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Chapter 1 Sexual Tension

The door clicked open and Blues turned around with a smile, peeling off his black midnight shades, fending off the evil rays of sunlight. He dropped the annoying little onion, and the annoying big butcher knife, and ran his hands under soap and water. "Enzan-sama welcome back!" Wiping his hands with a dishcloth, tossed it back onto the kitchen counter, rushing quickly to the door, like a housewife greeting a businessman who went for a jog…

This one ignored the housewife, and went straight into the household. "…I missed you too…"

Ijuuin Enzan stumbled into his large bathroom, wide-eyed and perplexed by what had just happened, and decided to contemplate over it while taking a hot, soothing bath. (I bring you immediate fan-service, ladies and ladies!) It had been about eight months since the psychologically damaging incident with Blues, and for some reason, this new turn of events seemed to redraw images of the occurrence, and it was such a joy to recall a hysterical Blues on a killing spree once again.

Peeling off the layers of clothing one by one, his head twitched from side to side; his hair was considerably long, (No, it's not a mullet you bastards!) and his bangs fell into his eyes constantly. Taking off his black, yellow rimmed shirt, he called out, "Blues, I'm taking a shower! Hold my calls!"

"Want me to join you?" The Navi called back playfully, and yet oozed with sarcasm. Enzan rolled his eyes, making a note that he may have to give Blues yet another attitude adjustment. At last, pulling off his boxers, he stepped beneath the shower; he pulled on the tap, and let the hot water shower him over…

Just to his luck, the water was cold this time around, and suppressing a shrill cry of frozen agony, he clasped his hands over his mouth and fell onto the tiled floor, slap of the water as he made contact. (This is a reminder to you all that he's naked, just so I can put an image into you guys' heads… yeah, so insert the shrill laughter here…hehe.) Shaking his head profusely, he scurried out of water's way, hand testing it until it warmed up. After a few moments it did, and he settled himself between the thousands of droplets that came down. Sighing in relief that all cramps and sores were being relieved, he dipped his hands in fresh liquid soap, and rubbed it over his body (Too much? Are your noses bleeding?), rubbing to the point where he could see his skin reddening, he was satisfied and washed the slippery contents off of his body. (On a side note I must say that on the two lines, two of the times that I typed out body came out parallel to each other!)

Heading towards the bathtub, he shook his head from side to side again, feeling his dampened hair slap his face sharply. Pulling the cover off and laying it gently on the ground, Enzan gently brushed his fingers over the slightly evaporating water. Content with the feel, he slowly slinked in, letting the new warmth relax him, brushing away what sores he had left. He mumbled in content as he went neck deep, shuddering at the sensation throughout his body. He hadn't been able to relax in ages, and he wasn't going to pass up a good moment like this. His fingers trailed down along the side of his stomach happily, but he stopped when he remembered what he had come in here for. He sighed heavily, and his head sank into the water, bubbles rising to the surface. Glaring at the flowing hair before him, one thing crept evilly into his mind…

'I can't believe I'm going on a date with Netto…'

How in hell this happened, he could hardly comprehend himself, but it did, so he would have to deal with it one way or another. It made him wonder things that never crossed his mind before, no matter how many times it processed in his brain, he never asked questions.

'Okay, Netto asked me out… on a date… to the Densan Observation Tower…' (Densan Observation Tower equals a very funny acronym… what with it being an anime based on internet connection… DOT! Get it?) He blinked through the hot water, and let out a bubbled cry of frustration, and pulled out of the water, gasping for air. He let out a slow breath, and flicked his head to the side again. Raising a concerned eyebrow and scrunching up his face in frustration. "… That tower's supposed to be romantic…" he said weakly, quiet enough to prevent echo. His face heated up as a deathly thought crossed his mind, 'I wonder if he'll try to kiss me…' with a gasp he shook his head and pulled at it, yelling out loud, "No! Don't! Bad! BAD!" Beating the thoughts out of his head, he dropped head first back into the water, belly down he lay in the long tub. He folded his arms and rested his head upon them, bubbling out a sigh.

'Stupid idiot Netto… he makes my life sound like some stupid regular teenage drama…' closing his eyes, he rolled onto his back, and watched the rippling light above him, 'but I am a teenager…' He fell silent, and let his mind process everything for a few more moments before he jerked out of the water with another yell of frustration. "DAMN IT! I'm not like that!" his fists clenched, he stood up as if defending himself from someone's insults. He blinked as he heard the door swing open.

