Hello! My latest project here. My first Pirates of the Caribbean story! Although this isn't really a story. As it says in the summary it is going to be a collection of my Potc drabbles/ficlets that i have written. All of them so far have been for drabble challenges on a yahoo group of mine. Each drabble/ficlet will have the theme and the title included and if i manage to get the piece down to 100, 200 or 300 words that will also be included in the upload.

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Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me/breaks down into tears/

Theme: Tremor


Standing ankle deep in the soothing water that lapped at his feet, the young boy marvelled at the beauty of the night. He really shouldn't have been up in these hours of darkness but he hadn't been able to resist making his way down to the shore of Port Royal to look out over the dark waters and feel the sea breeze whip across his face and through his short, brown hair.

The call of the sea had always been strong and yet the boy had no idea why. His father had been a merchant sailor yes, but he could feel that the call did not come of that. He was sure it had something to do with his long lost father, but did not think it was because of his occupation. Unless his father hadn't been a merchant a sailor?

A tremor shook his lithe form as he felt like he had just hit the nail on the head. But that could not possible! Or could it? Another tremor shook him and this seemed to bring him back out of his morbid musings. What thoughts were these? Of course his father had been a merchant sailor! There had never been anything to suggest otherwise.

Looking over his shoulder, the youth surveyed the town which had so recently become his home. It was true that he felt that he owed his life to the people of this settlement, but he couldn't help but feel that by staying here, he was missing out on something. But as it was just a feeling, there was no way he could express himself to anyone, not even his new master, the kind old man and his wife who had taken him into his home and agreed to look after him and teach him his trade.

Stepping out of the water and turning towards his master's quarters, Will Turner knew that one day he would find out what was missing. One day, his destiny would be fulfilled, and his life would finally explain itself, in the most unusual of circumstances.

The End

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