The worst that could happen Ch.21

Chance found himself standing in the rain, his eyes locked onto a stone slab. The words written over the face of the slab were blurred, impossible to read. He reached his hand out and touched the smooth stone. He was suddenly hit by a wave of emotions, overwhelming his mind at the simple touch of the stone. Tears began to stream down his face, unable to determine which of the emotions churning within his exhausted mind brought them forth at this time. He soon found himself on his knee's before the slab, a shuddering breath escaping his chest. He didn't know why such a simple object was stirring such emotions within him, even as he couldn't make out what was written on the surface. He began to ask himself why were these emotions welling up within him and trying to burst forth from him. No matter how hard he tried to think, it all came back to that slab before him, something about it stirred him up so. Just the mere sight of it brought up feelings of anger, sorrow, and despair. He leaned closer to it, trying to make the words out that rested on the stone face. After a moment they began to come into focus, he could almost make them out. Suddenly there was a strange chirping followed by beeps, dissolving the scene before him.

Chance sat bolt right up and he began to look over the area around him. He was in his bed, resting in the room of his hanger that acted as his sleeping quarters since the incident. He breathed a relieved sigh to be in his room, and not standing in front of that stone slab. That last nightmare had chilled him to the core, even more so now with his mind was awake and able to ponder over it. But he quickly shook his head, wanting to forget every fragment of that dream. It was then that he realized that CT was beside his bed. In it's metallic hand was his communicator, the light on it blinking, letting him know that Callie was trying to get in touch with him. He quickly scrambled out of bed before he took the communicator from the bot and activated it.

"Chance here, what's going on Callie?" Chance asked as he tried to suppress a yawn.

"I'm afraid I've bad news, I just spotted Dark Kat near the Megakat City Power Plant. I just know he's up to no good, you better hurry.." Callie said urgently. Those words made Chance's blood run cold, the thought of the damage that Dark Kat could do sending chills down his spine.

"I'm on my way!" He called out as he bolted passed CT and down the hall to the hanger. He jumped into his flight suit in no time at all and was in the Turbokat in a heartbeat. He immediately pushed the Turbokat's engines to full blast and he was out of the hanger in an instant. The sky was dark as he hurried on, a mixture of night and storm clouds giving an ominous feel to the air. Even with the engines pushing at maximum power, it took a few moments to reach Megakat city. Moments that T-bone knew were very precious, considering what was at stake when Dark Kat was about.

The sight he came up on nearly brought his heart to a sudden stop. Several blocks of the city were definitely out of power, Dark Kat had cut it off. T-bones eyes frantically searched over the city, praying to see Megakat Memorial Hospital still holding power, that it was on a circuit connected to one of the other two power sources for the city. He felt his hands clutch tightly at the controls as it came into sight, apparently, it was not. The building was dark other then the frantic movements of the staff's flashlights as they raced from room to room, checking on patients and doing what ever was in their power to keep them alive.

T-bone's heart felt as though it were breaking, shattering at the thought of his friend inside who depended on that power for life. What hurt him more, there was nothing he could do, he was absolutely powerless to help them. There was no miracle plan buzzing in his shocked mind, no item in his arsenal that could help. The thought of a scrambler missile came to mind knowing how much power one of those things packed, but it quickly faded as well. That would be far too dangerous, there was no way to regulate how much power that thing put out, it could surge the system.

As these thoughts sank into T-bone, he saw Dark Kat's ship go by and his blood quickly began to boil. Knowing that Dark Kat could have very well just taken the life of his partner as well as several other innocent kats in the hospital by cutting off their power, brought on a burning rage. T-bone quickly kicked the engines up to full power once more as he gave chase to Dark Kat. He had no intention of letting Dark Kat get away this time.

"No matter what.. This time you go down for good Dark Crud!" T-bone growled out through gritted teeth as he pursued the villain. All rational thought at the time was gone, all he knew was that Dark Kat had gone too far and it was time to put an end to him permanently. No matter what the cost, he was going to see that Dark Kat could never hurt another kat ever again.

Within Megakat Memorial Hospital, the staff was running around frantically. Nurses and doctors running in and out of rooms, checking on patients. Those that need special care were the main concern of the staff. Though they were short handed that night, and were having trouble keeping up with the needs of some of their patients. In one room particularly, the staff kept passing a frantic she kat kept calling out to anyone who passed.

"Please! Someone please my brother! You have to hurry, please come help!" Katie cried out as some nurses bounced from room to room. Her pleas for help seemed to go unnoticed, with all the others calling about for help drowning out her voice it would be surprising if anyone had heard her. Just when a nurse began to run passed, Katie became bolder, reaching out and grabbing onto the nurses arm. "Please, my brother needs help now, or he's..."

Katie whimpered as she looked back into the room to the sleeping form of her brother in the moonlight that managed to poured through the window before the clouds in the sky closed over it once more. The nurse gave a quick nod as she rushed passed Katie into the room. She came over to Jake and began to look him over, checking his vitals for a sign of some form of life within the seemingly sleeping tom. She then suddenly bolted out of the room without so much as a single word, leaving a confused and worried Katie standing by the door. Katie had felt herself begin to tremble as a thought crept into her mind, the only reason she could think for the nurse to rush out so suddenly. She buried her face in her hands as she leaned back against the wall, wishing for this to be just some bad dream. As she felt the tears begin to flow from her eyes she heard rapid footsteps rush into the room. She pulled her hands from her face to see a doctor leaning over Jake. She could hear the doctor muttering something to the nurse, but she couldn't make it what was being said through the chaos of others calling for help through the halls.

As Katie stood back frozen, she watched as the doctor and nurse began to unhook Jake from the ventilator. Katie quickly turned her back on the sight, leaning into the wall as if she tried to bury herself into it to escape the scene as she sobbed over the thought of losing her brother like that. After several moments passed she could hear the footsteps of the nurse and doctor approaching the door. She then felt a hand on her shoulder, making her jump a little at the sudden touch. She looked up to see the nurse who gently put her arm around Katie. She was confused as the nurse led her over to the bed that held her brother. It took her a moment before she was able to turn her gaze to him and she felt herself tense at first.

"He's actually breathing on his own now.. Sorry I didn't say anything before now, but things are hectic, I wanted to get the doctor fast." The nurse said as she gave Katie a gentle smile. She then pulled a chair closer to the bed and helped Katie to sit.

"H-he's breathing.. He's still alive..! That's it Jake, I knew you were a fighter!" Katie said, her voice cracking a little from her crying before as she slipped her hand into his.

"I have to go now, keep a close eye on him and if there's any change in his condition, don't hesitate to grab a nurse or a doctor." The nurse said as she smiled to Katie once more before she went on her way.

Katie watched the nurse as she left before turning her gaze back to Jake. She watched his chest rise and fall as he took in breaths on his own. It gave her renewed hope that he would ok. She reminded herself that he was strong, he would never just throw in the towel. Even if all odds were against him, he'd still fight to hold on, she was sure of this. She leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before taking her seat again. She had no intention of taking her eyes off him now, not until the power was back again and he was back to being monitored by the now lifeless machines around him. The only thought that brought her more joy then the sight of her brother holding on, would be him waking. She knew better then to hope for that at the moment though. So she just kept her eyes focused on him, and prayed for the power to return soon.

Well look here, I managed a quick chapter for this story. I know it's short, but I think what's coming up next deserves it's own chapter. And that's all I'm saying on that. I hope everyone enjoyed this little tidbit of a chapter, and that you'll continue to enjoy as the story moves on closer towards it's conclusion