I would just like to say that I do not own this show…nor do I own the characters. This story is purely for fun. Story has lots of fluff by the way. Hope you like it.

Summary: Tony says something stupid to Kate's boyfriend and that end the relationship. He has to make it up to her now.

Parings: Tony and Kate

Genre: Humor and Romance

Yuletide Cheer

Chapter One


"Ring Ring." The phone shrilled off the hook at Kate Todd's desk. "Kate Todd here." Tony, who sat at the table across from her, stared at her attentively while her big brown eyes widened at almost every word she spoke. Tony could hear words like "love" and "tomorrow" and "Christmas party". After about twenty minutes, Kate replaced the receiver back into it's cradle, a soft smile playing across her strong jaw-lined face. "What's up Katie?" Tony got up form his desk, his chair wheeling to the side as he made his way towards Kate, smiling seductively. "First, none of your business and second stop calling me Katie!" Kate moaned.

"Uh…sorry to interrupt, but Abby's wants you Kate." McGee said walking into the bullpen and stopping Kate and Tony's staring contest. "All right." Kate stated walking toward the elevator. Kate leaned against the railing closing her eyes when the elevator doors stopped closing. Kate opened her eyes to see two green eyes staring directly into in her brown ones. She jumped up, startled. "TONY!" The elevator doors slid shut behind them. "Kate!" Kate glided past his lingering eyes to the edge of the railing to which she held on tight.

"So…who were you talking to on the phone?" Tony pushed the emergency stop button and the lights turned off, at the same time as the emergency lights turned on. "Your not gonna leave me alone till you find out are you?" Kate exclaimed. Tony shook his head childishly, grinning like he had just won the lotto. "Fine! I was talking to Kevin…my boyfriend." She pressed on upon seeing his raised eyebrows and then turned the emergency lights off and the elevator moved downwards. For the rest of the ride, Tony was quiet, and for some reason pouting.

"Abby!" Kate called out, Tony walking behind her. "Kate…in here!" Abby called out from the room. Soon, a tall Goth-dressed woman walked out in her black combat boots. "Tony? What are you doing here?" Abby questioned once she realized that Tony was also occupying the room. "Well, I didn't want to talk to Probie considering no one was outside, not even Gibbs, so I followed Katie." Kate was about to scream out in frustration, when a hand clamped on her mouth. "Be quiet Katie…you might wake up the dead bodies in autopsy." Kate slapped Tony's hand away and walked to Abby.

"So what's the deal Abs?" Kate nodded over to the computer which displayed three new e-mails, one titled "Christmas party". "NCIS Christmas party. It's on Christmas day. You gonna come Kate? What about you Tony? We can bring dates too. You gonna bring Kevin?" Abby questioned in excitement. "Of course." Kate exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. Tony looked at his tattered sneakers, while listening cautiously to the girl's conversation. "Have you gotten your dress yet abs?" "NO! You?" "NO! Let's go after work today. I mean we can leave early can't we? We got no cases, or anything." Tony gave a low growl and sat in Abby's twirling chair. "Tony!" Abby screeched when she noticed Tony opening and reading her mail. She shooed him away from the computer, while she read her mail and deleted the unimportant ones.

"Gibbs. May I leave now? I'm done with my work and Abby and I need to go get some outfits for the Christmas Party that's in two days. Are you gonna go?" Kate politely requested, knowing fully well that he would decline the offer of going to the party. "You may go." She grabbed her purse and gathered her stuff across her table, while noticing that Gibbs never accepted nor declined her offer and left giving Tony a "see-you-later" smile. Tony could hear the elevator doors open and close with a ping and imagined the elevator descending down to the lab.

"Abby? I'm here!" Kate called out. Suddenly a flash of black swamp up in her eyes when Abby sneaked up on Kate. "You know what?" Abby called while gathered her stuff, and Kate caught her breath, then the two walked towards Kate's car. Abby's car was in a shop because of some bullet holes that corrupted not only the windows but part of the interior of the car when she attended a protest a few days ago. "What abs?" Kate replied while fishing out her keys from her purse and opening the car door. "I think Tony is in love with you." Abby squeezed into car. "ABBY!" After the look Kate gave Abby, the discussion stopped.

The shopping trip was eventful with fancy dresses flying across shelves, the dressing rooms piled up with sparkles and their credit cards rang up with accessories. Three shopping bags and they were done. They had shoes, dresses and purses all glistening with Christmas cheer. In two days these expenses would be worn and would look elegant, the price being worth it.

"So…Come over to my house at around 5 on Sunday. Then we'll get ready and go from there." Abby stated, planning out the day in her head. "All right." Kate replied gently placing their bags in the trunk and getting ready to drop Abby of to her house. They talked of how exciting the dance was going to be and how Kate and Kevin were gonna have a joyous time. Few moments later the arrived at Abby's house. "Later Abs." Kate waved through the window as Abby walked through her front door after giving Kate a smile goodbye.

Kate drove off thinking bout what Abby had said earlier. About Tony. About how he might love her. Getting so caught up in her thoughts she didn't realize when she had arrived at her house. When she walked in, the warm air swarmed around her, encasing her in a soothing sensation. She wriggled out of her clothes and slipped in her long shirt and loose pajama bottoms. Slipping in through the sheltered blankets, she instigated her daily dreams.

Tony popped in a DVD of an old Three Stooges episode. Black and white people cased on the screen, each character bobbing the others on the head or making stupid hand gestures. Normally he would have been cracking up laughing, but today all he could think about was what spell Kevin had cased over Kate. He thought about how things were going on, how different his life had become, how weird his days were. Slowly, he fell into a deep sleep. A deep sleep with more of the daily dreams of Tony. Mostly involving women, but tonight, Kate was in it, and not in the wet t-shirt that Tony always thought about, but in the arms of another man. Another man who was Tony…