The Sand Prince

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Chapter 1- Betrothed

"Lady Sakura! What are you doing?"

A sweating pink haired girl of about 17 years of age looked over to where an old woman stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at her. Her catlike emerald eyes immediately took on a guilty, but stubborn look.

"Um…eh heh…well you see...I uh...librated this sword from a soldier and then asked him t-." She tried explained to the stern looking elderly lady.

"More like threatened. And I'm a Captain…." The Captain muttered

Sakura glared at the sliver haired captain before continuing her explanation.

"Asked him to teach me how to use it…in case…of an enemy attack!" She smiled.

"Ladies do not practice swordsmanship and in case of an enemy attack, I'm sure our guards here are strong enough to take care of them."

"But…I want to learn-." She began, but was interrupted.

"No! You are a act like it. The King wishes to see you, you must make haste to see him, but before you do please…change and clean up." The old lady worried over her sweat trussed lady. Her eyes held great affection for the girl. Sakura sighed in defeat and smiled at the woman.

"Yes, Tsukushi, but I still want to learn sword play… I am the only one left of the Haruno clan, and if I wish to learn to sword play I will."

With that said Sakura handed the sliver haired captain his sword with her thanks.

"We'll continue our lessons later Captain Kakashi…"

She turned from a stunned Tsukushi and a saddened Kakashi. Her back straight and her head held high she left them standing there to change and wash up and go and see the dreaded Hyuuga King.

"Why does she have to be so stubborn?" Tsukushi asked Kakashi, her eyes saddened.

"Tsukushi, she is trying to be like her father and mother…"

Tsukushi spat at the mention of Sakura's father and her eyes soften at the mention of her mother instantly.

"She does not know how hated he legendary father was. How cruel he was. He ignored her and—" the old woman began her ranted, but was interrupted by Kakashi.

"Yes, he was cruel, ruthless, mindless and greedy, but he was also strong, quick-witted and brave. That's the part she is trying to be."

"Yes… I know… but she is very much a different person then the both of them."


Sakura undid the bun her untidy mess of pink hair had been up in for training. She uncoiled the braid that her hair was in. It fell to her waist, she unbraided it. She stepped into the bathe that had been prepared for her. It was scented with orange blossom extract. It was the king's favorite scent. She could not appear before the king with the way she was looking, not and keep her head. He was fear because of his temper… and cruelty.

'I wonder what he wishes to see me for?'

She tried to avoid the King as much as possible. It was kind of hard considering he was the father to her best friend Crown Princess Hinata. She spent a lot of time with Hinata and Hinata's handsome cousin, Neji. She hadn't spent a lot of time with Neji in a few months which seemed years to her. He was away conquering some unknown small kingdom. She missed the pearl eyed duke a lot. It had always been the three of them, Hinata, Neji and herself. They were best friends.

But there is no best friend position in royalty, you had to be of some important to even be considered an ally of the Hyuuga Royalty. So she was Hinata's first lady in waiting. She wouldn't have been able to get as close to Hinata or Neji were she just another lord or lady. Sakura and Hinata had been best friends since childhood…. Since Sakura saved her from a rampaging warthog from the woods just outside the castle walls and the time when the timid Hinata was being tormented by another princess and her ladies in waiting...

"Lady Sakura? Are you nearly finished? You should not keep the King waiting long… you know he has a temper."

Sakura finished rinsing and stepped out of the bathe and grabbed the warm clean smelling towel.

"I am done, Kukiri…. Are my garments ready?"

"Yes, milady."

Sakura stepped into her changing room and quickly changed, then hurried to the throne chamber, taking the servants secret passages. The dark corridors were faster than the regular way. She came out of the dark corridor just before the throne room doors. She inhaled a breath air and let it out slowly, trying to relax herself. A servant dressed in royal colors, white and blue, darted in front of her to open the door. She thanked him and entered, trying her best to keep the butterflies in her stomach down. The room quieted as she entered her title and name being announced to the King, Queen and the lord and ladies that made up the court.

"Countess Sakura del Haruno of the Haruno Clan." Upon hearing her title she felt her neutral facial mask that she wore in court slip on her features. It kept people from seeing what she felt or thought of them. It kept the King from knowing she feared and hated him. She approached the throne and stopped three feet in front of the throne where the King, Queen, Hinata, Hinata's little sister, and a handsome Neji sat. She bowed to be respectful to them and in greeting, but also to hide her shock and pleasure at seeing the pearl eyed Duke sitting there. Her long unbound hair fell around her helping her to hide her expression from onlookers of the court.

"You may come closer, Countess." The Kings cold voice resounded around the room. By the time she stood erect she had her facial features under control. She studied Hinata for some sign of what might be happening, of the reason why her father wished to speak to Sakura. But Hinata was as good at hiding her thoughts and feelings as Sakura was.

She stopped just at the steps of the raised dais. The eyes of the king were on her as she waited for him to speak. His eyes were narrowed as he began to speak.

"Countess Sakura, as of today, Crown Princess Hinata was betrothed to the Crown Prince Naruto of Leaf Kingdom. In three days hence she will travel there to meet her betrothed and live among his people. She will be staying with him and his people after the marriage. Duke Neji and Captain Kakashi of Haruno clan guard will be traveling with them to the Leaf Kingdom for safety reasons and after seeing her to the palace and in the care of Queen Tsunade, they will return here, Kakashi may stay provided you stay."

Sakura's widened eyes were the only indication Sakura was surprised for the second time that night. "You, Countess Sakura, were requested by Crown Princess Hinata to be her travel companion. There for you must go with her, as for staying with her when you arrive, that is your choice."

Sakura shot a questioning look at Hinata before bowing to the King. She knew he had dismissed her. She walked calmly to the throne room doors and waited for them to be opened for her. As soon as she knew they were closed she began to run, tears streaking down her face. She had a choice to make…. Either lose her whole world here or stay with her princess and best friend in a strange kingdom. She knew the choice her honor would make her chose…

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