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Instant Black Sheep


This is set just after OotP so everything is pretty much canon, everything that happened in the book did happen in this story, it's just that there was more to the story.

Severus may act like a total arsehole at school, mainly because he is a spy and has to, but he is also a bit of a family man. He has a wife and 2 year old son at home and he really is a good dad and husband. Takes Tainen, his kid, to Quidditch matches and reads him bed time stories and stuff, surprises Cassiopeia, his wife with flowers for no reason, etc. There is nothing more important to him then family and he refuses to take his own for granted.

He has a history with Lily which will be examined in the story, don't wanna give it away.

When Harry first entered the magical world at 11 he felt like he was instantly stuck in a mold and he felt that he had a duty to the magical world, but more importantly, to his parents, to become this perfect little savior. As such, he allowed the hat to sort him into any house but Slytherin, bonus points for avoiding Draco!

What no one knows is that he embraced his slightly darker side years ago. By 11 he could no longer claim virgin status, and he was intimately acquainted with practically every form of booze and most drugs. He was never anywhere near the sweet and innocent picture the magical world needed him to be.

Although he mostly only has ugly hand-me-downs from his cousin he did manage to acquire some nice clothes too from a secret trip to Diagon Ally at the beginning of summer following his first year. His family prefers not to think about how he got those clothes because, knowing what a druggie slut he is (not that I'm suggesting he is a bad person, druggies are nice people too and sex is just another word for fun), they pretty much believe that he whored for them.

Harry's relationship with his family is interesting. It's not as bad as the books make it seem. Yes, Vernon did lock him up following first year with the excuse of his magic, but he also did it because secretly he was worried about Harry, he was getting into even more booze, drugs and sex then usual, and they believed he whored for his new clothes. Yes, they mock him, let that bloody dog bite him, make him do all the chores, treat him like shit, but when he was 6 and broke his arm when he fell down they cancelled a family holiday so they could take care of him rather then leave him at Mrs. Figg. Yes, they locked him in a cupboard but they never beat him. Yes, he didn't get mass amounts of food or any treats, but he was never starved or even malnourished.

They are not absolute arseholes, and that one time when Harry really needed them, just short of his 10th birthday, they were there for him, 110! Again read the story if ya wanna know what happened that he would need the Dursleys and that they would be there.

Chapter One

Although he'd never been there before it didn't take Severus long to find number 4 Privet Drive. The street was dark as he apparated in, not too surprising considering that it was heading on towards 10:00 at night. He couldn't believe the turn the day had taken, if at breakfast this morning, as he drank pumpkin juice and ate his morning omelet with his wife and 2 year old son, someone had told him he'd be stalking toward the home of Harry Potter, 'no', his mind rejected that thought even as he had it 'stalking toward the home of his son' that evening he would have told them they were crazy.

'My son' The thought still hadn't quite stopped pounding through his mind, playing on a continuous loop, 'My son'. He'd never known, he'd never even suspected. 'She didn't want me too…' the thought began but he stopped it without even meaning too, not yet ready or able to deal with where that thought would lead, the long buried memories it would dredge up from where he had painstaking buried them long ago.

As he started up the path toward the front door, his normally so sure footsteps faulted. What was he supposed to say? What was he supposed to do? How did one even begin such a conversation? 'Hi Harry, I'm your father.' Maybe not. 'So Harry, here's the thing, your mum and I used to…' Right, that'd work, sure. Perhaps 'Dumbledore never told you what happened to your father…'

'Oh great, I'm finally losing it' Severus thought as he began to deeply regret ever letting Lily talk him into going a muggle movie. Not knowing what else to do Severus fell back on the habits of a lifetime, 'when in doubt, observe', he slid into the shadows and began slinking toward the side of the house where he could here voices.

At the side of the house he had a perfect view of the family room, where Vernon Dursley and Harry were currently involved in what appeared to be a rather heated argument. Or more correctly, Harry was in the process of being yelled at. Unfortunately for Severus he could only catch random parts of the lecture…

"…good for nothing… slut like your mother… going to end… freak… burned dinner… ungrateful…"

Severus watched from the shadows assuming that Harry had pulled another one of his stunts like he so often did at school, therefore earning this dressing down, even if it did seem a bit harsh. Although he didn't catch what was said Severus could see Harry make a comment at this point, and before he knew what was happening the extremely obese man who had to be Harry's uncle had backhanded him so hard that it was all Harry could do to keep his footing.

