Author: Siren Demented

Characters: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, Al Snow, Marie Sanders, Willow Scott, Tammy Morgan, Bekky Smith, Beth and the rest of the "Tough Enough" cast and crew. Surprise Appearance .

NC 17

Content: Language, Violence, Sex (Graphic Sex)

Disclaimer: I only own the fictional characters, I am not referring to Jeff's real girlfriend, who also goes by the name Beth, That isn't the same person. The WWE owns everyone except Jeff, he owns himself now.


-June 1st, In A Young Woman's House-

"That's right, Tough Enough is coming back to New York City! Be sure to send in a video tape that highlights your wrestling skills and your gimmick to our New York office. You must be 18 years or older to sign up. July 30th the final 13 will be announced. Good Luck!" A t. v blared in a young woman's bedroom.

The brunette got up and grabbed her cordless phone. She punched in a few numbers and held on for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" another young woman said.

"Did you see it?" the brunette asked her friend.

"Yea man, Willow we HAVE to send our tapes in. We totally have what it takes."

"I know Marie, but Billy isn't gonna be too happy." Willow said to her now angry friend.

"Willow honestly, who gives a flyin' fuck what that asshole thinks? I'm telling you, he's just tryin to bring you down. He's jealous of the fact that you can wrestle better than him. 1,000 times better."

Marie was right, Willow was an amazing wrestler and Billy was indeed jealous of her.

"Besides, when we win this contest, we'll get to live in a big beautiful house. Just like the guys on the other seasons. You'll be with me and away from Billy the loser."

Willow chuckled at Marie's impression of Chris Jericho when he says H.B.K in a whiny voice.

"So are you in Miss Destruction?" Marie asked calling Willow by her wrestling name.

"Yes, I am Miss Sin." Willow responded calling Marie by her wrestling name as well.

"OK then, so are you coming over to watch Raw or what?" Marie asked.

"Yea, I'm heading over now." Willow said putting on her Jeff Hardy necklace.

"Hurry before you miss Jeff." Marie said in a sing song voice. With that, Willow said good-bye, grabbed her keys and left.

-July 30th At The World-

"Wow, I didn't think so many people were going to show up so early." Marie said as she stared at the line circling the block for the Tough Enough finals.

She and Willow had been in the final 25. They made it that far on their gimmicks and Mic skills. Marie was the "Sex" and Willow was the "Mouth piece". Today they had to get in the ring and strut their stuff. The girls got there at 8:00 am, just then Willow's cellphone went off.

"Hello?" she said.

"You fuckin' cunt, didn't I tell you not to go down there?" a male voice shouted through the phone.

It was Billy.

"Who's that?" Marie asked when she saw the worried look on Willow's face. "Billy" Willow mouthed his name as she listened to him scream. Marie took the phone from her friend and spoke.

"Hey, Billy. How's it hanging?" she said sarcastically.

"I knew you had something to do with this, you stupid bitch!" Billy yelled at Marie, causing her to pull the phone away from her ear.

His rants were loud enough for the whole line to hear and clear enough for them to make out. Just as Marie was about to give Billy a piece of her mind, a hand gently grabbed her wrist.

"Let me handle that, Hon." a young man with a thick southern accent said taking the phone from Marie's hand.

"Be my guest, sweetie." Marie said turning to Willow, who's mouth was hanging open.

Willow could not believe that the man who offered his help was her all time favorite wrestler and main inspiration for wanting to be a wrestler. Jeff Hardy. He was even more gorgeous in person. He had his hair dyed flaming red with a few streaks of black in it. His facial hair was cut into an unique design. He wore a black wifebeater and black kikwear pants with white trim. He smelled of Cool Water, and his body shimmered from the oil he used. His tattooed arm sparkled in the summer sun. He was Extremely beautiful.

"Problem fixed." Jeff said to the two women and handed the phone back to Willow.

"What did you tell him?" Willow asked in a low whisper. Jeff brought his face down to her level, he looked into her eyes.

"I told him that was no way to speak to two beautiful women. I also told him that if he ever came near either one of you ladies again, I'd tear him a new one." Jeff said in a serious tone, then started to smile from ear to ear.

Marie chuckled and Willow shyly smiled and looked at the floor.

"I'm Jeff." he said and extended his hand.

"I'm Marie." she said as she shook his hand.

"Willow." she said, also shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you girls." Jeff said.

"Jeff! we need you in here, man!" a stage hand yelled out the front door of The World.

"It was killer talking to you, I'll be seeing you inside." Jeff said.

"Inside?" Willow asked sounding a bit confused.

"Yea, I'm one of the judges. Well, see ya inside. Good luck!" Jeff said as he walked off. Waving at them, then the crowd. He disappeared through the door.

"Now THAT was cool!" Marie said still inhaling the pleasant smell Jeff left behind.

"Willow, I have the feeling that you and me are gonna rock!" Marie cried as the line began to move.

-Inside The World-

Willow and Marie came in as numbers 24 and 25, so there were about 3 more people in front of them. The judges this time were head Tough Enough Head trainer Al Snow, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and The Resident Super hero, Shane "Hurricane" Helms. While on line, Marie and Willow had befriended a girl named Tammy Morgan. Tammy had a thing for Matt Hardy and was very happy to find out that he was a judge. Finally it was down to Tammy, Marie and Willow. That's when Al Snow dropped a bombshell on the girls.

"Ladies, we feel that you are the best of the 25, so we want to have three of our best go up against you. Tammy, you will face Matt. Marie, you will face Shane and Willow, you my dear will face Jeff." Al said.

The three women stood there with their mouths hanging open in sheer disbelief. About an half hour later, they all finished their matches. Al seemed to be very impressed with all of them.

