Hello everyone I sorry I haven't been writing, I've just been so upset since they deleted my other story (Jaden and Alexis the true story). But now I'm back with a vengeance. Please note that I will be using the Japanese names for some people, if I feel their English names are not like one a samurai would have. So here it goes! Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Chapter 1

Lone Swords

"Hurry it up already" a brown haired boy, with brown eyes called into the darkness.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" a silver-haired boy, a lot shorter than the brown one came out of the bamboo thicket. These two boys were carrying with them a couple of katanas, which were strapped around their waists. "Gosh, Jaden"

The one whom he called Jaden looked at him, "Well maybe if you'd hurry it up a bit, I wouldn't be in such a bad mood!"

"Alright, fine" The silver-haired one sighed. Just then Jaden heard a sound coming from the thicket.

"Keep it down," Jaden hushed him "Syrus, can you hear that?"

Syrus looked around, but saw nothing. But then out of nowhere, a sharp rushing object grazed him lightly on the cheek.

"Show yourself!" Jaden growled into the darkness of the bamboo thicket, quickly drawing his katana out of his scabbard. He had grown to be quite skilled with a katana.

All around him he could hear the rustling sounds of leaves in the thicket.

"This is bad," Jaden looked around, "he could be anywhere!"

Syrus just wiped the blood from the scratch and drew his katana, "We need to get out of this thicket"

Another hurtling object came toward them.

"Hit the deck!" Jaden yelled.

A shadow appeared from the darkness of the thicket. He was dressed like a ninja.

"Who are you?" Jaden demanded

"You would like to know" he retorted, and from his ninja pouch he took out two ninja stars. Jaden stood, ready with his katana.

The stranger threw one of the stars at Jaden, who immediately swung his katana. The star defected off the blade.

"Well, well" The stranger applauded "Skilled aren't we?"

"Let me ask you once again" Jaden glared at the stranger "Who are you?"

"They call me, Manojyme Jun" he said "And you?"

"Jaden Yuki" Jaden answered back.

"I'll remember that," And almost as quickly as he appeared, he vanished.

"Come on, Syrus" Jaden turned around.

"Coming" Syrus quickly followed.

Soon, they got out of the thicket, and found themselves in the kingdom of Duelo. The sun was shining and the town was bright.

"Ahh" Jaden sighed "So nice here!"

"It really is---"

Syrus was interrupted by the loud blare of trumpets. A couple of soldiers dressed in armor, with an eagle insignia embedded in the chest plate, came surrounding a carriage.

"All bow in the presence of, Princess Asuka!" said a soldier, carrying a lance.

"Jaden," Syrus called to Jaden "Bow!"

"I don't feel like to" Jaden answered meekly.

"You," A soldier pointed at Jaden "Why don't you bow?"

"Because," Jaden answered calmly "I don't want to get dirty"

"Why I see you're just a petty swordsman!" The Soldier laughed.

"Yeah you already are dirty!" said another.

"Exactly," Jaden said, as calm as ever "Don't want to get dirtier"

"Why you insolent," The solders shouted in unison "Little Swordsman!"

They all drew their swords and charged at Jaden, who stayed calm and stood his ground. As they struck, Jaden quickly drew his sword and blocked the soldier's attacks.

"Garr" a soldier growled "If you don't want to bow"—here he set up for another attack—"I'll make you!"

The soldier swung as fast as he could, but Jaden quickly ran and appeared behind him.

"Trying to play with me kid?" The soldier shouted, in a loud roar that terrified the nearby citizens

"Hah" Jaden sighed "You're the one who attacked me!"

The Soldier got red in the face and called his friends to attack Jaden.

"Come on, Syrus" Jaden looked down to Syrus, who was still bowing. Syrus sighed and pulled out his sword.

"Hah!" The soldiers laughed "Just two petty Samurai?"

"Jaden I'm scared!" Syrus whined.

"Aww, come on" Jaden told him.

"Go get them!" The soldiers yelled.

"Hiyahh," Jaden screeched. Syrus then ran away.

Jaden's sword connected with the soldiers swords. A Soldier swung at Jaden, who duck and swung upward and connected with the soldiers face. Another one came up behind him and Jaden jumped in the air, and swung downward, planting the soldier. The third one ran up to him and was quickly propelled backwards when Jaden slashed him.

"Garr" a soldier moaned "You better run away, because when I get up,"

The soldier passed out.

"Come on Syrus, I'm hungry" Jaden said holding his stomach.

"What's going on out there?" a feminine voice called from the carriage. A beautiful woman stepped out of it, dressed in a silk woven dress, with an elegant crown resting on her head.

"Oh wow, that's the princess" Syrus, who mysteriously returned, gawked in amazement.

"Aww, she's not much" Jaden said unimpressed. Then he turned around and saw the princess, and looked straight into her eyes, who in turn smiled back.

That's how it all changed…


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Next time: After meeting the beautiful Princess Asuka, Jaden and Syrus are invited to her castle, and the return of Manojyme Jun!