Looking over the side of the ship into the churning waters below, my thoughts wander to the reason why I had become a cabin-boy of 'The Sea Wanderer'.

My father was out here somewhere and I would find him. I needed to find him. After the death of my mother, the only thing I could do was cling on to the one hope of finding the last remnant of my broken family. My mother had not told me much of him, but I was sure that should I met him it would be an instantaneous recognition.

But I was still unsure of whether or not he would accept. I had not seen him in nearly 6 years. Would he still be able to identify me? Would he know who I was? After all, I had been but a boy when he had left for the open waters that last time all those years ago.

My insecurities however were nothing compared to the thought of seeing him again. Of being held in his strong arms, lifted into the air above his sturdy sea-worn body, tucked into bed at night by my father.

A noise overhead made me look up. The crew-member in the crows nest had spotted a ship. Staring out over the deep, I could see it too, quite clearly against the bright horizon backdrop.

"Will get down below, now!"

Reluctantly moving away from the bow, I caught sight of the approaching ship's flag; The Jolly Roger. They were pirates!

Making my way below deck I had a strange feeling that this ship did not bode well for me, but assured myself before I could become even a little bit scared.

I was out here for my father. I would find him. I would fight past thousands of pirates if I had to.

I would do anything to see my father William Turner again.

I would do anything.

The End