Severus stood frozen, too shocked by what he had seen to do anything. He didn't even react when Vernon Dursley swept out of the room following a parting comment which was lost on the summer breeze.

Harry stood in the family room for a moment, absolutely still, with no idea that he was being watched. Severus watched, still stuck to the spot as his son reached up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth before following the same path his uncle had as he left the room and Severus' sight.

Severus still hadn't managed to snap back to himself when, a good 10 minutes later, he heard the front door close in a half slam. From his spot at the side of the house he could see Harry begin off up the street, no longer wearing the over large jeans and sweat shirt he had had on in the family room. Now he was dressed in what, if Severus had of been capable of thought at that point, he would have been forced to think of as practically indecent. Dark jeans so tight that he knew now what Lily had meant when she once said a muggle rock star wore pants that had to have been painted on and an overly tight long sleeved T-shirt, which by the light of a streetlight Severus could tell, was see-through.

As Harry passed from Severus' vision he finally came back to himself, snapping back into reality with enough force to make his head spin with the new information and send him hurrying down the street after his newly acquired son.

Trying to catch up to Harry as he heading down street after street, Severus tried o think of some opening line for when he finally caught up to his son. Each one was quickly rejected and Severus, with a sense of dread, knew he'd have to improvise, something, that while he may be good at after so many years as a spy, he hated having to do.

The lights and noise took some time to penetrate Snape's distracted mind, or he would have called out to Harry, made a point of catching him, before he reached the party that Severus now realized he was headed toward. God awful noise that Severus hesitated to call music and random drunks spilled out onto the front lawn of the house which Harry was entering even before Severus really knew what was happening. From the quick greatings, which Harry had exchanged with the people out the front, Severus realized that Harry knew these people.

Reluctant to leave his 16 year old son alone in such a place but knowing that he couldn't simply enter as he was, Severus muttered a quick invisibility spell and for the second time that night crept down the side of the house. The noise seemed to be focused out back, and the closer Snape got the louder the sounds of the party got. When he reached the backyard Snape perched on the corner of the fence from which he could observe the entire party.

Severus had never seen a party like this, not ever during his slightly rebellious faze as a teenager. Scantily clad teens of both sexes were drinking, doing muggle drugs, dancing in a manner he would be more inclined to refer to as fucking upright, and speaking of fucking, every half shadowed part of the yard seemed to be occupied by 2 or more people engaging in various acts of intercourse, and that wasn't even mentioning the few people who couldn't seem to be bothered finding a shadowed corner, or the revolving groups of people headed in and out of the house, returning each time looking, for lack of a better term, 'well fucked'. And there, in the middle of it all, his SON, doing body shots of an underwear only clad girl and lines of some white powder which Severus knew had to be a muggle drug.

Again, Severus found himself frozen to the spot. Later he would tell himself that he didn't do anything because that wasn't the ideal way to open a dialogue with this lost son of his but if he was honest with himself he was just too overwhelmed, to shocked to move as his son, another boy and a girl stumbled into a newly free shadowed corner of the yard. Severus at least had the presence of mind to realize he didn't want to see this and turned away. Unfortunately, that shadowed corner happened to be just near where he was sitting, and in that way that fate has he suddenly seemed to be able to hear over the too loud music. And all he could think as he tried not to listen to his son and these people fucking just 5 feet from him, was that, if Lily could see their 16 year old son now, she would be rolling in her grave. And he was almost grateful to hear his son cum and wonder back over to the dance floor, almost grateful when the next time his son decided to stumbled with multiple partners toward a more private location he decided on the house, at least that way Severus need not witness what he hoped to never see again.

5 hours later, more alcohol then Severus thought he had consumed in his lifetime, more of the white muggle powder, two different types of tablets and probably almost as many people as Severus had slept with in his life, Severus could take it no more. As Harry stumbled into a quite corner of the party, alone this time, Severus made his move. Sweeping to a position just in front of Harry Severus muttered the counter to his invisibility spell. Expecting to shock his son, Severus was surprised when Harry met his eyes only slightly blearily, appearing resigned rather then shocked.

