yusuke planted a heart stopping kiss on him before looking him square in the eyes. "I'm tired of loving you only half way. I want it all, for as long as we have together and I'm going hold that pacifier junkie to his promise because fifty years or so won't be nearly long enough."

Golden eyes watched the two share a tender kiss before Kuwabara chased a laughing Yusuke up to their room. The Youko turned to the annoyed voice beside him. "Are you happy now Fox?"

Kurama smiled down at his mate. "Yes Hiei, I am. Being in love feels better when the people you care about are in love too."

Hiei just shook his head at his sentimental fox. "Hn. Now if we can just get the rest of these clowns to leave or go to bed I can have you all to myself."

Laughing, Kurama kissed his nose. "I'll make you a deal Dragon-Heart. Help me get my parents and Shuuichi safely to their rooms and I'm all yours. To hell with everyone else."

"Deal! That's the smartest thing you've said all night." With their hands still joined by the ribbon from their bonding ceremony Hiei dragged Kurama in search of his family.

Hiei knew from the gasp he heard behind him the exact moment his fox spotted them. The fact that Kurama was suddenly dragging him confirmed that he wasn't happy to see his stepfather in a deep conversation with Yomi. Beside them was Shiori and Shuuichi.

Reaching them Kurama was greeted by Yomi's smooth voice. "Kurama, old friend, Hatanaka and I were just talking about you."

Not sure what to expect Kurama turned nervous eyes to his stepfather. "Shu… Kurama, is it true that the spirit fox we hear about in legends at home is really you?"

In one question some of his worst fears were confirmed. He glared at Yomi before addressing his stepfather. Knowing that the proverbial cat, or rather fox, was out of the bag Kurama decided on the honest approach. "Yes Father, it is true. The Youko thief and murder in the legends was me but that demon died a long time ago, in more ways than one."

Hatanaka pondered his words a moment. "Tell me then, what made you become the man you are today?"

Kurama thought a moment before his eyes settled on Yomi. "Many things. Being so full of myself that I would betray an old friend and lover."

Looking away at seemingly nothing, Kurama's eyes filled with sadness as he thought of Kuronue. "Watching the man I loved die because of my selfishness and greed."

His gaze shifted to Shiori and he gave her a reassuring smile. "Learning that there is no truer love than that of a mother for her child."

Thinking of Yusuke and Kuwabara he glanced up and grinned. "Having friends that would lay their lives down for me."

His eyes softened when his gaze settled lovingly on Hiei. "And finding the other half of my soul and wanting to do what ever it takes to ensure that I never lose him."

Hiei pulled Kurama down for a tender kiss. When Kurama turned back to his family he knew he'd said the right thing. His stepfather nodded approvingly and his mother had tears in her eyes. He looked a little surprised when Hatanaka laughed. "I guess when you live as long as you have you get a chance to repent for your sins."

When Kurama pouted Shiori spoke up. "Now Darling, no cracks about Kurama's age. He's a Youko so he quite vain about these things. Besides if he's old, what will that make us as his parents?"

Kurama looked shocked. "Mother!" Everyone laughed.

Impatient to have his fox alone Hiei caught Shiori's attention. When he gave her a wink and a rather fake yawn Shiori grinned. "Darling, I think it's time we all said good night. We have to get some sleep if we're going home tomorrow. Come along Shu-Chan."

Knowing his wife must have a good reason, Hatanaka bid Yomi farewell. Shuuichi tried arguing that things were just getting good but Shiori wouldn't hear it. Shiori knew Kurama and Hiei wouldn't leave until they were safe in their rooms so she ushered her family over to bid Mukuro good night.

The demoness smiled at her ningen friend. "Well Shiori, we finally got our children mated. I was beginning to think we'd never pull it off."

Shiori laughed. "I never knew they could be so stubborn. I can't even imagine what we're going to have to do to get grandchildren."

Hiei growled. "Do you hear them Fox? They make it sound like they did all the work."

Kurama nodded. "I wonder where they think two males are going to come up with grandchildren for them?"

Both Hiei and Kurama looked a little perturbed when everyone laughed. Hiei had finally had enough. "Alright, I want all the ningens in their rooms now! I'm ready to take my mate to bed!"

Kurama could only close his eyes and blush in embarrassment as another peal of laughter met his ears. Luckily it was expected for newlyweds to be anxious to get to the honeymoon and Kurama's family all headed upstairs.

When they reached their rooms Hatanaka gave Shuuichi a brief lecture about not sneaking out. His new father-in-law looked relieved when Hiei posted a guard at their doors. He then grinned knowingly as he bid the demons goodnight.

Shiori lingered a moment after her husband went into their room. "Boys, I am so happy for you. Forget all of our teasing and just be happy."

When she gave Hiei a hug and kiss he whispered "Thank you" and she gave him a wink. Knowing his mother would want to give her son her best wishes Kurama changed to his human form while they hugged.

Sure enough when she saw the redhead she squealed and gave him a big hug. "Oh Shuuichi, I was so proud of you today. I couldn't have wished for a nicer wedding for you both."

He returned the hug. "Thank you Mother. It meant so much to me to have you all here with us today."

After a few more hugs and kisses Shiori went to join her husband. Kurama smiled as he held his husband's hand and they moved toward their room.

When Hiei noticed Kurama walking slowly he looked over at him curiously. "Fox?"

Kurama sounded unsure when he spoke. "We will make this work, won't we Hiei?"

Hiei squeezed his hand. "Of course we will Kurama. I've already told Mukuro I'll be gone a lot more until you're ready to return home for good."

Kurama stopped and looked at him in amazement. "You did? Hiei, I already told my mother that I'd be moving here but that I'd go back to see her as often as I could and that she could visit us here."

It was Hiei's turn to look amazed. "You did that for me?"

Kurama smiled. "Of course I did Hiei, I love you. You are my mate and my husband, I would do anything for you."

Hiei pulled Kurama into his arms. "I love you too Baby. Is it okay if I like your way better? I promise I'll go with you to the Ningenkai as often as you want and your family can come here anytime."

Kurama laughed. "Yes My Love, I'll gladly move here with you. It really made this easier now that my family knows the truth."

Hiei's ruby eyes lit with fire. "This had better mean that I can finally get you in bed Fox."

Still facing Hiei, Kurama walked backward to their room, pulling Hiei by their still joined hands. "As always My Love, it will be my pleasure."