"Thank you ladies. We will call you back in when we have picked the final 13. So go change and eat." Al said as the girls walked out of the room.

-2 Hours Later-

Willow, Marie and Tammy had changed and were eating some sandwiches, talking. "Did you see Hardy checking me out when we left?" Tammy said flashing a big smile.

"Yes, he totally digs you." Marie said while chomping on a cookie.

"Yea, and Shane was digging you." Willow giggled. Marie started to blush.

"Excuse me, we are ready to announce the finale 13." Jeff said sticking his head out of the door leading to the ring. Everyone walked into the room and sat down in set up chairs.

"Now, we feel that all of you have great talent, but as you know there can only be 13. So without further ado, Jeff will read the finale list."

"Good luck guys." Tammy said to her friends.

"You too." Marie and Willow said.

"Nick Lit. Stacy Maine. Bekky Smith. Josh Jacob. Taylor Johns. Jeff Wilson. Tammy Morgan..."

Tammy's face lit up and she started to smile.

"You guys are gonna make it too, don't worry." she said to her friends.

"Eddie Feldman. Scott Mankey. Sam Weiland. Marie Sanders. Serg Manning and ..."

Jeff paused, then depend his voice.

"Willow Scott."

"Thank the rest of you very much for coming and good luck in the future with your careers." Shane said as the others left.

"Now as for you 13, this year the house you will be staying in is ours." Matt said.

"We thought that Cameron is a good place to work. No distractions and plenty of fields to run." Jeff said.

"You will be picked up here tomorrow morning and taken to Cameron. I suggest you pack at lest four months worth of clothes." Shane said.

"Oh yea, this year Matt, Jeff and I will also be training you." Shane said with an evil smile.

"Ok, now that everything is settled, GO HOME!'' Al yelled and everyone ran from the room.

-That Night At Willow's House-

"I don't know how to tell Billy I won the contest Marie, he's gonna flip." Willow said as she packed her suitcases.

"I told you I'm here for you, don't worry. Besides he is out of town anyway, you'll be way gone by the time he gets back." Marie said closing Willow's first suitcase.

"Your right, oh, it's already 1am. We gotta get some sleep." Willow said moving the suitcase to the floor.

"Yea, good night chick." Marie said heading toward the guestroom.

"Night." Willow said climbing into her bed. She turned out the lights and went to sleep.

-A Few Hours Later-

Willow turned over and opened her eyes. Billy was standing over her, with a pissed look on his face. "You fucking bitch, you think I'm gonna let you be with that Hardy faggot!" he growled.

Willow could see that he had her Tough Enough graduation paper in his hand, which Jeff had signed. Billy Then raised his fist and punched Willow in the face. Blood splattered against the headboard.

"You think he wants you? He's famous! He just wants to fuck you! No one like him would ever want you, you ugly bitch!" Billy yelled.


Marie mumbled as she walked into the room, rubbing her eyes. When she saw Billy, she ran over to the bed and speared him to the floor. Willow reached into her bedside dresser draw and pulled out a big butcher knife. Billy was about to hit Marie when Willow yelled out.

"Get the off of her you stupid fuck!"

Billy turned around and was face to face with the tip of the blade. Billy laughed lightly.

"Whatever, no big deal. You can be easily replaced." with that Billy got up and left.

"Oh God, are you OK?" Marie asked watching the blood flow from Willow's mouth.

"Yea, I'll be all right, thanx for helping me." Willow said, while hugging Marie.

"Hey, you saved my ass too!" Marie said laughing.

"Hey, it 4:30. We gotta get together. We gotta be at the world at 8am." Marie said.

"OK, I'll go into the bathroom now" Willow said. Willow looked at the spot on her mouth where Billy hit her, it was turning bluish purple.

"Oh great."

Willow thought,

"I finally get to spend time with my dream lover and I look like shit."

"Hey." Marie said walking into the bathroom.

"I called Mario, he and some of his friends are gonna come get your stuff this week and your moving in with me." she said.

"Oh Marie, you and Mario didn't have to do that for me." Willow said.

"Now, what kind of friend would I be if I let you stay in this shit hole with that asshole?" Marie asked, cocking her head to the side.

"You and your brother are two of the coolest people in the world." Willow said teary eyed.

"You know it." Marie said hugging her friend. The girls finished getting ready and grabbed their bags. Willow looked around one last time and closed the door.

-At The World-

Marie and Willow arrived at 7:55am. They saw a big tour bus in front the building. The other finalist were there. Al, Shane and Matt were doing head count. Jeff was no where to be found. The girls ran over and got in line.

"Tammy Morgan, Marie Sanders and Willow Sco... whoa, what happened to your face?" Matt asked sounding very concerned.

"Had a run-in with my ex, everything is fine now." Willow said.

"Well, if you need help, I'm here for you." Matt said, placing his large hand on her shoulder. Willow just smiled.

"What happened to Jeff?" Tammy asked.

"Late as usual, don't worry he'll show." Shane said.

Sure enough, there was Jeff running down the block.

"Sorry I'm late you guys." he said out of breath.

"OK, everyone on the bus! Pair up!" Al yelled from the bus door.

"Willow, do you mind sitting next to me? I want to talk to you." Jeff said.

"Sure, Marie do you mind?" Willow asked.

"No, she doesn't." Shane said, pulling Marie next to him. Marie just shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh great, now who am I going to sit with?" Tammy asked herself.

"Well, since my brother stole your friend, I'll just have to steal you." Matt said.

"Fine with me." Tammy said with a big smile. Everyone got on the bus and they took off for Cameron.