Summary: Part of the Stone Sour Series. Part 2: Kai in Siberia. Rated T for Swear Words… Bad Corey! Song: Bother

After Blue Study was such a hit, I decided to make more of these, using the whole album Stone Sour. Enjoy!


Wish I was too dead to cry

Blast this. Damn him to hell!

My self affliction fades

Imperfect… I'm not. I'm imperfect!

Stones to throw at my creator

They don't understand. They will never understand.

Masochists to which I cater

Pain… Why is it me? What did I do to anger Boris?

You don't need to bother

Just leave me. I'll be dead in minutes.

I don't need to be

You'll do better without me. You'll win.

I'll keep slipping farther

Down into nothing… Into oblivion. Darkness.

But once I hold on

Leave me here. Take your hand and walk away.

I won't let go till it bleeds

I don't deserve your pity. Leave me here with my wounds.

Wish I was too dead to care

I shouldn't care. But I do… You were like friends to me.

If indeed I cared at all

Keeping up this pretence… It's the hardest thing I've ever done.

Never had a voice to protest

I don't want to hurt you. So I don't speak out. Retaliation is dangerous.

So you fed me shit to digest

This isn't me you've been talking to for all these months. It's my grandfather.

I wish I had a reason

There's nothing I can remember. The ice is sinking. I'm going with it.

My flaws are open season

You saw right into me. You can see everything.

For this I gave up trying

Why don't you leave me? I'll only betray you again.

One good turn deserves my dying

I'll die. Sooner or later. Today, tomorrow, in sixty years time. Why save me now?

You don't need to bother

It's not like your problems, Ray. You can be trusted. Yours will go away. Mine stay here forever.

I don't need to be

Just leave me alone. I'll be fine. No one cares.

I'll keep slipping farther

I could reach out now. I could take your hand.

But once I hold on

Hold on to your good thoughts. I'll help you preserve them.

I won't let go till it bleeds

Let me slip down… It'll be painless, I promise you. No blood.

Wish I'd died instead of lived

My life had been a waste. Tyson, let me go.

A zombie hides my face

You've never seen me smile. Never seen me happy. Leave me alone.

Shell forgotten

No one will remember, in ten years time. No one. Let me go.

With its memories

You'll look back and regret this Tyson! GO!

Diaries left

I can't change. I will never change.

With cryptic entries

You never understood me. And you don't care if I don't change.

And you don't need to bother

Leave me be! Let me alone!

I don't need to be

My life has been a waste. So leave me to my darkness

I'll keep slipping farther

Down… Soon I'll be submerged.

But once I hold on

This memory will grip you forever Tyson. I'll haunt you…

I won't let go 'til it bleeds

Leave me to my doom, my paradise, my hell, my heaven.

You don't need to bother

Your hand… It's still there. And so am I.

I don't need to be

For the last time. Tyson, leave me to my death.

I'll keep slipping farther

Down… No! Don't take my treacherous hand.

But once I hold on

I'm sure I must have broken your fingers by now.

I'll never live down my deceit

Damn you to hell, Tyson, for allowing me to live.

Well, yeah. Don't think this is particularly good, but then again, I didn't like Blue Study. I think I saw this episode…