"Enzan-sama, are you alright? Is something the matter?" Blues called as the door flew. Enzan with a yelp had turned around to meet Blues. "Enzan-sama, are you—" he stopped dead, as his eyes diverted from the boy's head level to the lower midsection. His eyes widening and his jaw dropping, the two shared an extremely unnerving moment of silence, frozen stiff. Enzan had his hands cover his bright pink cheeks, as his throat clogged. "I—I…" Blues fell at a loss for words, though he knew he should apologize; he was looking… over… at…

"Ah… Ah…" Enzan heaved out. He swallowed hard, blinking out tears that mixed with the water drenching his body. He took a deep breath, clenched his fists again, and let out one last cry of exceedingly high standards. "Get… Blues…get… GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Snapping Blues and himself out of their pause, he threw numerous bars of soap towards the Navi, who fell backwards and out, closing the door before him with a slam as he fell. Enzan panted, and fell backwards, and splashed into the water, feeling the heat from inside go away, and outside come in. His head angled down as he stared at his self. He frowned at the disappointment, and closed his eyes. 'Why did I do that? Blues is pretty much a man, I'm a young man. He should know the human anatomy pretty well, especially after Hikari-hakase's… holo chip enhancements…' His face heated up again, and he felt an automatic rush in his midsection. He opened his eyes, and twitched at the sight. 'Note to self: Never think of that… ever.' coming to realize that he should never contemplate in the bath again, he got out, and grabbed a towel to hide his shame…

Blues crawled out of his mind and sat up, wiping soap out of his eyes. He blinked as he went over the event that just happened, and tilted his head to the side as a naughty thought surfaced. He smiled deviously. "It's grown from last time I saw him…"


The door swung open, and out came a fresh and fragrant vice-president, in a new set of clothing. A black collarless, yellow-free shirt, exposing much of his collarbone, and a pair of his modest camouflage pants. He stepped through the doors with a dulled expression on his face. Still slightly damp around his body, he stepped out, and saw Blues waving sheepishly, a little out of character, but Enzan tried to pay no mind, considering the Navi's rude intrusion.

At the moment, Blues was wearing what he called human clothes. A pair of formal black pants, and a white button-up long-sleeve shirt, with a fold down collar; he would've looked like a Spanish model, had it not been for his actual skin tone, hair and eyes.

"You had no calls, Enzan-sama." The boy nodded simply, and stumbled to his desk, slumping into his office chair. Blues caught wind, and followed the boy in his journey of musings. "If I may be so bold; what is the matter?" he stood behind the boy, who crossed his arms and pouted, his lower lip folding out, falling deeper into the seat. Blues smiled; the cute rating was very high indeed. He bent over and wrapped his arms around the boy's shoulders, rubbing them fondly. "Doushita, Enzan-sama? Daijoubu desu ka?" (What's the matter, master Enzan? Are you alright?) He pecked Enzan on the neck affectionately, who in return frowned and tilted his head away from Blues, suppressing a whimper from the sensation. The Navi stopped to take another look at the boy; he didn't look pleased. In fact, he looked downright upset.

"Blues, I'm not in the mood, not that I ever was." Enzan muttered out, turning his head in the opposite direction of Blues'. "I just need some down time; I'm under a lot of… pressure." Blues stared for a moment as the boy's sea-blue eyes darted to the floor. He frowned, obvious being he wasn't being told everything.

"Well, then tell me what the pressure is, and I'll leave you alone." Enzan shook his head 'no', and slumped down even further until he heard the chair creak a millimeter back that was as far as he was going to slink. "Please tell me, you're worrying me." The boy groaned, sat up, pushing Blues' arms away and dove fore his bed, landing headfirst into a pillow. He hollered inside of it, muffling his cries.

"No! Damn it! Just leave me alone, Blues! I don't want to talk about it!" Enzan shrilled, kicking his feet into the bed. Blues was wide-eyed with shock, and his mouth had dropped. That had never happened before; it was too immature for Enzan, and he was above immaturity. This couldn't be Enzan; this had to be his mirror image, his doppelganger or something. Whatever it was, it wasn't Enzan. There was a moment of silence as Blues thought it over carefully, before plotting an exorcism. He has one last conclusion he could come to…

Enzan's a teenager, a real, honest to God teenager. 'I never thought I'd ever get to see one of those.' He smiled deviously again, and slinked over to the bed, and sat alongside of Enzan, his growing little boy. He lay down parallel, and draped an arm over him. Enzan blushed slightly, but had found this a common occurrence nowadays. It was more annoying than anything else, though.

