Naruto Returns

Summary: Naruto went to train for four years with Jiraiya. Now he returns... with a person(oc)... and the Ero sennin. Who's this person... how does the Godaime knows him/her? What happen to Naruto? And what's with all these secret eye contacts and... strangness? Warning: Yaoi! pairings... can't decide among Itanaru or Sasunaru... TTTT but probablly Itanaru... seeing the fact Naruto's actrully the same age as Itachi in this fic... maybe a one side Sasunaru too... (FYI: Sasuke and the others are 17, Neji-co's 18, Akito's 15, Kakashi's 30, Naruto's the same age as Itachi! 25 in this fic)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters... if I did then either Sasuke or Itachi will be paired up with Naruto and Naruto will be even more special... but Akito's mine! hiss and glare oh and btw english is my second language so my grammer will suck... alot... and my words will be misspelled... but I think that it's spelled correctly enough for you to read the story... my writing sucks too... I mean I never took a lesson back home, I was about to but before it had begun, I came here and since I didn't understand english for at least a year and half, the lessons I took here is practically useless! TTTT ah... sorry... I've having a ranting fit since this monday... I just need to get it out of my system... erm... yeah... just go on and read the story...



"So... Aniki... time to say goodbye to the hidden village of darkness..." A voice started, even though you can't see it, you could still feel the smirk off of them, "we have to leave... for the hidden leaf... don't you agree?" the voice's blond companion only nodded and look at the last member of the trio before doing a string of fast hand seal and in seconds, disappeared with it's two companion followed it's example soon after.

Ch. 1 Returns

"so... how long has it been?" A stranger (who looks no older than fifteen) in black coat that reaches the ankle with black boots, black baggy pants, black fingerless gloves and a Konoha headband tied around the kneck asked it's other two companions as it's waist length pure black silky hair fly with the wind of winter, with left eye of silvery blue, right eye red of blood staring at the front gate of Konohagakure, the hidden village of leaves.

"Four years... I wonder how every one's doing..." said the shorter of the other two. She, or is it HE? has golden hair with tint of blood red in it that's a few inches blow her/his waist in a neatly tied ponytail, no longer spiky and eyes of-not the cloudless summer sky-but icy blue eyes of winter. Wearing a blood red shirt with black fingerless gloves and black baggy pants (I just love baggy pants... and figerless gloves... XP!) like the first stranger, s/he's also wearing a konoha head band (forgot what it's called). S/he looks no older than sixteen too...

"Come on you two... we don't have much time to waste!" said the last person, a man, who's OLD with long white spiky hair, weird clothe and red face paint shouted. His two younger companions rolled their eyes before running straight through the gate of Konoha to the hokage's office, knocking down the ninja who's guarding the door in the process.

----Hokage's office----

The three strangers stop at the door as the guard won't let them through.

"Let us in, we have important business with the hokage!" the old white hair man bellowed as the other two sigh (at boredom).

"What's your name and what's your business with the hokage?" the guard asked.

"That's our business but tell her, one of the lengendary sennins Jiraiya is back!" just as Jiraiya finished that, the door slammed open revealing a blond woman (with big coughcoughbreastcoughcough) with a muderous look in her eyes.

"WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU! YOU PROMISE TO RETURN AFTER THREE YEARS OF TRAINING! NOT FOUR!" the woman screech, not at the black haired stranger or the Jiraiya but at the blond in the middle who slowly backed away.

"calm down Tsunade-nee, let's go inside and then we'll explain..." the blond offered with a nervous laugh. The blond woman, Tsunade sigh before letting the three in leaving the poor guard outside with a ear full of pain.


There was an uncomfortable silence between the three (excluding the black haired stranger), so the black haired teen decide to break the silence.

"It's been a long time since the last I've seen Konoha... I'm very sorry of Sandaime's departure... I'm also sorry that I haven't come back at the require time... though... it amuses me that you became the Godaime Tsunade-nee" the black hair teen smiled.

"Who are you?" Tsunade asked, not yet sure wether to trust the teen or not.

"Oh... you forgotten about me already? I've only left for 8 years! ah... well... people do tends to loose memories when they grow older..." the teen silently laughed as Tsunade's face grew red.

"Who.Are.You?" Tsunade nearly screech, with the almighty fist trying to hit the teen who just dodged.

"Sheesh! I'm Ryuuzumaki Akito!" the teen nearly strangled the godaime out of frustration. Of course that's not so surprising as we all know that RyuUzumaki's aren't the most patient ones around but since the teen revealed himself as someone whom the village haven't seen in 8 years and began to become only a ledgend, so of course Tsunade's eyes would be widen with surprise. In the background, Jiraya was trying hard not to laugh while the other blond (who was someone we all know and love... Naruto) just sigh, shaking his head (btw: when I said She, or is it HE? I think most of you should get the idea that Naruto looks feminine? If not, then... IDIOT!) and rubbed his forehead before muttering a string of foreigen words that I have no doubt is cuss words.

"Some kage you are..." the teen (Now we know is Ryuuzumaki Akito) grumbled slightly before looking at Naruto with pleading eyes, wanting to get out of the Hokage tower the sooner the better. Naruto look back with a intense glare promising the poor teen a life of pain if the teen escape now before looking at the Godaime leaving the black haired teen to his mental hissy fit and ranting fit.

"So... Now we are all aquainted and have stopped laughing (at this point, Naruto glare at Jiraiya), let's get down to business." the sudden change of seriousness in Naruto's voice startled the blond lady but she bounced right back.

