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The worst that can happen

Jake was down in the hanger working on the Turbokat. He had to repair the missile guidance system because Feral 'accidently' hit the Turbokat while they chased down Dark Kat. Once again it was Feral's stupidity that helped Dark Kat escape. Jake groaned in frustration as he dropped a tool he needed. Jake climbed down, grabbed the tool then climbed back up and continued to repair the Turbokat. After a few hours he began to wonder what Chance was up to. He hoped Chance was working on one of the many cars they had backed up. They were either always backed up or had nothing to do. Jake finished up and went into the garage. Jake looked around and saw Chance leaning under the hood of a car. Jake walked over to Chance and looked over his shoulder. He had made a lot of progress on the car he was working on. It looked a lot better then when it came in. Chance looked up at Jake when he noticed he was standing behind him.

" Hey Jake, how's it going.?" Chance asked as he straightened up.

" Well, I got the system fixed, now we just need to rebuild what Feral hit." Jake said as he leaned on the car.

" I'll do that. You can work on the cars." Chance said as he wiped the grease from his hands.

" Gee thanks for the break pal." Jake said in a sarcastic tone, but with a smile on his face.

" Yeah, I'll just grab something to eat real quick." Chance said as he headed inside.

" That sounds like a good idea." Jake said as he followed Chance.

They walked into the kitchen and looked around. After a few minutes they realized they didn't have much to eat, and what they did have wasn't very appetizing. Jake leaned on the counter as he thought about what to do now. Chance walked out into the tv room and sat down on the old couch. The tv was already on. He didn't feel like watching tv at the moment since there was nothing good on. After a few minutes the phone rang. Chance hoped it wasn't someone with another car that needed repairs. Jake answered the phone, hoping the same thing. To his disappointment it was. Jake wrote down the street the car had broke down on and hung the phone up. Jake sighed as he walked up to Chance and held the paper in front of him.

" It's your turn to pick the car up." Jake said.

" No I picked up the last one, this ones yours buddy." Chance said as he relaxed.

" No I picked up the last one." Jake said.

" Come on Jake, I've been working on the cars. You get this one." Chance said, pushing the paper towards Jake.

" But I've been working on the Turbokat." Jake said, getting frustrated.

" I'll work on it while you're gone." Chance said.

" No, you're going to pick up this car, I'll work on the cars that are backed up." Jake said, dropping the paper into Chance's lap.

" Come on Jake, it won't kill you to pick this one up." Chance said as he looked at the paper. " Whoa, this one's really out there. It's not even in the city."

" I know, I really don't want to go out there." Jake said.

" Fine, I'll get it." Chance said getting up.

Chance grabbed the key's and walked out the door. Jake went out to the garage to get some work done. He looked over the many cars they had sitting around the garage. He sighed as he walked up to the closest car and began to work on it. It didn't take him long to fix that car then he moved onto the next. About two hours later Chance returned with the car. He unhooked it from the truck and walked over to Jake. Chance looked over the car Jake was working on.

" Hey buddy, how much did you get done?" Chance asked as he leaned on the car.

" Two car's and I should get this one done soon." Jake said.

" Alright, I'll go work down in the Turbokat." Chance said as he headed for the hanger.

Jake just nodded and continued to work on the car. Chance wasn't in the hanger long before the alarm went off. This caused a problem, the Turbokat was still in need of repair. Jake raced to the hanger and dressed into his flight suit quickly. Chance answered the phone.

" What's the situation Ms. Briggs?" Chance asked.

" There's someone at the office waving a gun in Mayor Manx's face. He's demanding to see the SWAT Kats or he's going to kill the Mayor. You have to hurry T-bone" Callie said quickly trying not to panic.

" Razor, we need to get to the Mayor's office. Mayor Manx's life is on the line." Chance said.

" I'll take the Cyclotron. Can you get the Turbokat repaired?" Razor asked as he put his helmet on.

" Yeah, it might take a little while, but I'll get it done as quick as I can. Then I'll join you out there." Chance said.

" Alright, I'll see you later." Razor said, then he was off.

" Razor's on his way Ms. Briggs. I'll be there once the Turbokat's able to fly." Chance said then went to work on the Turbokat.

Razor raced down the streets to get to the Mayor's office. He could see several Enforcer vehicles speeding down the street. As Razor came up to a crossroad an Enforcer car came flying around the corner. Razor made a sharp turn to avoid an accident, but the Cyclotron couldn't take the sudden weight shift. It fell over then skidded across the ground, dragging Razor with it and pinning his leg. As the Cyclotron came to a stop, so did the Enforcer car. Razor managed to pull his leg free as the car door opened, and out stepped the last kat he wanted to see.

" Why don't you watch where you are going SWAT Kat, you could have caused an accident." Feral said as he approached Razor.

" Yeah, you're one to talk." Razor said as he got to his feet and looked down his leg.

The pants leg of the flight suit was torn to shreds and there were several abrasions down his leg. Razor ignored the pain as he picked up the Cyclotron. Razor climbed onto the Cyclotron and started it up.

" Where do you think you're going?" Feral said, glaring at Razor.

" I've got to get to the Mayor's office. See ya Feral." Razor said then he raced off, leaving an annoyed Feral standing in the street.

It wasn't too much longer until Razor came to a stop in front of the Mayor's Office. He wasted no time in getting inside, and hurried up the many floors. Razor only hoped he wasn't too late.


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