"It's alright, you can tell me later." He gently kissed Enzan against the neck, which of equivalent, kicked him in the shins with his heel. Blues little grimaced, and tightened his grip around the boy, who had turned to his side, his back to the Navi. "Now that's just cold," said Blues teasingly.

"Blues, I'm seriously not in the mood for that, okay? I have to go out in an hour, so let me rest." Blues blinked, and he took a glance at the clock, flicking his hair out of the way. It was nine in the morning, and he had just recently gotten out for a jog. Usually that was his wake-up call, not his naptime. He turned back to Enzan and shrugged, and with a smile, continued to play along the back of the boy's neck. Enzan trembled at the touch, and wished he had worn a turtleneck instead.

Within seconds, Blues had a hand under Enzan's shirt, and caressed the skin affectionately, hoping for a response from the boy, hoping he would crack and get some information as a bonus. The alternative was to completely molest Enzan for the first time, for him it was a win-win situation. Enzan, on the other hand, was gripping his bed sheets and biting his lip to prevent any moaning. He was doing his best not to say or do anything, giving Blues the satisfaction was a big no, so he'd live with being felt up, without a single noise, yes this was the plan, and he was going to stick with it…

At least that's what he thought until Blues started feeling him down.

A sensation had run down his spine, and hardened himself, chest tightening and his midsection tingling. It had numbed his senses for another sweet moment, as he let out an involuntary sigh of delight. He felt his mind swirl and dizzy, as his shoulder shuddered and his eyes rolled. Arching his mid into the touch for a split second, but before Blues could make another motion; Enzan had caught on what was happening and let out a window-shattering scream…


And even though physical contact and possible sexual intercourse will not be censored in this story, brutal anime murder will be, so we cut to a dancing monkey as a commercial… Or you guys can read this, and slowly put an image of a stripping Blues in j00r head.


"Enzan-sama…" the Navi whimpered in a fairly high voice, a hint of rejection and longing in it. "Why are you so cruel sometimes?" Enzan scoffed, and flopped back onto his chair again, head resting on his folded arms upon the humble desk. Blues weakly rolled a little closer to the desk, still grasping his stinging manhood. He never felt that before, and was well intent on never feeling it again. "Owwie…"

"Blues don't do that to me, I don't like it." Enzan's face heated up, and he buried it further into his arms, blocking it out as he gritted his teeth. That's a lie from your mouth, and you know it. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to forget the tingling sensation that remained; instead, he felt the aftershock, and shuddered, blocking out a moan. Blues frowned, the stinging sensation slowly fading; he pushed himself off of the floor, and placed his hands on Enzan's tensed shoulders, which were waved away and snarled off. He had pushed it, and he knew it.

"My apologies… but…Enzan-sama, you really are worrying me… I've never seen you like this before." His response was but a simple grumble and mutter. Blues sighed and persisted. "Please don't be like this." The reaction was repeated, and Blues scrunched his face up a little, and went at it again, attempting to reach a hand towards him "Enzan-sama—"

"Stop it!" The boy lifted his head and glared into the eyes of the dumbstruck Navi, "Just get lost, you annoying little—!" Enzan's eyes widened and he clasped a hand over his mouth, hearing Blues draw in a bitter sharp breath. He saw the hand withdraw at the snap, and realized what he had just done. Blues took a step back; Enzan stood up, hands now weakly reaching towards Blues. "No, that's not what I meant—I… Blues, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad, I'm really sorry." Blues shook his head and smiled pathetically.

"No, no, you meant what you said; I wasn't listening, and I had upset you greatly. I apologize, and I swear I shall never do it ever again." His head lowered and he bowed himself out of the room. As he clicked the door closed, he whispered uneasily. "Enzan-sama, please forgive me."

"No! Blues! Wait, please wait!" He fell silent and stiff; his throat felt sore and his eyes began to burn. He gritted his teeth and sighed, taking a seat on his chair; he crossed his legs and folded his arms. Closing his eyes, he spun his chair back and forth ever-so-slightly for many minutes until he had come with a conclusion…

"Stupid Netto…"


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