"'Fessor Snape, what this time? What's happened this time? Please tell me no one is dead."

"Dead? What are you talking about boy?" The sneering tone that Severus had always used around Harry seemed to fall from his mouth without thought and Snape wanted to cringe, 'this is already going so wrong'.

"I figure the only time ya'll stop-by during summer is when dear Tommy-boy does some'ang… what'd he do?"

"Nothing of note Mr. Potter. Instead I am here to discuss exactly what you are doing in this… brothel!" Even though he knew this was not the way to gain the boys trust he couldn't seem to stop himself as the scornful and disgusted words dripped from his mouth.

And the boy laughed! "Brothel? I ain't seen any money change hands so far tonight but hey, what ever ya want. (hiccup) If that's all you wanted to chat about 'fessor, I better be getting back"

As Harry tried to push past Severus, he lost his temper, grabbing his son in what he knew was probably to tight a grip, "You will not go back there, acting no better then a common whore!"

That fire his son was famous for flared in his eyes and with a rage far greater then any Snape had ever seen in his son Harry turned on him. "Whore? WHORE! I may be a lot of things Snape but I am not now, nor have I ever been, a WHORE! I may be a slut, a skank, hell I may even be as arrogant as you say I am but never call me a whore again!"

Harry tried to pull away, but Snape refused to let go. "You are not going back over there. Circe help me but you are my SON and you will not act like some nothing trollop."

Harry's POV

He was finally feeling better, feeling more like himself. Earlier he had felt like he was coming out of his skin, his uncle was being an arsehole again, and he just couldn't breathe anymore. He hated that feeling, hated the way he felt like he needed to scratch his skin off, hated the way he couldn't stay still when he got like that. Luckily he knew that Jason was having a party tonight. The perfect place to finally be able to breathe again.

So he came, he drank, he drugged, he danced and then he fucked like some sailor on his first cruise. He could feel it, the tension flowing off of him, he could finally fit in his own skin again. He decided to get some air, and slipped off to a corner of the yard for a few minutes. Figures it was going to well. Figures something had to fuck it up.

Fucking Snape. When he first appeared Harry figured maybe something was up with Tommy again, but Snape said no, said he was there to talk about what Harry was doing in this brothel. Ha! Please!

But then he crossed the line. Probably the only line Harry has that he can't let anyone cross. Called him a WHORE! A WHORE! He may be a lot of things but he is not a whore! Couldn't let him do that, call him that! He couldn't stand it! Just that word and he could feel it starting in him again, the feeling that drove him out here tonight, that feeling like a billion ants are crawling just under his skin. It was starting again, but so far it was only low key, building slowly. Another drink and a quickie against the fence would fix it.

Oh how wrong he was. Drunk he may be. High he may be. So sexed up he could barely remember his own name but he still caught it. "MY SON" Snape's words. Snape's exact words. "my son". And oh how Harry wishes that he was just that little bit drunker, or higher or more fucked so that he couldn't understand those words cause now that feeling wasn't so low key. He was coming out of his skin again and he had a feeling that Snape wasn't going to let him fix it this time, and he knew he was in no condition to fight. "My son".

The blood was rushing in his ears and he needed to run, needed to get away, and make this not true because something was telling him that if he listened for just half a second he would know it was true, it would be undeniable and he couldn't let that happen.

He tried to pull out of Snape's grasp, and Harry thinks that his panic must have been obvious on his face because Snape has this look like he is almost sorry for what he just said. Like he knows it hurt the way he just blurted it out like that, and he wishes he hadn't hurt him. But this is Snape, he lives to hurt Harry Potter! And the blood is pounding through his ears and suddenly he can't breathe. Not like earlier when it was just the claustrophobia within his own skin but now it's like that time during the Triwizard Touriment when the gillyweed ran out and he was underwater without gills. He can't breathe and everything is getting darker and he knows in some distant corner of his mind that he is panicking, that this is the kind of blind panic that most people feel when facing Tommy-boy, and Snape is the one that reduced him to it.

'Pathetic' is his last thought before he passes out…

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