"So... let's me put this down..." Tsunade took out a pencil (do they use pencil? like the mechanical ones?) and start writing on a book she got out of nowhere, "Ryuuzumaki Naruto, finished his mission and has gotten back... a year after the suppose date... with Jiraiya and Ryuuzumaki Akito, whom have gone missing 8 years ago... a cover for a secret mission..." at that point, Naruto handed Tsunade two scroll, one from him and Jiraiya, another from Akito. Tsunade accepted them and put them aside for now.

"I take it that the mission was a success?" Tsunade asked Akito who nodded slightly before going back to his mental double fit. "So... another completed S-class mission on your mission list..." Tsunade wrote that down and flip to the page that has Naruto on it. "A double S-class and A-class mission..." Tsunade wrote that down too before putting down her pencil and look directlly at the trio. Tsunade suddently threw a small box, the size of you palm at Naruto who skillfully caught it and looked at it. The box it self wasn't really unique, just a black cherry wood box with carved chinese dragons on it. But it was what's inside that made the box really special. One could look at it and think it was nothing but to those with pure heart and eyes, they know just trully how the items in the box are special. A small ancient bronze key with ancient writings carved on it made it beautiful but the key was not those of the ordinary. The key was in the shape of a dragon with it's tail swirled in a spiral. It's 'eyes' were made out of a rare silvery blue jade and held alot of intensity for an inanimated object. In the box was a few other items, a pair of sword like earings, a pair of dragon earings that looks just like the key except it's silvery blue and was attached to the end of a string that you put in the ear and a necklace (more like a chocker) that has a red nine-tail fox on it. Naruto closed the box after taking out the dragon key and thanked the hokage.

"I think you know where the Ryuuzumaki estate is so I won't accompaning you to there... but really Naruto... welcome back" Tsunade smile. Jiraiya rolled his eyes while Naruto gave a small soft smile before disappearing in a whirl of light, Akito bowed formally in gratitude before disappearing the same way Naruto did... just it's a whirl of darkness instead of light.

"Who knew that Naruto belongs to one of the most powerful clan ever... also the royal clan of the world of ninjas? Not only that... I swear that kid-ahem-man has more tricks up his sleeves!" Jiraiya complained warily as he sat down on one of the sofa.

"What do you mean?" Tsunade asked, looking at the mission scrolls she just got.

"Oh right... you didn't know... only Kakashi, and a few others other than me, Akito and of course Naruto himself knows this but... the Naruto you just saw was a Genjutsu... Uzumaki Naruto or better Ryuuzumaki Naruto is not 16 this year... but 25 years old... the same age as Itachi... but I don't think Itachi knows about this... seeing the fact that slight different name and a different appearence... well... the genjutsu you saw is the youger version of Naruto Ryuuzumaki... except the fact that the younger Naruto's eyes was originally cerulean... just like the Naruto you knew... but his change is tremondous... there's only a few people that could weave themself around his heart and see the real Naruto... his otouto Akito is definally the first person that could do that... however... Akito did told me that he's not the first... there's someone out there that's the most important person in Naruto's life... but that person's in the darkness... misunderstood... still... I wonders who it is... Naruto refuse to tell me and Akito just smiled a 'I've-got-a-secret-I'm-not-telling' smile..." Jiraiya's eyes suddently narrowed, "I really want to know HOW could a 15 year old kid understand one of the most important secret of a 25 year old guy... and beside... what's with these 'little-secrets-that-I'm-not-telling-anyone' thing... it's evil..." and Jiraiya continued to babble on and on, not noticing that he was ranting while Tsunade watched with amusetment, surprisment at the age comment and slighty worried for the older Ryuuzumaki.


Two teens (or so it looks like) walked down the path in the garden leading them straight to a big mansion, then if you look closely you will find that this is the main house of the estate. The estate is quite big... and isolated and that didn't matter to either of the two. The taller of the two took out the dragon spiral key to and use it to open the door... the door was weird too, it too have a spiral dragon and you are suppose to stick the key into the mouth... but not many people know that since it's kidda hiddened and not that obvious. But those two know what they're doing so they opened the door and stepped in. Suddently, the slight shorter one felt a disturbance in the air and look at his companion only to find a much older and taller version of him, but the feminine part's there very visably. Akito grinned at his aniki who looked back with distaste.

"So I guess father's jutsu really did work... that all genjutsu will be canceld once in the house" Akito's grinned widened but Naruto just smacked him on the back of his head. The real Naruto haven't change much. The hair length is still the same (at the waist), the eyes are still the icy-blue of the winter. But his face look bit more mature and... tired. He's taller... abit taller than Iruka I believe... but he's still Ryuuzumaki Naruto.

"Yes... looks like it really did work..." Naruto said dryly before taking out a small backpack and dump everthing out... to find furnitures and books and scrolls and lots of others. So, Naruto and Akito began to take everything to the place they're suppose to be. After about 5 hours, you could find a very tired and wary Naruto in the living room on the couch with a hyperactive, happy, singing Akito eating a sugar cookie sitting (or rather... jumping) on his lab acting like a 4 year old. When suddently (did I over use this word?) a puff of smoke could be found in the middle of the living room. Acting on instinc alone (which he rarely does), he threw the thing closes to him (not Akito!) which was a book on japanese mythologies. A hand caught the book just in time, or else it would have hit the caughter. The smoke disappeared and it was...


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